Judicial Reform in Minnesota



Corruption in Minnesota is very much alive.

I am getting reports of judicial corruption from all over the country. 

Please check out this Minnesota Judicial Corruption Video that I just received.


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We live in Lawless America

Lawless America

We live in Lawless America.

You’re saying to yourself, this is stupid.  We have lots of laws.  Yes, we do…but we live in Lawless America.

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Screwed, Glued, & Tattooed … INjustice in America

Screwed, Glued, and Tattooed…INjustice in America

I’ve been screwed, glued, and tattooed in federal courts in Atlanta, Georgia and in courts in Georgia, Montana, Idaho, California, Kansas, Florida, and Texas. 

This website includes my story in hopes that someone somewhere will take action to stop this. 

There is nothing funny at all about this, but this was the only photo I could find that looked like a screwed, glued, tattooed person.

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