Stalker Sean Boushie threatens Bill Windsor and his family – Facebook supports his efforts and blocks Lawless America


Sean Boushie from the University of Montana continues to stalk and threaten Bill Windsor, among others.

On January 22, 2013, I awakened to a Lawless America suspension from Facebook for posting this article.

Why is Facebook supporting Sean Boushie in his cybertsalkng and threats?

Here is the message from Facebook:

Facebook 30-Day Suspension 1-22-2013:

We removed the following content you posted or were the admin of because it violates Facebook’s Statement of Rights and Responsibilities:

NOTHING whatsoever in a 100% factual article about a cyberstalker violates anything with Facebook’s “Statement of Rights and responsibilities.”  I checked these, and nowhere in them do I find that you are not allowed to post an article from a publication that is true.  Nowhere does it say that Freedom of Speech has been deleted from the Constitutiuon and Bill of Rights by the required amendment.

Facebook is simply another great example of what’s wrong with America — a nameless, faceless group of people who aren’t accessible through any means of communication who bully people and pretend to be God.

Here is a posting as to the accuracy of the article from a person involved:

 Lori L. Callies (, IP: ) — 2013-01-19 05:10

 I can attest to the above statements as true, as a witness to the above actions of said party, Sean Boushie against William Windsor on three separate online communications. I, Crystal Cox and William Windsor recieved a threat of bodily harm on my facebook wall, thus evidence was sent to the above parties after this occurrence on December 30,2012. Two prior communications listed William Windsor as the primary target of threats to use a glock gun by Sean Boushie. I will testify, if called to do so, of the occurrences as stated above and witness to continued harassment and threat by Sean Boushie. My contact information can be obtained by the website author/owner.

Here is the latest email that I received from Sean Boushie of the University of Montana:

Bite me Asshole (, IP: ) — 2013-01-19 22:50
So are you going to explain why you are such a dickless koward? I will be recording it all for court. Apparently you think we are afraid of mentally ill scum like you. Offer still stands asshole. You are a liar, and a koward. Oh and a self confessed pedophile. Now go away.

I have received many such emails and messages usually telling me to go f**k myself, among other things.

Among the many authorities who have done and are doing nothing are:

Misoula County Attorney

Fred Van Valkenburg
Phone: 406-258-4737
Fax: 406-258-4915

Here is information previously published:

The story of the University of Montana’s participation in cyberstalking will be one of the stories in Lawless America — the movie and the television show.I do not know Sean Boushie.  I have never met him, don’t have a photo of him.  I first learned of him when he began sending me bizarre emails.  I quickly learned from Crystal Cox that Sean Boushie stalks her, so I apparently became a target because I believe Crystal Cox.  I have subsequently received reports from others who say they have been cyber attacked by him.  I have never emailed him except in response to emails and when copying him on abuse complaints filed with Yahoo and Gmail.  I have never harassed him in any mannerI have written articles exposing him as a stalker, a liar, and one gross person, but that’s it, and that is not stalking or harassment — just the news, just the facts.

But boy does he stalk and harass meNow he is threatening my family and lying by claiming my wife owns the website and my son is the web hosting company for the site.  He has previously been advised that both of those statements are falseThe site is hosted at GoDaddyBut the truth seemingly means nothing to Sean M. Boushie.

Here is an entire blog about Sean Boushie’s stalking.  I have been sent dozens of documents by Crystal Cox.  This from Michaeel Spreadbury.  Here is an attack on Lawless America film subject, Mary Wilson.  It is worth noting that four of the people attacked have been filmed or are to be filmed by Lawless America.  Hmmm. 

Here is some of what I have received from Sean Boushie – some 2012 emails2013 emails.  It is also interesting to note that Sean Boushie is working with the hate group, the American Mothers Political Party.  We have a complete download of his posts on the American Mothers Political Party Facebook page along with death threats and slander galore.

I have just learned this today: Stephanie DeYoung was also harassed by Sean Boushie — years of taunts and harassment.   So was Shawn RutherfordI learned that  Lea Anne Scott received mailed threatsI have been advised that Eliot  Bernstein can confirm that Sean Boushie emailed Eliot’s iViewit Shareholders to join in hate against Crystal CoxSean Boushie is now threatening my wife and my son.


Sean Boushie’s initial posts on my Facebook page used this Glock image as his icon.

Sean Boushie’s YouTube page is filled with links to videos about guns and explosivesAnticipating that his YouTube account might quickly disappear, we captured an Activity Log and screenshotsScreenshot 1Screenshot 2Screenshot 3Screenshot 4Screenshot 5Screenshot 6Screenshot 7

One of the YouTube videos that Sean Boushie has liked is titled “The Wrong and Right Way to Shoot Someone.”

