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Serial Stalker Sean Boushie has been located in Montana – Stalking Many People

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Serial Stalker Sean Boushie from the University of Montana has been located in Montana, and photographs are available for the first time.

Bill Windsor has filed criminal charges against Sean Boushie in both Montana and GeorgiaOther victims have previously filed charges, and some of his new victims say they plan to file charges as well.

Sean Boushie has guns and is apparently talented enough with a bow and arrow to kill animalsI consider him armed and dangerous.

Sean Boushie photos on Bowsite website.

Sean Boushie’s Photobucket Site had a wonderful slide show of dress-up in the woods with old people wearing old-timey coonskin cap-like costumes, but it looks like he has taken most of the photos down.  🙁  Fortunately, I got screen shots of the most interesting photos, and I am providing all of this information to the Georgia Police Department.

It appears that Sean Boushie drives a 2004 Ford RangerSean Boushie uses the screen name flintlocknfur, and he said he had lost many jobs — 5 jobs in 10 years.

I am posting this information for the benefit of others who have been or may be stalked by Sean Boushie.  From the volume of stalking work, victims speculate that his full-time job is stalking.

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Stalker Sean Boushie threatens Bill Windsor and his family – University of Montana may pay him to do this

Movie Producer Bill Windsor and Crystal Cox threatened by Stalker Sean Boushie from the University of Montana

Stalker Sean Boushie threatens Bill Windsor and his family – Facebook supports his efforts and blocks Lawless America

I do not know Sean Boushie.  I first learned of him when he began sending me bizarre emails.  I quickly learned from Crystal Cox that Sean Boushie stalks her, so I apparently became a target because I believe Crystal Cox.  I have subsequently received reports from others who say they have been cyber attacked by him.  I have never emailed him except in response to emails and when copying him on abuse complaints filed with Yahoo and Gmail.  I have never harassed him in any mannerI have written articles exposing him as a stalker, a liar, and one gross person, but that’s it, and that is not stalking or harassment — just the news, just the facts.

But boy does he stalk and harass me!  He has threatened my wife and son online and through letters and emails.

Here is an entire blog about Sean Boushie’s stalking

Sean Boushie’s YouTube page was filled with links to videos about guns and explosivesAnticipating that his YouTube account might quickly disappear (as it did), we captured an Activity Log and screenshotsScreenshot 1Screenshot 2Screenshot 3Screenshot 4Screenshot 5Screenshot 6Screenshot 7

One of the YouTube videos that Sean Boushie has liked is titled “The Wrong and Right Way to Shoot Someone.”

We have captured various IP addresses that he uses, including,, and possibly,, and

One of the emails I received from him is from, and among other things, he threatens me with jail and says: “Bite me Asshole.” A really classy fellow…quite an honor for the University of Montana to employ as an educator someone with such an incredible vocabulary and way with words.

Here’s an email that I consider a threat to shoot me: You are so welcome fatass!!!!!! 😛. Anytime you grow a pair and want to take off your little girl panties you just bring that new gun you are bragging about right over. Ill give you an in depth lesson in montana castle doctrine. Until then tell your wife and son to expect my lawsuit. And you, you can go fuck yourself.”  He is especially fond of telling people to go f**k themselves.

Sean M. Boushie uses various aliasesHe is John Smith on, and I have received reports that he has misused the name of Crystal Cox as a Facebook alias, including Crystal Cox and crystalcoxisabitch.  He is clearly guilty of impersonating her.

There is absolutely no question that Sean Boushie has attempted to terify, threaten, harass, annoy, and offend me with lewd and profane language, lewd and lascivious acts, threats to inflict phsical harm, and more.

Sean Boushie is a little man in stature — 5’6″ tall with extremely small hands and feet I’m told.  He does work at the University of Montana, and I did file a complaint with the campus police, FBI, and Missoula Police:

 Sean M. Boushie, 570 Grandview Drive, Stevensville, MT 59870

 He works at the University of Montana — Sean Boushie, Equip/Lab Tech/Super — 

 The Missoula Police know about Sean Boushie: Detective Jamie Merifield, Domestic Violence & SVOR Investigations, (406) 552-6291, (406) 396-3253 cell, Police Station Number — (406) 552-6300

 Helena FBI has been notified: Mark Seyler —

 University of Montana Police have been notified – DIRECTOR/COMMANDING OFFICER     

 Director/Chief, Gary Taylor — (406) 243-2277

 University of Montana President, Royce C. Engstrom, 

 The University of Montana – Missoula, Montana 59812 – (406) 243-2311; (406) 243-2797 (Fax) –

Sean Boushie has a lot of articles on Yahoo and Google.  And don’t miss Crystal Cox’s blog about Sean Boushie and the University of Montana and rape.


The University of Montana employs Sean Boushie.

We are investigating whether Sean Boushie is paid by the University to stalk people.

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Sean Boushie in old-timey clothes.  He likes to play dress-up.

So should he stalk you in person, he could be wearing just about anything apparently.

sean-boushie-1-26-2013 7-41-30 pm-head-cropped-640w

If this man comes near you, know that he is a serial stalker.

sean-boushie-1-26-2013 7-47-09 pm-campsite-couple-closeup-cropped-320w

Sean Boushie and an unknown woman camping out with costumed people in coonskin caps.

sean-boushie-1-26-2013 7-47-09 pm-campsite-couple-cropped-640w

Sean Boushie likes to play dress-up in old-timey clothes and camp out in the woods.


Sean Boushie likes to hunt with a bow and arrow.

I believe he should be considered armed and extremely dangerous for a little tiny guy.

sean-boushie-facebook-page-1-25-2013 3-18-47 pm-charles-manson-cropped-640w

A new Facebook page has appeared under the name “Sean Boushie.”  Serial killer Charles Manson is the photo used.


When Sean Boushie began stalking Bill Windsor, this was his Facebook photo/icon.

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