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William M. Windsor Launches Website to Help People Representing Themselves in Court

windsor bill 2016 01 15 200w

William M. Windsor has launched a website to help those representing themselves in court.

Bill Windsor gets messages every day from people needing help on how to represent yourself in courtThere are a number of articles on, but there are thousands of articles on this website, so the content may be hard to find.

Bill’s goal is to write at least two articles every week.  When he has court filings of his own to illustrate topics, he will attach Word files, so those representing themselves can get a headstart on drafting their own motions, briefs, responses, etc.  Bill has done extensive legal research on topics that pro se parties often encounter, so all of this research will be provided on the Represent Yourself in Court website.  This can save pro se parties hundreds of hours of legal research.

William M. Windsor is not an attorney, and he cannot give legal advice.  He is simply sharing his experience in an effort to help the huge number of people who cannot afford attorneys.  Whatever the website says about legal issues is presented as to how Bill perceives the applicability of laws to certain circumstances.  You are encouraged to read this website’s Legal Notice and Terms.


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