Judicial Misconduct Complaint against Federal Judge Thomas Woodrow Thrash


On August 1, 2011, I filed a Judicial Misconduct Complaint against Judge Thomas Woodrow Thrash (aka “The Thrasher”).

Judge Thrash is guilty of conduct prejudicial to the effective and expeditious administration of the business of the courts.  He has treated me in a hostile manner, violated Canons 1, 2, and 3 the Code of Conduct, had improper motives, has committed crimes, has violated numerous Rules and statutes.  Misconduct took place from June 2011 to the present.  [That was a polite way of saying The Thrasher is an absolute crook.]

Exhibits 1-4 are the dockets in each of these actions, providing dates and other important information. [Exhibit 1Exhibit 2Exhibit 3Exhibit 4.]

Key issues and exhibits are detailed in Exhibit 5, pages 3 to 4 in 1:11-CV-01922-TWT; Exhibit 5, pages 4 to 6 in 1:11-CV-01923-TWT; Exhibit 5, page 6 in 1:11-CV-02027-TWT; and Exhibit 5, page 7 on 1:11-CV-02326-TWT and in Exhibit 21, Exhibit 22, Exhibit 23, Exhibit 24, and Exhibit 26.

In each case, Judge Thrash had no jurisdiction. (See Exhibit 6, Exhibit 7, Exhibit 8, and Exhibit 9.)

In each case, Judge Thrash announced that he had decided the case when he issued his first order in the cases and the only evidence before him was my sworn affidavits/verifications. Exhibit 10, Exhibit 11, Exhibit 12, and Exhibit 13 are these orders.

In each case, Judge Thrash entered orders without giving me the opportunity to file responses.   (See Exhibit 1, Exhibit 2, Exhibit 3, Exhibit 4.)

In each case, Judge Thrash has improperly foreclosed my access to the court.  Judge Thrash issued four preliminary injunctions without giving me notice or the opportunity to be heard. (See Exhibit 10, Exhibit 11, Exhibit 12, Exhibit 13.)

In each case, Judge Thrash has ignored my motions such as the motions to deny removal. (1:11-CV-01922-TWT Docket #5.) The similar motion that I presented to the Clerk for filing in the other actions were not even allowed to be filed. (See Exhibit 2, Exhibit 3, Exhibit 4.)

On June 15, 2011, Judge Thrash denied a hearing on a request for a TRO and denied the motion for TRO in 1-11-CV-01922-TWT.  Judge Thrash stated in his June 15, 2011 Order Denying TRO that the purpose of the restraining order was to restrain Judge Duffey “from violating O.C.G.A. § 10-6-5” and that “the Motion for TRO fails because Windsor was seeking to commit the unauthorized practice of law.”  These are false statements that Judge Thrash knows are false. (See Exhibit 14.)  In this June 15, 2011 Order Denying TRO, Judge Thrash commits obstruction of justice, violates the rules, establishes his participation in the racketeering enterprise, and commits perjury.

In each case, the Docket does not reflect a number of motions that I attempted to file, including Motions for Remand. Judge Thrash denied the filing of many motions with no valid reason whatsoever. (Exhibit 1, Exhibit 2, Exhibit 3, Exhibit 4.)

On July 15, 2011, Judge Thrash issued a permanent injunction order (1:11-CV-01923-TWT Docket #74) that denies me the ability to file any lawsuit in any court anywhere in America for the rest of my life.  This permanent injunction was issued after denying every right to due process.  I was denied the right to file a response to the motion, denied subpoenas for witnesses, denied the ability to submit documents into the record, denied the ability to call witnesses, denied the right to testify myself, and more.  Judge Thrash decided the matter before hearing from me, had the order written before the hearing began, and read it at the end of the 37 minute hearing.  He then instructed the Office of the Clerk of the Court to delay filing my appeal. (See Exhibit 15 and Exhibit 2 – Docket in 1:11-CV-01923-TWT.)

