How can America be so Corrupt?



How can America be so corrupt?

I thought America was a “free country” with the “greatest legal system in the world” – so how can you say it is corrupt?

Consider this just received from Mark Garner …

If you are a new victim of judicial or legal corruption, you will start to realize that America is a very different kind of place, than the way you used to think of it before. You are now confronted with the most hidden and terrible secret about life in modern America.  Regarding the American legal system, it is not like they told you in the schoolbooks when you were a child. It is not like the way they picture it in Hollywood movies, or on American television shows. 

It is not like what you see in the news media, in a few cases when famous millionaires are on trial, and millions of dollars are being spent, and TV cameras are rolling, and reporters from around the world are watching everything that happens.  Judges and lawyers behave very differently in those small number of legal cases that get high publicity.

On the other hand, in the vast majority of American legal cases, below the media radar screen, what happens is often very sordid and sleazy. Sometimes judges and lawyers commit crimes in broad daylight.  Judges ignore the facts, ignore the law, ignore the truth, and ignore justice.

Lawyers cut sleazy deals and sell out their own clients.  Bribery is commonplace.

There are courtrooms where judges and lawyers scream like lunatics at their victims, where judges and lawyers tell lies and plant false evidence, and no one says a word to fight them.

Innocent people get sentenced to prison, or even to be strapped to a table and put to death; or people are told they will be sent to jail unless they pay extortion money to friends of the judge.

Judges are hiring thugs to engage in extortion and intimidation against other people. Fake trials are held, where both “sides” of lawyers help the judge conduct a fake trial against the victim.

In fact, the best way for rich people to get away with committing felony crimes in America, is to get a judge to be part of the gang of criminals – because they almost never prosecute a judge, even when there is clear proof the judge is a criminal.

Yes, it is really that bad. 

Unlike what people imagine, most legal cases are never even allowed to get to a jury – the judges make sure of that.  People are crushed and destroyed, threatened and sentenced, denied access to their families and children, and lose everything they have and own, without any jury ever hearing what they had to say.

America brags about having the “rule of law,” but this does not mean that the law is taken seriously.  All it means is that there are people with the title of “judges” and “lawyers” involved, while you are being railroaded and denied your rights, while your family is destroyed, your life ruined, and your freedoms are trampled by a court.  “The rule of law” is just a propaganda phrase that covers for rule by lawyers.

The reality of American courts is an immense tragedy and catastrophe, a tragedy which is mostly un-reported in the news media.  There are millions of victims, with stories that are largely hidden, suppressed, or obscured by the big news media organizations.  Some of these victims are under gag orders or bans on their freedom of speech, but many of these stories are out on the internet for you to see, some of them despite the gag orders.

 Because these stories are not prominent on the TV news or in the major newspapers, most people who are not yet victims – maybe like you, before you became a victim yourself – most people tend to believe what they have been told, about living in a “free country” with “justice in the courts,” and the “greatest legal system in the world.”

It is natural to believe this propaganda; it is human nature for Americans to accept these stories.  But it is not the truth about the American legal system.  It is scary to confront that truth, to face the real facts about fraud and injustice in America’s courts.  On the internet, however, you can find many of the particular cases and examples, which show you the real truth about what is going on in the American courts right now.

Additionally, the courts themselves in America, not only their decisions and decrees and orders, but also the rantings and ravings of judges themselves, are a powerful means of propaganda against the people who are victims of the legal system.  What courts and judges say, is what everyone is allowed to talk about and repeat, no matter how dishonest, criminal, slanderous, or false and unjust, the statements made by the judge.  However, the statements of a private person – especially if it is critical of a judge or court – are things that carry much less weight, and which the media often will refuse to publish.  In America, the courts are allowed to shape the picture of reality presented by the mass media.

Mark Garner


I have not yet spoken with Mark, but he has sent me information about his ordeal.  I will study it carefully as it seems that Mark has experienced everything that I have experienced and more.  One of the things that I want to do is document a numebr of eaisly-proven cases of corruption.

I lived 60 active years as the CEO of many companies believing that America is a great place.  I have always been extremely patriotic.  Since 9-11, we have never been without flags on our cars.  Like Mark, I now realize that America is a very different kind of place than I thought it was.  What’s sad is that our fellow Americans do not want to believe this is true…unless or until it happens to them.

As Mark said above, judges and lawyers commit crimes in broad daylight.  Judges ignore the facts, ignore the law, ignore the truth, and ignore justice.  They commit criminal acts because they have the power to get away with it.

I’m not sure if I have ever met an honest lawyer.  I don’t believe you can be an attorney and be honest; it is a system that has morphed so that attorneys have to be dishonest.  Some take it to the extreme.

Mark has experienced judges and lawyers who have planted false evidence, and no one says a word to fight them.  In my dealings, the absolute, unequivocal proof of fraud and obstruction of justice is on file under seal in civil action 1:06-CV-0714-ODE.  All any judge has had to do is spend 60 seconds and conduct an in camera review of those documents.  Thus far, 27 federal judges, the U.S. Attorney, the FBI, the Attorney General, and every member of the Senate and House judiciary committees have been unwilling to let that happen.

The whole system is set up to protect the criminal judges and their dishonest attorney friends.

Unlike what people imagine, most legal cases are never even allowed to get to a jury – the judges make sure of that.  People are destroyed without a jury ever hearing what they had to say.

I was amazed when no one in the mainstream media would cover the story.  I continue to try to get coverage of judicial corruption, and the media ignores it.  There are many victims.  If I ever have the time to go through the court records of other cases, I anticipate that I will find that almost every pro se party was screwed by the judges.  I don’t believe for a second that they only picked on me.

Please do not believe that we live in a free country with justice in the courts and a government that will not allow our Constitutional rights to be taken from us.

As Mark has learned the hard way, judges will lie and slander you, and they get away with it.  Then the media may pick up on that and publish it and smear your name.

I have now written or called everyone from the President to the newest member of Congress.  I have told them that I have absolute proof of significant corruption in the federal judiciary.  Now, wouldn’t you think that if your Congressman or Senator read that from you, they would act immediately?  Wrong again!  I believe they all know how corrupt it is, because they are all part of it.

If there are 4,100 truly honest people in America, we need to make each of them a Senator, Representative, or federal judge.  I don’t believe any of these people are honest.  If there is an honest one out there, please email me at  I won’t be holding my breath.

William M. Windsor

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