William M. Windsor Legal Documents

William M. Windsor is not an attorney, so he cannot give legal advice.

Windsor has represented himself in federal court for five years, and he has filed all types of motions.

A variety of motions are provided here: 

 28 U.S.C. 144 Certificate — I used this when filing a 28 U.S.C. 144 motion for recusal of the judge.

Affidavit of Service

Motion for Change of Venue

Motion for Conference — This should minimize the ability of the judge to complain if you do anything wrong.  I continually ask for conferences.  In federal court, I have found that you are unlikely to get one.

Motion for Extension

Motion for Hearing — I ask for hearings all the time.  In federal court, I have discovered that you are unlikely to get hearings.

Motion for In Camera Inspection

Motion for Protective Order — After receiving discovery requests, this is the type of motion that all attorneys file for protection.

Motion for Reconsideration

Motion for Recusal

Motion for Sanctions

Motion for Stay

Motion for Stay by Non-Party — My wife got pulled into a lawsuit in some manner as a non-party, and she needed to appeal and seek a stay.  This is a motion that has been used for that purpose.

Motion for Subpoenas — Pro Se parties do not have the power to subpoena witnesses, so I had to ask the judge to authorize the Clerk of the Court to issue Subpoenas for me.

Motion for Temporary Restraining Order

Motion to Compel Production

Motion to Compel Production – Response adopting Response of Another

Motion to Exceed Page Limits

Motion to Expunge

Motion to Quash

Notice of Appeal

Notice of Filing — The Clerk of the Court may require filing a Notice of Filing with each motion, response, reply, etc. that you file.  I have found this varies, so I always ask the Clerk.

Notice of Filing of Request for Specific Approval

Request for Specific Approval — The judges have interfered with allowing me to file motions.  They required that I file a “Request for Approval” to file.

Request for Specific Approval – Motion for Protective Order

Request for Specific Approval – Motion to file Power of Attorney

Verified Complaint — This appears to be a good format.

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