Judicial Reform in Minnesota



Corruption in Minnesota is very much alive.

I am getting reports of judicial corruption from all over the country. 

Please check out this Minnesota Judicial Corruption Video that I just received.


I have heard some real horror stories.

I never dreamed that our country would be taken over by crooks, but it’s sure looking that way.

I still have never made a video, but I really am planning to do one.  If you didn’t hear my William M. Windsor interview on the Katherine Albrecht Radio Show, please hear what I have to say.  I wish we hadn’t spent so much time talking about the specifics of my experiences as that is no longer the real story.  My best interview so far was on www.abovetopsecret.com; we got into the heart of the issues, and I was able to turn around the doubting Thomases who were co-hosting the show.

My efforts to organize people to combine efforts in battling government corruptuion will continue, but I have found that people get hyped up and then disappear quickly.  The only way to have any hope of accomplishing anything is if we get people truly active.

If you have HD, here’s a link to the Minnesota Judicial Corruption HD Video.


William M. Windsor



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