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Learn from Mistakes Criminal Defendant has made in Ellis County Texas

mistakes learn from others mistakes waterwelljournal com cropped 200w

This is a look at the mistakes Bill Windsor believes John Eric Armstrong has made as a pro se defendant in his criminal defense in Ellis County Texas District Court Case #45576.  You can learn from the mistakes of others, so whether civil or criminal, read on…

John Eric Armstrong has been unlawfully locked up in the Ellis County Jail for 443 days.  It’s one of the most outlandish cases I’ve ever reviewed.

I’ve been reporting on the case, but many of you reading this have your own problems, so I decided to write an article with free advice from a non-attorney, someone who cares, someone smart, one of the most experienced pro se parties in legal history.  This is written to help any pro se party.

I, William M. Windsor, am not an attorney.  This website expresses my OPINIONS.   This website does not provide legal advice.  I do not give legal advice.  I do not practice law.  I share my knowledge and experience with pro se parties.

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That’s John Eric Armstrong’s Ellis County Texas Jail mugshot.  John seems to be very intelligent, but what he has and hasn’t done in his case is absolutely bewildering.

John Eric Armstrong has never committed a crime, but today is Day 443 of his unlawful incarceration.  It’s a complicated story.  If you’d like the full background, read the 9 links at the bottom of this article.  Short version: He’s a victim of Aggravated Assault by Lauren Kersh, a porn star and the sister of a high-ranking Ellis County Sheriff’s Officer, Joe Fitzgerald.  Lauren Kersh has admitted this on Bodycam videos.  The Ellis County Evildoersa (Ellis County Sheriff’s Office, Ellis County District Attorney’s Office, Ellis County Jail, Ellis County judges, and Ellis County attorneys) “framed” John Eric Armstrong because he was a whistleblower, and they wanted to protect Lauren Kersh from a 20 to 40-year prison sentence.

Ellis County Courthouse Waxahachie Texas Wikimedia 640w 

Mistake #1

Don’t live in Ellis County Texas.  Don’t even visit Ellis County.

John Eric Armstrong made the mistake of living in Ellis County Texas.  I believe Ellis County Texas is the most corrupt county in America.  Stay as far away from Waxahachie and Ellis County Texas as you can get.

There are a lot of “Ellis Counties.”  In these corrupt counties, there’s a group that controls everything.  I call them the Ellis County Mafia or the Ellis County Evildoers.  Insert your own county name.  These people decide how issues will be handled — frame-ups; arrests; criminal acts by law enforcement, the jail, the attorneys, and the judges.  If you haven’t seen the movie The Star Chamber, watch it.  You’ll see how some of this might be done.  In Ellis County, they may hold clandestine meetings at the infamous Whataburger, but I suspect they rely on text messages.

Whataburger Midlothian Texas 640w

They simply map out what everyone is to do, such as “Screw John Eric Armstrong and protect the gun-toting porn star, Lauren Kersh.”  Then everyone simply performs their regular job function corruptly to achieve the goal.  Usually, they all commit a host of crimes in the process.  Their staff members know what’s going on, but their sole goal is to protect their paycheck.  It’s sad that we all live in a hopelessly corrupt country.

McGuire Kent

Mistake #2

Don’t fall into the Public Pretender Trap

John Eric Armstrong accepted not one, not two, but four court-appointed attorneys.  These folks are referred to as “public defenders,” but those of us in the biz recognize them as “Public Pretenders.”  There may be good, honest ones out there somewhere, but I haven’t identified one in Ellis County.

Shown above is Public Pretender Kent McGuire.  Upon information and belief, he was working for the DA, not John Eric Armstrong.  He tried to get Armstrong declared insane or incompetent.  Seriously.

Let me make this disclaimer:

Unless you are really smart, you won’t succeed as a pro se party (one who represents himself or herself).

If you are really smart, you won’t succeed as a pro se party.

That is not a typo.  You won’t succeed as a pro se party.

You have the Constitutional right to represent yourself in court, but the judges and attorneys hate pro se parties.  If you can’t afford a so-called “real” attorney, your options are a Public Pretender or yourself (pro se).  If you are incarcerated with no way out, your chances of succeeding as a pro se criminal defendant just plummeted from 0 to Minus 100.

