William M. Windsor recovers from Eye Surgery — Ready to Renew Fight against Government Corruption


I have been ill since mid-December, and I had my fourth eye surgery on January 17.  I am pleased to report that I can see again.  I am no longer wearing a metal cage over my eye, so I can use my reading glasses once more.  I will write a daily blog from now on.

The news of my Supreme Court ruling against the Constitution has gotten a lot of coverage online.  Unfortunately, little or no mainstream media coverage

I will be on many radio shows in the next few weeks.  I’ll post the stations that I will be on when they give me all the information.

A lot is happening, so please read on….



The Supreme Court “considered” three petitions filed by me.  In addition to the fact that the rulings prove that the justices of the Supreme Court are corrupt, the rulings are not even valid orders.  According to Joe Zernik, the authpority in this area, the so-called orders kissued are not valid orders.  I will be fighting this as well as the outrageous rulings in a Petition for Rehearing that will be filed with SCOTUS next week.  

The United States Supreme Court’s Response to the Request to Require Judges to Honor the Constitution — Three So-Called Orders

My game plan is to reply to emails online in the Lawless America Forum on this website.  I will do that first, and then I will start returning phone calls to those who did not also email.  I will try to speak with everyone, bt being practical, I am over 5,000 contacts behind the 8-ball right now.

Please Register on LawlessAmerica.com

Please register here.  Please contact me now online herein the Forum so all information can be shared with everyone interested.  This was suggested by “Susan” and others, and it is the only way to go.  I am going to anonymously add all of the emails that are appropriate to add, and I will respond online with an automatic email generated to the person who sent the email to me.

Comment Online, Too!

“Susan,” a woman who has written with some great ideas also suggested this.  I added a Comments program so that all of the news items on www.LawlessAmerica.com can be commented.

Add Articles and Add Web Links

Once you register, you will be able to write an article to appear on www.LawlessAmerica.com

When you Login, you will now be taken to your Profile page.  Look in the column to the right, and you will see “User Menu.”  Click on Submit an Article or Submit a Web Link.  Let’s get every website about government corruption listed here so we have the ultimate list that the other sites can then copy, if they choose.

Many Doubt that We can Accomplish Anything

There is no question that trying to rid our government of corruption is as tough as a cause could be.  But, we will never accomplish anything if we take the position that nothing can be done. If a lot of us band together and form a united effort, I believe we can accomplish something.  I have committed to fight this for the rest of my life. 

I know you are all busy with your own lives and have websites that you frequent.  But if you could stop by here at least once a week, please chime in.  We need people who care.

Now I will get started on this mountain of emails.  Check the Forum later today and often.


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