Extent of Judicial and Government Corruption is Mind-Boggling


America has a SERIOUS problem.

When I began this website six months or so ago, I had no idea how serious the problem is of corruption in our government.

Even a month ago, I had no idea.  But now, I am aware of literally tens of thousands of reports of corruption in our judiciary and government.

We have to do something!  Read all about it….

I shouldn’t be surprised that so few people are aware of the extent of the corruption in the United States.  I didn’t have a clue a few years ago, and until the last month, I didn’t fully realize how extensive the corruption is.

There are HUNDREDS of reports of government dishonesty and corruption every week.  Based upon the daily reports that I now receive, it appears there will be more than 30,000 reports of dishonesty and corruption this year.

Now for the Bad News: Judicial and government corruption is the most under-reported crime in America.  The judges get away with murder because they are accountable to no one, and discovering bribery and corruption and payoffs and other such corruption involving government officials is extremely difficult.  I would guess that far more corrupt officials get away with their criminal acts than ever get prosecuted.

When you look at report after report and realize that the corruption is at all levels of government, you have to sit up and say: WE MUST STOP THIS!

But most people just watch TV and won’t do anything.  Our challenge is to somehow get the attention of millions of Americans.

To see the massive dishonesty and corruption, check these web pages regularly as I am constantly updating them:

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If you have ideas as to how we can get the attention of a few million Americans, please let me know!


Latest Government Atrocity — Government Corruption – Police State where 6-year-old girl groped then drug tested by TSA:


Ladies and Gentlemen, we have to fix America!

William M. Windsor


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