Sean Boushie has called me crazy in a wide variety of ways, says I am a “liar” (which I am not), and of “dubious moral character.”  Sean Boushie goes on and on and on as if he doesn’t have a concern in the world about the easily-proven libel and slander.  He has threatened to come after me and make sure I am locked away forever.  He makes veiled and sometimes not-so-veiled threats of physical violenceHe indicates he plans to shoot me if I come near his homeI suspect that Sean Boushie is a little weenie, but I believe he has the ability to hire someone to hurt peopleSean Boushie has clearly followed me online, harassed, threatened, and intimidated meThis has caused me distress and apprehension.  I do not doubt for a second that this guy would attempt to have physical harm done to me

I sent Sean Boushie several cease and desist notices.  He acknowledged this in a September 13, 2012 post, yet I have email after email, messages, comments posted on my website, TalkShoe chat, YouTube Channel, and Facebook page well after he acknowledged the case and desist.  This is clear evidence of stalking.  Message 5-6-2012Message 5-7-2012Email #1 9-13-2012Email #2 9-13-2012Email #3 9-13-2012Email #4 9-13-2012Email #1 9-14-2012Email #2 9-14-2012Email 1-3-201 — gun threatEmail 1-5-2013

He committed extensive harassment on the Lawless America TalkShoe Show, and we have the chat logs to prove it.

We have captured various IP addresses that he uses, including,, and possibly,, and

Here’s one of Sean Boushie’s YouTube posts: “Anything Wiliam Windsor is involved with is bound to be a complete lie and a distorton of any reality. He is only showing his mentally disturbed and distorted one sided view of every story, most of it lies and less than half truth. Anyone stupid enough to support a extortionist, scam artist, eldery abusing scum like Crystal Cox is obviously not very intellegent and ov dubious morals character. My bet is he wants payoffs from people to not extort them on you tube a trick learned from crystal Cox.”  Here’s another YouTube post.

One of the emails I received from him is from, and among other things, he threatens me with jail and says: “Bite me Asshole.” A really classy fellow…quite an honor for the University of Montana to employ as an educator someone with such an incredible vocabulary and way with words.

The young people of Montana need to be warned to stay as far away from Missoula as possible.  Can you imagine a university paying someone who does this?

Here’s an email that I consider a threat to shoot me: You are so welcome fatass!!!!!! 😛. Anytime you grow a pair and want to take off your little girl panties you just bring that new gun you are bragging about right over. Ill give you an in depth lesson in montana castle doctrine. Until then tell your wife and son to expect my lawsuit. And you, you can go fuck yourself.”  He is especially fond of telling people to go f**k themselves.

Sean M. Boushie uses various aliasesHe is John Smith on, and I have received reports that he has misused the name of Crystal Cox as a Facebook alias, including Crystal Cox and crystalcoxisabitch.  He is clearly guilty of impersonating her.

Sean Boushie has taken credit for filing copyright/trademark violation reports with YouTube that caused one woman’s Lawless America videos to be removed and a strike issued against the Lawless America YouTube ChannelTrademark Violation 1Trademark Violation 2Trademark Violation 3Trademark Violation 4Trademark Violation 5Trademark Violation 6Trademark Violation 7Trademark Violation 8YouTube will have additional records on these as I didn’t attempt to get screenshots of all of themI have copies of Internet postings where Sean Boushie admits that he filed these fraudulent Copyright/Trademark Violation Notices…and more.

YouTube determined the complaints to be bogus, but the videos were down for a month or twoThese copyright/trademark violations have to be filed under penalty of perjury, and it is a federal criminal offense to file bogus complaintsThere were at least six filed, maybe as many as 10; I lost track.  I have many copies of postings made by Sean Boushie and his aliases that include all type of hate, threats, and simply unbelievable stuff.  Crystal Cox, Michael Spreadbury, and Mary Wilson each report they were cyberstalked by Sean Boushie.  Sean Boushie has posted vicious things about Crystal Cox, and she says he has threatend her life.  YouTube Comment.

Crystal Cox seems to believe the University of Montana and federal and state law enforcement are covering up the Montana Freeman incident and other corruption in Montana and are protecting Sean Boushie, the son-in-Law of Paul Stramer, who was involved in all thatThe University of Montana Office of Public Safety says they haven’t seen anything wrong.  Outrageous!  The FBI has claimed in the past that they don’t see any federal crimes.

It is clear that Sean Boushie has violated Montana law. 

Code Section 45-5-220Stalking Defined As: Purposely and knowingly causes another distress or apprehension by repeatedly following or harassing, threatening, or intimidating.