The Ellis County Evildoers will not let inmates use the so-called “Law Library,” and when they do, they give an hour with no access to the computer where all the case law that you need is hidden away.

The Public Pretenders get paid by Ellis County.  So, there’s a massive conflict of interest from Day One.  They don’t get paid much, and they do even less.  They could care less about you or your case.  They are local attorneys who aren’t very good, and this is an income stream for them.  They seem to have one goal: “Make the Ellis County District Attorney happy with my contributions to the corrupt cause.  That way, I will get more cases assigned to me as a Public Pretender.”

Try to get a person declared insane.  NO PROBLEM.  Give you all the evidence?  NO PROBLEM.  Lie?  NO PROBLEM.  Get the defendant to do stupid things?  REALLY NO PROBLEM.

Now, let me say one thing about Public Pretenders.  If you go pro se, it might make sense to ask for a “Public Defender” just before trial.  It looks easy on TV and at the movies, but representing yourself in a criminal trial is a whole ‘nother world.  I’m MENSA smart, but I found myself so nervous at my criminal trial that I choked several times.  Two important words to remember: “OBJECTION” and “MISTRIAL.”

Griffith Mark cowboy 200h

Mistake #3

Avoid flushing money down the toilet.

John Eric Armstrong hired not one, but two paid attorneys.  His parents spent $35,000 that they could not afford to flush down the toilet.  It was FLUSHED.

One of them, Mark Griffith (shown here), appears to have copied, pasted, and filed a few boilerplate motions and had the audacity to try to get John Eric Armstrong declared insane or incompetent.

Then there was Jeff King.  He took the money and did nothing.  He filed a Notice of Appearance and a Notice of Withdrawal.  That’s it.  1/13/2021 and 6/1/2021.

I don’t like most attorneys.  They get paid to lie.  They charge a fortune.  And they don’t care.  I don’t lie, work for free, and I care BIG-TIME.  I trust myself.

If you have access to money and haven’t warmed up to the idea of 10 years in prison for being the victim of Aggravated Assault and Kidnapping by a member of the Evildoers, hire a real attorney.  BUT not from your county.  You must bring in someone who is not automatically a member of the local Evildoers or The Star Chamber.

Get someone with gray hair: The young men and women know the rules, but the old men and women know the exceptions.  Ask the attorney if he or she has a relationship with the judge that should assure the verdict in your favor.  Check ’em out.  Talk to former clients.  Ask them how they will deal with the most corrupt group of small town power brokers in America. 

Crazy Guy 200h

Mistake #4

Don’t leave your defense to anyone else.  That’s crazy.

YOU care.  You know your case.  You must be your chief (and probably sole) investigator.

Put everything that happens in a Timeline.  Excel spreadsheet.  Event and Date are the key fields.  Sort on date, and you have an updated Chronology whenever needed.  I date everything at the end of a file name — yyyy-mm-dd.  An alpha sort then gives you alpha and chronological by event.

Never ASSume anything is inconsequential.  If it happened, write it down.

Rack your brain trying to remember every little detail.  Put them in your Timeline. 

Convert all documents to pdf files.  You need a decent scanner.  I have a Brother MFC-L2710DW, and I recommend it wholeheartedly.  Use a standard naming system for every document (what-it-is-date)  For example, Letter-to-Judge-Ermatinger-from-Armstrong-request-for-hearing-2021-09-23.  The hyphens keep blank spaces from messing up sorts, and I like hyphens.

Read the applicable statutes.  Read case law.  If you can afford it, use FastCase.com.  With good use of Boolean Logic, I can usually find what I’m looking for.

trees blog Forest Palko fb 640w 

Mistake #5

Don’t miss the tree for the forest.

Really study filings and evidence.  I could give dozens of examples.  In a theft by divorce case in New Hampshire, I all of a sudden realized the Affidavit of the thief was notarized in Oklahoma, WHERE HE WASN’T.

