Windsor produces a Series of Judicial Corruption Videos



William M. Windsor is producing a series of videos on judicial corruption.

Two vidoes have been produced so far.

These initial videos document the extent of the corruption from Windsor’s personal experience ….


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Facebook May Be A Key to Combatting Government Corruption



After my wife and I enjoyed The Social Network (movie about Facebook) over the weekend, I came up with an idea. We are all seriously worried about various and sundry things going on in our country.  But whether we are Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, Independents, or otherwise, almost all Americans can agree that we support the rights we were all granted in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights!  So, I believe there is a way to reach the masses we need on Facebook….

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Government Corruption Crisis Conference


The Government Corruption Crisis Conference is scheduled for Sunday February 27, 2011 from 5 to 7 pm EST.
The Conference will be conducted online using Shovio technology.
Please plan to join us …. 

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How can America be so Corrupt?



How can America be so corrupt?

I thought America was a “free country” with the “greatest legal system in the world” – so how can you say it is corrupt?

Consider this just received from Mark Garner …

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How can you tell if William M. Windsor is telling the Truth?

How can you tell if I am telling the truth?

It really upsets me when I read on various forums that I’m a nut, none of this is true, our judiciary isn’t corrupt, The Supreme Court did no such thing.

But, it is the natural reaction for many to doubt what they read and hear.  There is so much dishonesty that it is hard for me to blame folks.

Well, I am telling the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, and I will prove it to anyone at any time….

If you have any doubt that what I am saying is true, please post a comment here or email me at

I have had my Constitutional rights violated so much by our federal courts that it takes hundreds of pages just to list the violations.

Proof Made Easy

Let me ask you some questions:

If you were involved in a lawsuit where the opposing party completely made up the lawsuit — nothing at all was true — and you obtained sworn testimony from three senior managers with the opposing party who stated under oath that the claims in the lawsuit were not true, would your Constitutional rights be violated if the judge refused to consider the properly filed evidence?

If you appealed your case to the Court of Appeals and explained that the district court judge responded on the record “I’m not going to consider that” when you said you had documented over 400 counts of perjury by the opposing party, would your Constitutional rights be violated if the appellate judges ignored this and declared your appeal was frivolous?

If you appealed your case to The United States Supreme Court based upon massive violations of your Constitutional rights, and The Supreme Court said the case was not worthy of their consideration, would your Constitutional rights be violated?

Well, all of that happened to me, and a lot more.  It’s just this simple: Undeniable, uncontroverted proof of over 2,000 counts of perjury were presented to Federal Judges Orinda D. Evans, William S. Duffey, and Julie E. Carnes in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Georgia, and they refused to allow it to be discussed or considered.  Then every judge with the United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit and the United States Supreme Court did as well.  Judge Richard J. Leon in the United States District Court for the DC Circuit refused to consider it, as did Judge Douglas H. Ginsburg, Judge Janice Rogers Brown, and Judge David S. Tatel with the United States Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit.  If this isn’t a denial of due process, fundamental fairness, and justice, then I’m a liar.


Laundry List of Some of the Constitutional Violations

I have incurred a fortune in legal fees and court costs and have never been granted a hearing.  I have asked for hearings repeatedly over the years, and never once did any judge allow my case to be discussed in a courtroom.

There are specific motions that require a right to be heard at a hearing before the judge, and I was even denied these rights.

Judge Orinda D. Evans gave the opposing party a summary judgment when the central issue in the case was a disputed fact, and summary judgments are not allowed in such cases.

The judges have ignored the law and the rules. 

In all of the substantive orders in my court actions, the controlling statutes and case law precedents were never honored.

In over a dozen orders from the United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit involving my appeals, the judges never once discussed the facts or the law that I presented.

The fundamental right to have the Court accept my sworn affidavits as true has been violated.  I have sworn to EVERYTHING that I have ever said under oath under penalty of perjury before a notary.  My sworn affidavits have been ignored.  This is made even worse because my affidavits have not been controverted in any manner.

There are two documents on file under seal in the federal courthouse in Atlanta, Georgia.  These documents will prove the fraud upon the courts and the obstruction of justice by Judge Orinda D. Evans, but 22 federal judges, including the nine justices of The United States Supreme Court, have refused to take two minutes to inspect these documents to see the proof.

Judges are allegedly required to be impartial.  In my dealings, there has never been one iota of impartiality.

The rights of confrontation and cross-examination are basic.   In my lawsuits, I have reported massive perjury, yet I was denied the right to examine the perjurors.

Decisions are supposed to be based upon the evidence presented.  But the judges ignored the facts and the law and even invented their own facts.  The court records prove this.

Judge Evans did not allow me the most basic discovery.  I was never even given the names and contact information for potential witnesses employed by the opposing party. 

Judge Evans denied me the ability to take deposition testimony of any of the people directly involved with customers or any customers. 

You allegedly have the right to subpoena witnesses and any documents or other evidence that may support your position or contradict evidence presented against you, but Judge Evans denied me the ability to subpoena witnesses and obtain documents. 

You allegedly have the right to protections expressly created in statute and case law precedent, but in my actions, statutes have been violated and overwhelming case law has been ignored.

You have the right to equal protection of the law regardless of race, creed, color, religion, ethnic origin, age, handicaps, or sex.  You have the statutory right to represent yourself in court, but all of the judges have denied equal protection to me and probably all pro se parties.

The Sixth Amendment guarantees the right of trial by jury, which protects the right of the accused to be judged by ordinary people in the community rather than by the judge presiding over the case.  But I was denied a trial by jury. 

In a hearing that was granted to the opposing party, I was denied the right to call witnesses.  I was denied the right to cross-examine witnesses.  I was denied the right to admit proof into evidence. 

An inherent right is the honesty of the judge.  In my dealings with the courts, there has been massive dishonesty, but no one will do anything about it.

Judges are alegedly required to honor the canons of the Code of Judicial Procedure, but all of the judges involved have repeatedly violated the canons and their oaths, and no one will do anything about it.

Inherent in due process is the expectation that the judge will not violate criminal statutes.  In my dealings with the federal courts, the judges have intentionally violated over a dozen federal criminal statutes.


So, ladies and gentlemen, I have the proof of all of the above.  It is all filed in various court records.  So, please stop anyone out there from trying to claim that this isn’t real.  The United States Supreme Court was presented with all of the proof, and they refused to tell the federal judges that they cannot violate the Constitution.  That was a simple request that honest judges would have had no difficulty ordering…but they refused to do so.  They refused to say that federal judges must honor the Constitution.

As I have been saying for months, this should not even be about me.  This corruption is everywhere.  Our country has a crisis that I believe is the most significant we have ever faced.

I’m a retired grandpa who has never taken up any cause with a state or our federal government.  I just happen to be a far more intelligent person than your average pro se party.  People like me usually have attorneys.  Judges avoid having their corruption publicized because attorneys cannot risk their careers and most pro se parties either would never do what I have done or don’t know how.  All of these federal judges hate, loathe, and despise me because I am about as intelligent as they are, much more creative, and not afraid at all.  I am their worst nightmare, and I am committed to fight this until it is fixed or until I die, whichever comes first.  For now, I am betting on death, but fighting with a never-say-die attitude.

William M. Windsor