Judge Orinda D. Evans is as Crooked as They Come



Judge..Orinda..D..Evans is as crooked as they come.

The latest from Judge..Orinda..D..Evans is an order dated November 22, 2010 in which she is claiming to have authority to stop me from filing a lawsuit against her.  Seeing her impeached will not come soon enough.

Judge Orinda D. Evans belongs in a federal prison.  She is worse than a common criminal because she commits more serious crimes more often.


She commits perjury, as usual, in her ORDER of November 22, 2010.  She claims documents say things that they don’t say.

The ORDER is a supreme violation of legal and Constitutional rights.  Judge Evans no longer has jurisdiction in thecase as no judge has the jurisdiction to enter an injunction such as this; her pervasive bias and refusal to recuse herself also renders her without jurisdiction. 

Judge Evans has no right to block a lawsuit filed against her, so she has no jurisdiction for this reason as well.  Judges are categorically denied the ability to sit in judgment of themselves…but this will not be the first time she has done so.  She even filed a motion in this very case that she was presiding over.  She also issued two orders that ruled on motions filed against her.  All of this is, of course, totally illegal.

ORDER, P.7 is false and Judge Evans knows it.  The averments in my October 22 Petition do not track arguments in MIST-1 as she falsely and maliciously claims.  The facts all pertain to a different civil action; the defendants are entirely different; the facts presented have never been in pleadings and have never been arguments in MIST-1.  The outrageous claim that it seeks to set aside “the judgment” in MIST-1 is more than false.  Page 68 of the October 22 Petition clearly states: “Declare that all orders, judgments, and writs issued in Civil Action No. 1:06-CV-0714-ODE since February 2010 are void.”  The “Judgment” in MIST-1 is dated 2008.  The illegal injunction was December 22, 2009.  If Judge Evans were Pinocchio, her nose would be in Alabama by now.

ORDER, P.8 falsely claims the October 26 Petition pertains to a writ in 1:09-CV-02027-WSD, but it clearly does not. The October 26 Petition has nothing to do with the same factual predicate or nucleus of operative facts as MIST-1 as she falsely tries to claim.  She claimed that because it was convenmient to her so her order had a basis — totally corrupt and false, but it allowed her to make something up to use  I believe Judge Evans has no jurisdiction, and certainly has no jurisdiction to enter retroactive orders to block lawsuits against her federal employee friends.

Judge Evans has no legal jurisdiction or right to deny me the legally-provided recourse of filing actions pursuant to FRCP Rule 60(d) or independent actions in equity or actions for judicial corruption in prior cases filed in this District.

This ORDER was issued in violation of just about everything known to man.  It clearly violates the law regarding injunctions, show cause orders, and hearings.  She doesn’t even pretend to consider the Constitutional rights of parties.

I am gathering affidavits from other poor pro se parties who have been used and abused by her.  When and if I have another hearing with her, I am going to invite and encourage all of them to be in the courtroom.

I am in the process of researching the orders of Judge Evans with pro se parties.  I am going to identify everyone who she has corruptly damaged so they can all seek redress.

As you probably know if you have read much about what I am doing, I am seeking relief from The United States Supreme Court.  This is what is filed there against Judge Orinda D. Evans:

Petition for Writ of Mandamus to Disqualify Judge Orinda D. Evans

Appendix to Petition for Writ of Mandamus to Disqualify Judge..Orinda..D..Evans (Recusal of Judge..Orinda..D..Evans) — Volume 1

 Appendix to Petition for Writ of Mandamus to Disqualify Judge..Orinda..D..Evans (Recusal of Judge..Orinda..D..Evans) — Volume 2

Appendix to Petition for Writ of Mandamus to Disqualify Judge..Orinda..D..Evans (Recusal of Judge..Orinda..D..Evans) — Volume 3


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