In John Eric Armstrong’s case in Ellis County Texas, I realized he was never indicted for any crime.  I realized this by comparing the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure provisions on Indictment with what was filed by the corrupt District Court Clerk.  Please compare Exhibit A225 and Exhibit A324Exhibit A225 is what the Clerk filed.  Exhibit A324 is actually the Purported Indictment.

Do you see the tree or the forest?  Do you realize that what the Clerk added is NOT part of the Purported Indictment?

Look closer.  Do you find the word “stalking” anywhere in the Purported Indictment?  It has to be within the four corners of Exhibit A324.  It ain’t there.  Do you find the statute identified by statute section/number?  NOPE.   Do you find the elements of the crime of stalking in Exhibit A324?  No again.  Do you see the names of the witnesses?  No, No, No.

It’s a void Indictment!

Chambers Norma 200x200

It almost never hurts to ask.  I asked Norma Chambers, the woman who allegedly signed the Purported Indictment, for an interview.  I asked in an email whether she actually signed it.  Her husband called and threatened me.  He did tell me his wife “didn’t recall” this Indictment.  WOW!  Was it all a forgery?  Inquiring minds want to know.

My point is this.  Valuable information can skip right past your eyes.  REALLY SEE.

In another instance, I was confused when writing the script for the documentary film about the John Eric Armstrong Case.  Lauren Kersh is a big fat liar.  The challenge for John Eric Armstrong is how to PROVE she’s a liar.  Testifying that she’s lying isn’t enough.  I thought one thing happened, but when I watched two Bodycam videos, she told a different story.  Very much by accident, an affidavit came across my desk, and I’ll be darned if she didn’t swear under oath under penalty of perjury that what she said to the officers happened didn’t happen.  NAILED!  Zero credibility from the jury when you get slammed on the witness stand with Ellis County Sheriff’s Office evidence of serious perjury and other crimes.

habeas corpus jayleiderman com 200h

Mistake #6

DO NOT FAIL to File a Habeas Corpus Petition

Now I get to some more specifics about what’s currently happening and not happening with the case of John Eric Armstrong…

Why in the world hasn’t John Eric Armstrong filed a federal Habeas Corpus Petition?  Doesn’t he want to be exonerated?  It’s his best shot BY MILES.  If the federal judge in Dallas rules in his favor, he’s out of jail and exonerated forever!

When one is incarcerated in a state jail, he or she can file a Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus in federal court.  The Form is right there on the Dallas Federal Court website.  You simply highlight how your Constitutional rights are being violated.  John Eric Armstrong’s case is compelling.  No arrest.  No affidavit of probable cause.  No indictment.  No crime.  Denied every imaginable form of due process.

I think it’s a win, and he can go home, relax, lose weight, and prepare for a mega-million-dollar civil lawsuit against Ellis County.

If the federal Petition is denied, he can file one in Ellis County.  If that is denied, he can go to the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals. I have done both of those. Those filings are on LawlessAmerica.com.  

I am very surprised with what happened at a hearing in Ellis County Case #45576CR on 9/22/2021.  Surprised that John Eric Armstrong didn’t go home because if he isn’t going to file a federal Habeas Corpus Petition, he can prepare far more effectively out of jail.  Surprised that Judge Cindy Ermatinger didn’t act on Texas Code of Criminal Procedure Article 17.151 on her own.  It’s the law; she had a duty to act.

This shows me that the most important thing to the Ellis County Evildoers is to keep John Eric Armstrong locked up to make it virtually impossible for him to get evidence and prepare for trial.  It seems Judge Cindy Ermatinger was willing to trade allowing John Eric Armstrong a shot at full exoneration with another court in exchange for maintaining control over him for as long as possible while denying him evidence and preparation.  I hope John Eric Armstrong recognizes the importance of what happened 9/22/2021.

Latosha Bolden youtube 168x200

Mistake #7

Never Trust Anyone Appointed by the Court for Any Reason

John Eric Armstrong was assigned “Stand-By Counsel” by Judge Cindy Ermatinger.

I have one Cardinal Rule with Judge Cindy Ermatinger:  “If she wants it, I don’t!”

