Video Conveys The Story of Legal and Judicial Corruption



Watch this Video.

It concisely educates the public about the realities of rampant legal and judicial corruption

It was produced by a legal intern.  It tells the story of what she learned abut thew legal system and judicial system during her internship.

What a Legal Intern learned on the Job.















Connecticut General Assembly Minority Leader Lawrence F. Calefero, Jr. (Republican from Norwalk) is pictured far right speaking in the Connecticut General Assembly while Representative Barbara Lambert (D-Milford) and Representative Jack F. Hennessy (D-Bridgeport) play Solitaire in March 2011 as the House discussed a new budget.

The Representative in the row in front is on Facebook.  The Representative behind Hennessy is checking baseball scores.

They get paid $179,000 annually for a three-day work week.

Throw the bums out. 






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