What Bill Windsor has learned about Corruption since 2008

In 2007, Bill Windsor was awfully naive for a former president of a Goldman Sachs company. He thought judges were honest. He has learned there is no such thing...

William Michael Windsor was found guilty of being NAIVE.

In 2008, 60-year-old Bill Windsor was sued in a completely bogus lawsuit that it turns out was designed to stop him from discovering a multi-billion dollar fraud.

$2,000,000 in legal fees later, William Michael Windsor ceased to be so naive.

32-year Federal Judge Orinda D. Evans took Bill Windsor from a retired multi-millionaire to a poor person.  Horrendous Orinda also made Bill Windsor an Activist.  Bill Windsor hates, loathes, and despises liars, and Judge Orinda D. Evans lied and lied and lied some more to take care of the largest law firm in Georgia that represented the New York liars who had sued him.

Even after this, Bill remained naive.  He did not stop to think that if Judge Orinda D. Evans did this to him, she would be doing it to others.  Or that other judges were corrupt.

The naive light started to flicker when the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals failed to reverse Orinda D. “the Liar” Evans.¬† Then the United States Supreme Court refused to tell the federal judges in Georgia that they had to abide by the United States Constitution.¬† Even then, Bill Windsor did not realize he was not the only Mohican experiencing this.

An article ran online asking if the United States Supreme Court had voided the Constitution.¬† It was the story of William Michael Windsor’s pro se journey to the United States Supreme Court.¬† The article gave Bill’s email address and a home telephone number.¬† Over 7,000 people emailed Bill to tell their stories of judicial and government corruption.¬† Bell South’s voicemail system broke after better than 600 people called and left voicemails telling their stories.

So, no more naivete…kind of.¬† Bill still wants to believe some people are honest.¬† That’s just his nature.

Bill came up with one idea after another to try to help save America.  He launched LawlessAmerica.com and began publishing articles.  Over a decade later, millions of eyeballs have seen the 1,727 articles.  This has clearly been the most effective thing he has done.  He has had to battle haters, hackers, malware, and corrupt government officials.

In 2010, former radio and TV announcer Bill Windsor began an online radio show.

Bill generated over 50,000 followers on Facebook until they canceled his page due to “nudity, pornography, and solicitation of sex.”¬† AT&T canceled his long-time email address claiming a violation of terms of service (never to be identified).¬† Bill has had his life threatened hundreds of times.¬† Sean Boushie attempted to murder him, but missed and hit the car next to him.¬† While he has never committed a crime, Bill was held in jail for 134 days.

In 2012 and 2013, Bill drove to all 50 states to produce and direct a documentary about government, judicial, and law enforcement corruption.¬† Before he departed, he told his radio listeners that he didn’t believe there was an honest judge anywhere in America.¬† People told him not to say that as he would lose all credibility.¬† A year and 1,500 interviews later, Bill Windsor KNOWS he has found only¬†two seemingly honest judges — one in Gwinnett County Georgia, Judge Joseph C. Iannazzone, and Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett.¬† But¬†Judge Joseph C. Iannazzone was back before Bill had become the leading authority in America on judicial corruption.¬† Now he has a target on his back that glows in the dark.

Judge Iannazzone Amy Coney Barrett

We live in Lawless America.  Our Constitution is amazing, and we have many great laws.  The problem is that the Constitution, the laws, and the rules are routinely violated.  That puts us in Lawless America.

In 2021 and 2022, Bill experienced first-hand that everyone in Texas is corrupt — judges, government officials, government agencies, attorneys, court personnel, district attorneys, police, sheriffs, you-name-it.¬† Bill is preparing to sue the State of Texas in the United States Supreme Court.¬† Perhaps Justice Amy Coney Barrett will do the right thing.¬† Naive?¬† Or an eternal optimist?

If we have any chance to save America, it is up to all of us Nobodies.  Explain briefly to at least one person a day that none of us will ever see justice unless we educate millions of our fellow residents of Lawless America. 


Bill Windsor

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