Code Section 45-8-213. Privacy in communications. (1) “Except as provided in 69-6-104, a person commits the offense of violating privacy in communications if the person knowingly or purpose”

(a) “with the purpose to terrify, intimidate, threaten, harass, annoy, or offend, communicates with a person by telephone or electronic mail and uses obscene, lewd, or profane language, suggests a lewd or lascivious act, or threatens to inflict injury or physical harm to the person or property of the person. The use of obscene, lewd, or profane language or the making of a threat or lewd or lascivious suggestions is prima facie evidence of an intent to terrify, intimidate, threaten, harass, annoy, or offend.”

There is absolutely no question that Sean Boushie has attempted to terify, threaten, harass, annoy, and offend me with lewd and profane language, lewd and lascivious acts, threats to inflict phsical harm, and more.

Some have questioned whether Sean Boushie is real He is.  Crystal Cox has seen him in courtSean Boushie is a little man in stature — 5’6″ tall.  He’s also reportedly obese.  He does work at the University of Montana, and I did file a complaint with the campus police, FBI, and Missoula Police:

 Sean M Boushie, 570 Grandview Drive, Stevensville, MT 59870 

 He works at the University of Montana — Sean Boushie, Equip/Lab Tech/Super — 

 The Missoula Police know about Sean Boushie: Detective Jamie Merifield, Domestic Violence & SVOR Investigations, (406) 552-6291, (406) 396-3253 cell, Police Station Number — (406) 552-6300

 Helena FBI has been notified: Mark Seyler —

 University of Montana Police have been notified – DIRECTOR/COMMANDING OFFICER     

 Director/Chief, Gary Taylor — (406) 243-2277

 University of Montana President, Royce C. Engstrom, 

 The University of Montana – Missoula, Montana 59812 – (406) 243-2311; (406) 243-2797 (Fax) –

Photo Needed of Sean M. Boushie


This is the only “photo” we have of Sean M. Boushie.  We REALLY need a photo.  We will pay for a photo if someone can provide one.  Please email

Despite numerous notices to cease and desist sending emails to Bill Windsor, he continues to do so.  Here is the email received on January 17, 2013.

From: Sean Boushie []
Sent: Thursday, January 17, 2013 3:24 PM

To:  (My Wife), DBA “The Windsor Companies” in association with William Windsor.

This CEASE AND DESIST ORDER is to inform you that you, William Windsor and LAWLESSAMERICA.COM, will immediately discontinue the persistent intimidation, harassment and threats of physical violence made on this website, “lawless”, against Mr. Sean Boushie.

  • You are ORDERED TO STOP such activities immediately as they are being done in violation of the laws of The State of Montana.
  • You and Mr. and Mrs. Windsor are ordered to cease all contact or mention of Sean Boushie from the internet within 72 hours of the receipt of this notice.
  • You, Mr. and Mrs. will no longer contact Mr. Boushie, his family or his coworkers in any way.
  • You, Mr. and Mrs. Windsor are not welcome at or near Mr. Boushie’s home, workplace or physical presence.
  • You, Mr. and Mrs. Windsor and all the followers of “lawless America” will remain in excess of 1500 yards from Mr. Boushie’s home, workplace and presence at all times.

If you, Mr. Windsor or the “lawless America” followers choose to disregard this notice, Mr. Boushie reserves the right to defend his health and safety in any way deemed necessary in accordance with the laws of the state of Montana.

I have the right to remain free from these activities as they constitute violations of laws against intimidation, harassment, stalking, disturbing the peace, libel, slander, defamation of character and privacy in communications.

I will pursue any legal remedies available to me against you, William Windsor, if these activities continue. These remedies include but are not limited to: contacting law enforcement to obtain criminal sanctions against you, and suing you civilly for damages I have incurred as a result of your actions.

This letter acts as your final warning to discontinue this unwanted conduct before I pursue legal actions against you, and Mr. William Windsor.

Sean M Boushie

Sean Boushie has threatened me (Bill Windsor) with arrest for violating cyberstalking laws if I mention his name, Sean Boushie (Sean Boushie is his name, at least I believe his name is Sean BoushieSean Boushie is the name on the emails sent to me by a person claiming to be Sean BoushieS-E-A-N  B-O-U-S-H-I-E.)  He also threatened me if I mention his employer, which I believe is the University of MontanaThat’s the University of Montana.  I have received many threats from

Sean Boushie has a lot of articles on Yahoo and Google.  And don’t miss Crystal Cox’s blog about Sean Boushie and the University of Montana and rape.


William M. Windsor

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