What are the Goals for GRIP? — GRIP Part 3


What are the goals for GRIP — The Government Reform & Integrity Platform?

The GRIP Steering Committee will finalize a set of goals as part of an overall plan.

These goals were established initially when GRIP was born out of an online TV broadcast by www.LawlessAmerica.com….

GRIP needs a Plan

First, a plan is essential.  It’s hard to get somewhere if you don’t know where you are going.

So, GRIP will be operated with a plan.  That plan will be initially developed by the GRIP Steering Committee, and then the plan will be modified in the future by the Governing Board of the GRIP Coalition.

The initial question that was asked when GRIP was created was: How can we minimize the challenges, capitalize on our individual passions, take advantage of general unhappiness with government, and actually accomplish something?

Basic Philosophy

The basic philosophy behind GRIP is that GRIP will be neutral — non-partisan.  GRIP will serve as an umbrella organization for all the many groups, associations, websites, and bloggers who are battling various aspects of government corruption.

GRIP may include in its membership associations on both sides of a Constitutional issue.  While we personally are likely to have a position on such issues, GRIP will not because GRIP needs to appeal to every American.  We can’t limit our reach to only one party or one special interest group because our only hope to save America is to reach millions of people.  It would be unwise to limit our universe of prospective supporters (GRIPPERS).  Our challenge is monumental in trying to reach enough Americans to become a force.


The initial set of goals established at the Government Corruption Crisis Conference in 2011 were the following:

Work to minimize dishonesty and corruption in federal, state, and local government.

Minimize judicial corruption, government corruption and violation of the Constitution, laws, and rules by government officials in America.

Organize well enough to become an undeniable non-partisan political force. Generate at least 1,000,000 supporters.

Take matters into our own hands rather than try to get dishonest people to act.

The GRIP Steering Committee will now discuss these and other goals, and then the final goals will be established.

The GRIP Steering Committee

The following people have agreed to be on the Steering Committee for GRIP: David Schied, Will Gallison, Sally Borghese, Wes Hoyt, George McDermott, Dr. Joseph Zernik, Arnie Rosner, David Grossack, Diane Gochin, Denise Loughlin, Eliot Bernstein, Joe Norman, Larry Hohol, Jon Roland, Phil Stimac, Professor Roger Roots, and William M. Windsor.

Others who have been asked to serve on the Steering Committee are: Ron Branson, Zena Crenshaw, Bill Corbin, Don Mashak, Jon Goodwin, Nancy Swan, Leonard Rowe, Alberta Jones, Carl Bernofsky, Betsy Combier, Dr. Linda Shelton, Kay Sieverding, Iolio Jones, Bob Schulz, and Rod Class.

Are there key people missing from the invitation list who we should invite to be on the Steering Committee?

Please add your comments below.  This is Part 3 of a series of articles that provide the starting point for GRIP, a coalition to save America.


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