How to WIN Your Legal Action – Marcie Schreck aka Bulldog reveals HER SECRET WEAPON

Marcie Schreck has had a SECRET WEAPON in her battle for her son, Hunter Tyler Schreck. Hunter is Autistic. He has filed a pro se Mega-Million-Dollar federal lawsuit in Amarillo, Texas for violation of his Constitutional rights. Hunter was almost murdered on June 24, 2020 by as many as 15 Amarillo, Texas Police officers and civilians. Hunter had done absolutely nothing.

Here’s the Hunter Tyler Schreck Federal Lawsuit. Fortunately and unfortunately, it has revealed Marcie Schreck’s SECRET WEAPON:

Marcie Schreck and Hunter Tyler Schreck have secretly recorded EVERYTHING.


voice recorder tiny 500w

Texas is a “one-party” state for recording. Only one of the parties to a conversation must agree to the recording, which is YOU.

So you can record anything, or in Bulldog Schreck’s case, you can record EVERYTHING! This map shows the recording law in each state:


United States recording law










On my LawlessAmerica movie trip, I had hidden video recorders.¬† I had a baseball cap, a watch, and reading glasses.¬† None of them worked great. What worked the best was audio recording on my cellphone. People expect to see all of us carrying around a cellphone or sitting it down on a table or desk. I’d turn it on, walk in, sit it on a desk in plain sight as a nonchalant, every-hour move.

I will never forget the look on two Fulton County District Attorney’s faces when I stuck my head back in the door of their conference room after they just admitted they were committing crimes. They had each other as witnesses while I was all alone. They could lie their a$$e$ off in court. When they said the meeting was over, I picked up my phone and headed to the door and stepped out. Then I reached back to keep the door from closing. I caught the door with my hand that was holding my cellphone. I stuck my head in to see them laughing about how they were screwing me. I simply said: “You know, the amazing thing about this new phone is all the apps. My favorite is the voice recorder.”

As their faces showed the look of two adult males with terminal diarrhea, I beat a hasty retreat to my car.

Even THE FEAR that you might have a recording can cause some people to be more honest. I’ve used that a lot! LOL.

Audio is easier and smaller. The ballpoint pen looks like a winner to me.
Amazon is great, because if something doesn’t work as well as you’d like, return it at their expense.

The recorder you need is probably right in your hand. Use it. Record everything — all digital. You never know when something special will happen.

Marcie Schreck bought a tiny audio recorder for Hunter before he was forced to go to the Randall County Jail for an “interview” with Dr. Gina Matteson. Hunter was frisked twice. The giant policeman didn’t find anything he didn’t like. And Marcie has Hunter on tape answering every question politely: “My name is Hunter Tyler Schreck. I plead the Fifth.” Marcie also has Dr. Gina L. Matteson saying twice: “That is your right.”

Hunter Schreck has filed his lawsuit pro se. He has named 58 Defendants and 100 John Doe Defendants (gangsters he will identify in discovery). I wonder how many secret recordings Marcie Schreck has for each of these accused criminals?

City of Amarillo, a Texas municipality; Randall County, a Texas municipality; Potter County, a Texas Municipality; Randall County District Attorney’s Office; Robert Love, Dave Blount; Randall County Clerk of Court’s Office; Joel Forbis; Randall County District Courts; Judge Dan L. Schaap; Judge Ana Estevez; Angela Johnson; Justice of the Peace; Randall County Jail; Amarillo Police Department; Chief Martin Birkenfeld; Officer Daniel Rivera; Officer Samantha Fontenot; Officer Allison Muncell; Officer Matthew Brush; Sergeant Anthony Merryman; Detective Shea Lichtie; Officer Daniel Smith; Officer Wiley D. Frazier; Sergeant Jason Bailey; Sergeant Jason Riddlespurger; Ryann Kass; W. Brooks Barfield; Samantha Wilson; Jubilee Apostolic Church; Nathan Carrington; Rolonda Carrington; Nataley Carrington; Aaron Gurule; Dana Gurule; Maria Veronica Canales; Victor Pimentel; George Hastings; Deborah Rauh; Dr. Ron Rankin; Leann Rhimes; Samona Pearson; Margaret Pearson; Timothy Bailey; Ileta Bailey; Adriana Cortez; Angelica Esparza; Brayan Zubiate; Chris Boroughs; Christian Morgan; Mariah Rose Murillo; Nyah Gonzalez; Andres Soria; Baptist St. Anthony Hospital; Dr. Thomas Martin; Dr. Thomas Mercado; Exceptional Emergency Center; Dr. Gina Matteson, and John Does 1-100.

Here’s the Hunter Tyler Schreck Federal Lawsuit. It’s a story normal people will find hard to believe, but it’s all true. If you tend to cry, grab a box of tissues before you start reading.

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Bill Windsor¬†went to high school and college in Lubbock, Texas — just a short drive from Amarillo, Texas.¬† This gives him a special interest in exposing the scum in the area of the country that he has loved so much.¬†


windsor bill 2014 10 28 mugshot ellis county jail 200w

Bill Windsor

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William M. Windsor Legal Documents

William M. Windsor is not an attorney, so he cannot give legal advice.

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Motion for Subpoenas — Pro Se parties do not have the power to subpoena witnesses, so I had to ask the judge to authorize the Clerk of the Court to issue Subpoenas for me.

Motion for Temporary Restraining Order

Motion to Compel Production

Motion to Compel Production – Response adopting Response of Another

Motion to Exceed Page Limits

Motion to Expunge

Motion to Quash

Notice of Appeal

Notice of Filing — The Clerk of the Court may require filing a Notice of Filing with each motion, response, reply, etc. that you file.  I have found this varies, so I always ask the Clerk.

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Request for Specific Approval – Motion for Protective Order

Request for Specific Approval – Motion to file Power of Attorney

Verified Complaint — This appears to be a good format.

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