Support Removal of Atlanta Attorney Dennis C. O’Brien


Why is attorney Dennis C. O’Brien not voluntarily removing himself from the Scott Hintz case and why is he trying so hard to stay on Scott’s case?

Why has this attorney not helped Scott get evidence and testimony into the record of this case?

Here are motions Scott filed several years ago to recuse the involved judges (Motion-258) and (Motion-263).

Scott requested that attorney Dennis C. O’Brien not be “FORCED” upon him.

Here is a recent email, a recent certified letter to Judge Hagy. and a recent filing.

Scott requests a fundamental constitutional right: THE RIGHT TO REPRESENT HIMSELF.

“Defendants in criminal cases have a constitutional right to proceed pro se, and counsel may not be imposed on them over their objection.” (Faretta v. California, 422 U.S. 806; United States Supreme Court 1975.)


Scott has requested Judge Alan Baverman and Judge Clarence Cooper take the witness stand in regards to their personal knowledge or involvement with the subject matter of the case.

Government emails show, that at a minimum, Alan J. Baverman should be taking the witness stand in regards to his personal knowledge and involvement.

Scott says he would rather not have an attorney, at all, than be “FORCED” to use an attorney who has admitted to being very good friends with one, or more, of Scott’s adverse parties.


Dennis C. O’Brien has been, and is, an adverse party to Scott in at least two cases: Fulton County case and Cobb County case.


On Monday, August 29, 2011, Judge Cooper suddenly issued an order schedulling a hearing at 8:30 am tomorrow to hear Scott’s motion.

To witness how awful things can really become in an Atlanta courtroom, please plan to attend Scott’s hearing:

Tuesday, August 30, 2011 at 8:30 AM

United States District Court
75 Spring Street SW
Judge Cooper’s Courtroom 18th Floor
Atlanta, Georgia 30303.

Please try to be there on Tuesday.  Your time to support Scott Hintz is very much appreciated.

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