Attacking the Supreme Court



I am not going to sit idly and allow the United States Supreme Court to invalidate the Constitution of the United States.  The printer is now printing three Petitions for Rehearing that I will file by the end of the week.

Our federal court system is corrupt from the bottom to the top.  I will exclude Sonia Sotomayor from the list for the moment, because I have reason to suspect that she would have done the right thing, but six justices is all it takes, and she was outvoted.

I will be on many radio shows in the next few weeks.  I’ll post the stations that I will be on when they give me all the information.



Petition for Rehearing in Supreme Court Docket 10-632

Petition for Rehearing in Supreme Court Docket 10-633

Petition for Rehearing in Supreme Court Docket 10-690

The primary focus of these petitions is that the Supreme Court has a duty to uphold the Constitution.  These petitions are perhaps even more important than the petitions for writ of mandamus that were denied because these petitions say point blank that the justices of the Supreme Court of the United States are acting without authority because their authority comes from the Constitution.  It also advises them that they are committing multiple felonies by their failure to report the crimes that I detailed for them in the petitions that they denied.

The Clerk of the Supreme Court fails to file motions that I submit.  I have just left a vocie mail for Assistant Clerk Erik Fossum, who I believe is most responsible for the wrongdoing in my cases.  I have demanded copies of the dockets in all of my appeals and petitions.  I have asked for instructions on how I present a motion to be considered by a sepcific justice.  I have asked for the details of the vote on my petiitonsm, becausse I do not want to seek impeachment of any justice who voted to uphold the Constitution.

I am once again filing motions to compel production of documents that will absolutely prove the fraud upon the courts and fraud by judges.  These have not been filed before; I presented them, but they disappeared.  I will have someone hand-deliver these and get a signed receipt.

I am planning to go to Washington, DC soon to meet with any members of Congress who have the guts to speak with me.  I also plan to go to the Supreme Court to issue some demands in person.

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