I don’t believe the Standy-By Counsel is a supporter of John Eric Armstrong.  I understand he told him to file a motion in limine.  I believe it is totally inappropriate for him at this time.  I’ve filed several.  You only get to do it once.  It is to ask for an order that certain matters may or may not be brought up at trial.  Judge Cindy Ermatinger will screw John Eric Armstrong on that, and he won’t be able to do anything but appeal the jury’s decision.  I don’t believe one should file a Motion in Limine until close to trial.  In John Eric Armstrong’s case, he’d better be thinking a new judge, because I’ve found Judge Cindy Ermatinger to be rotten to the core.

Ermatinger Cindy robe

Mistake #8

Don’t sit idly with a Corrupt Judge

Why hasn’t John Eric Armstrong filed a motion to disqualify Judge Cindy Ermatinger?  I did, and I succeeded.  What I filed in 2015 is on LawlessAmerica.com.

Judge Cindy Ermatinger will deny it.  It then goes to the Presiding Judge for the Region in Dallas who should grant it.  A new judge should be named, and I pitched for one in another county AND GOT IT!  Then John Eric Armstrong’s 60+ motions filed over the last year should be heard.

Some folks are hesitant to file to disqualify a judge because they will hate you.

DUH, she already hates John Eric Armstrong, and she’s on a mission to destroy him.

If you have an attorney, they will probably never do this because their career could take a hit.  They only care about themselves.

If John Eric Armstrong doesn’t get a new judge, I believe he will be convicted because Judge Cindy Ermatinger will do whatever she has to do to get him sent to prison to protect Ellis County, her fat butt, and Lauren Kersh.

The only other options based on my personal experience are (1) file a Petition for Writ of Mandamus with the Court of Criminal Appeals asking them to order her to deal with all of his motions, or (2) take the Get Out of Jail Free Card with 17.151 and show up at each of her hearings in other cases until she sets each and every motion.

If John Eric Armstrong doesn’t try to get Judge Cindy Ermatinger removed, he can’t be serious about trying to win.  If he’s not serious about winning, then perhaps his former attorneys were right about trying to have him committed to an insane asylum.  Sorry, John, I call them the way I see them.

motion to quash 480w

Mistake #9

Don’t delay on pursuing a Motion to Quash a Purported Indictment when it is VOID

Why hasn’t John Eric Armstrong amended (second amendment) his Motion to Quash Indictment?  Only what’s within the text on Exhibit A324 matters.  It doesn’t charge him with any crime; no crime is specified; the word “stalking” doesn’t even appear; no elements are addressed.  I’m not an attorney, but that slapped me in the face as I was reading the Code on Indictments.  I realized that his amended motion to quash indictment argues against stalking.  But it shouldn’t!!!!!!  He hasn’t been charged with stalking by the Ellis County Grand Jury.

In John Eric Armstrong’s case in Ellis County Texas, I realized he was never indicted for any crime.  I realized this by comparing the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure provisions on Indictment with what was filed by the corrupt District Court Clerk.  Please compares Exhibit A225 and Exhibit A324.  A225 is what the Clerk filed.  A324 is actually the Purported Indictment.

Do you see the tree or the forest?  Do you realize that what the Clerk added is NOT part of the Purported Indictment?

Look closer.  Do you find the word “stalking” anywhere in the Purported Indictment?  It has to be within the four corners of A324.  It ain’t there. Do you find the statute identified by statute section/number?  NOPE.   Do you find the elements of the crime of stalking in A324?  No again.

It’s a void Indictment!

I emailed the Grand Jury Foreperson, Norma Chambers, requesting an interview for the movie. Her husband called and threatened me, but he did say “my wife has no recollection of that indictment.”

I would want a new judge to hear that amended motion.  If denied, John Eric Armstrong needs to research whether that can be immediately appealed.  No indictment = ticket home + no trial.

I would guess he could do an immediate appeal on the motion for discharge.  But again, if it were me, I’d prefer to try it with a new judge.

If you have a friend or loved one in Ellis County Jail, I’d bet the odds are that they’ve been screwd, glued, and tattooed by the Ellis County Star Chamber.

