Will Judge Jack Camp Expose Other Federal Judges?

masked-gunman-purple-dreamstime_8832468-192x180Atlanta Federal Judge Jack Camp was arrested on drug and gun charges related to his stripper girlfriend

From reading the news reports, it sure sounds like Judge Camp was caught red-handed by the FBI. 

Surely Judge Camp will either resign or be impeached.

It is impossible for me to believe that all of Atlanta’s federal judges are not aware of the corruption in their ranks.  Judge Camp has been a federal judge for 23 years, so he has to know where a lot of skeletons are buried.  Since a Special FBI Task Force on Public (aka Government Officials) Corruption handled Judge Camp’s arrest, I wonder if Judge Camp will be offered a reduced sentence for testifying about the corruption of the other federal judges?

All of Atlanta’s federal judges recused themselves from handling Judge Camp’s case.  Hmmm.  Was that the legal thing to do because they have obvious bias for a peer?  Or was that a calculated move to make sure they did nothing to antagonize Judge Camp in hopes that their dirty secrets would remain hidden?

If Jo Ann Mangrum of the FBI doesn’t interrogate Judge Camp about this, I certainly plan to contact him or subpoena him.

Judge Camp, if you are reading this, please call me at currently confidential.


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