What is GRIP and Why is it Needed? GRIP Part 2


What is GRIP, and why is it needed?

GRIP is the Government Reform & Integrity Platform.   GRIP was created to obtain commitments from We the People that we insist on government officials who tell the truth and protection of the fundamental rights afforded by the Constitution and Bill of Rights.  GRIP asks every American to make a simple commitment to this cause, and GRIP seeks to get government officials to sign a Contract with the Citizens of the United States.

GRIP is needed because America is broken.  We have lost our most fundamental rights, and We the People are the only ones who can reclaim them.

The Problem: Corruption and Dishonesty in Government

Many of our elected officials are dishonest.

Many of our government officials are corrupt.

Government officials ignore their fundamental obligation to honor the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Our most fundamental rights have been taken away.

What are the Challenges that GRIP faces?

Bad representation.

Our existing government officials are not addressing these serious problems.

No media coverage.

The mainstream media gives little or no coverage to these core problems.

Independent efforts result in little more than venting.

Bringing people together around a plan has failed to materialize in the past.


The average American does not have any idea how pervasive the dishonesty and corruption are.


Most Americans do not want to get involved, learn about, or even believe the problems.


Passion seems limited to each person’s specific area of interest.

There is a lack of passion by many.

Turn-Offs for Too Many.




This is Where GRIP Begins


GRIP is an effort to get our fellow Americans to sign a pledge saying they support honesty at all times by government officials as well as protection of our rights under the Constitution and Bill of Rights. 

GRIP asks concerned Americans to join the Facebook Cause “I support the Constitution and Bill of Rights” and sign the Petition. 

GRIP also asks all concerned Americans to vote for candidates who have taken the same pledge by signing the Contract with the Citizens of America.

A Steering Committee has been established for GRIP, and leaders in the battle against dishonesty and corruption in government are now reviewing the initial ideas submitted for GRIP.  The Steering Committee will finalize a plan, and then we will implement the plan.

Please provide your comments below.

This is Part 2 of a series of articles that provide the starting point for GRIP, a coalition to save America. 


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