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Be Smart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

John Eric Armstrong is all alone in a tiny cell with no human contact, no telephone, and not much more than bread and water provided to eat.  He can spend $50 when the Commissary Wagon comes by a few times a week.  He hasn’t even had a light bulb, and he is denied the most fundamental of Constitutional rights.  Ellis County Texas has made it impossible for him to represent himself pro se.  He hasn’t even  been able to see to read.

The stress of working in the corruption of the Ellis County Sheriff’s Office at the Ellis County Jail caused John Eric Armstrong to explode to 450 pounds.  He quit after almost eight years.  Without surgery, just exercise and his own diet, John Eric Armstrong lost 250 pounds.  This is John, before and after.

Armstrong John Eric Before and After 640w

John Eric Armstrong weighed 212 pounds on the right.  Ironically, that’s what he weighed when he was stuck in The Hole on 7/7/2020.  Now I am told he weighs almost as much as he did in this photo on the left…450.  It darn sure isn’t from the Ellis County Jail food.  John Eric Armstrong has a medical condition that causes him to gain weight from stress hormones (Cortisol).

John Eric Armstrong could die in the Ellis County Jail.  Ellis County could murder him and get away with it.  His unlawful confinement has done horrendous damage to him mentally and physically.

He must not make many more mistakes.  


John Eric Armstrong did not take any action to force the judge to hear his motions.  Even standard defense motions were ignored:

Motion to Suppress

Defendant’s Demand for a Speedy Trial

Motion for Hearing Outside the Presence of the Jury Pursuant to Rule 705, Texas Rules of Evidence

Motion for Discovery of Exculpatory and Mitigating Evidence

Defendant’s Motion for Jury to Set Punishment

Defendant’s Motion for Court Reporter to Transcribe Entire Trial Including Bench Conferences

Defendant’s Motion for Disclosure of Rule 702 Witnesses and Any Facts or Data Relied upon by Said Witnesses

Defendant’s Motion for Notice of Extraneous Wrongs, Crimes or Bad Acts

Request for Discovery Information Pursuant to Tex. Code of Crim. Proc. 39.14 & Motion for Discovery of Expert Witness

Application for Deposition

Request for Hearing on Application for Deposition


Imagine you were locked up and had no one to help.  You couldn’t even get toothpaste or a cracker.  Then imagine the joy when they tell you that you have $5 on “your books.”  At that moment, the impact on you will be profound.  Let’s work together and brighten some dark days.  And I’ll keep working night and day to expose the corruption there.  
Please help an Ellis County Jail prisoner buy something he or she wants or needs — Spicy Nacho Chips, Raman Noodles (Soup), a pad of paper, toothpaste, or something to drink.  Give $5 to the GoFundMe Campaign.


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Please Sign the PETITION.

I invite anyone who disputes anything in these articles to email me at windsorinmontana@yahoo.com.  I shall be delighted to conduct a Zoom interview with anyone.  And I’d like to personally endorse AAA Bail Bonds if you get stuck in the pokey in Waxahachie, Texas.  I’d also like to advise everyone who needs an Ellis County attorney to run as fast as you can away from Mark Griffith, Kent McGuire, Rodney Pat Ramsey, Jeff King, Ken Leatherman, Chad Hughes, Makenzie Zarata, and Sarah Jacobs.

Bill Windsor was held in the Ellis County Texas Jail unlawfully for 53 days, so he loves the idea of helping bring down what he calls the Ellis County Evildoers. 

Bill Windsor

I, William M. Windsor, am not an attorney.  This website expresses my OPINIONS.   The comments of visitors or guest authors to the website are their opinions and do not therefore reflect my opinions.  Anyone mentioned by name in any article is welcome to file a response.   This website does not provide legal advice.  I do not give legal advice.  I do not practice law.   This website is to expose government corruption, law enforcement corruption, political corruption, and judicial corruption.   Whatever this website says about the law is presented in the context of how I or others perceive the applicability of the law to a set of circumstances if I (or some other author) was in the circumstances under the conditions discussed.  Despite my concerns about lawyers in general, I suggest that anyone with legal questions consult an attorney for an answer, particularly after reading anything on this website.  The law is a gray area at best.  Please read our Legal Notice and Terms






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