On July 22, 2011, Judge Thrash entered an order denying me the right to send letters to anyone in the federal courthouses and ordering personal mail to be intercepted and destroyed. [1:11-CV-01923-TWT Docket # 85.] (Exhibit 16.) I have learned that the U.S. mail was intercepted and was not delivered to addressees.  This was done and the order was issued to block my ability to reach witnesses to provide evidence against Judge Thrash and other corrupt judges.  This is absolutely a federal crime.

The Docket in 1:11-CV-02326-TWT shows that Judge Thrash has blocked the filing of EVERYTHING that I have presented to the Clerk for filing. I submitted numerous motions to the Clerk for filing prior to the entry of the July 22, 2011 order denying me the ability to file.   The motions that I can prove were signed for by the Clerk include Motion to Vacate Notice of Removal, Motion for Remand, Motion to Recuse Judge Thrash, and a Motion to Request a Set Aside Orders due to Fraud Upon the Courts. (See Exhibit 17, Exhibit 18, Exhibit 19, Exhibit 20, and Exhibit 9.)

I filed motions to recuse Judge Thrash in each action.  Judge Thrash failed to rule on the motions and failed to file half of them. (See Exhibit 1, Exhibit 2, Exhibit 3, Exhibit 4 and Exhibit 21, Exhibit 22, Exhibit 23, and Exhibit 24.)

Civil Actions 1:11-CV-02027-TWT and 1:11-CV-02326-TWT name Judge Thrash as a Defendant, and he has the most personal of interests as I seek to have him found liable for tens of millions of dollars in damages, and I am seeking to have him indicted, convicted, imprisoned, and disgraced.  Judge Thrash has ignored calls to have him recuse himself and has blocked a 28 U.S.C. 292 motion.

Judge Thrash has no jurisdiction in any of the four actions. (See Exhibit 6, Exhibit 7, Exhibit 8, and Exhibit 9.)  Judge Thrash never made a determination as to whether the Court had jurisdiction in these removed actions. Not only did Judge Thrash fail to meet this requirement, but Judge Thrash ignored my four motions to deny removal and refused to allow my four motions for remand to be filed.

Judge Thrash allowed illegal, defective notices of removal to remove cases from Fulton County Superior Court.  Judge Thrash failed to review the notices of removal and failed to rule on jurisdiction.  Judge Thrash allowed the U.S. Attorney to file motions allegedly for Defendants, but required filings and authorizations have not been made. Judge Thrash denied me the right to respond to motions filed by the U.S. Attorney.  Judge Thrash ordered that I could not file anything with the Court, and he issued this injunction without notice or a hearing and without even giving me the time to respond to the U.S. Attorney’s motion.  Judge Thrash conspired with the Office of the Clerk of the Court to cause my documents presented for filing to disappear.  My properly presented motions and affidavits have not been filed. Judge Thrash denied my right to file Motions for Remand.  He simply refused to allow them to be filed.  Judge Thrash has ignored my motions for recusal.

Judge Thrash ordered a hearing on the U.S. Attorney’s motion to modify the Protective Order in 1:1-CV-01923-TWT that blocked me from filing anything.  Judge Thrash then refused to allow me to respond to the motion.  He refused to allow me to file a motion seeking to have subpoenas issued for witnesses needed for the hearing.  He issued an order denying me the ability to call any witnesses, and he restricted me to 100 sheets of paper brought into the courthouse, and armed guards enforced that at the entrances to the courthouse where my 8×10 color photo was placed.  Judge Thrash refused my right to make objections.  He refused to allow me to be sworn in so his testimony would be on the record.  He refused to rule on the objections that I made during the hearing.  Before I gave my argument, I asked Judge Thrash if an order had already been written deciding the motion even before my presentation was heard.  Judge Thrash snapped and said he was not going to answer any questions.  Following my presentation after a few comments between the judge and the U.S. Attorney, after never leaving the bench, Judge Thrash leaned to his left and read the order.  Exhibit 25 is an affidavit from Jeff Goolsby, one of the many in the courtroom who saw that the judge was totally biased and had already written the order.

On July 22, 2011, Judge Thrash violated my First Amendment rights to free speech and probably committed mail theft and interference with private communications via the U.S. mail by interfering with letters mailed to federal employees. (See Exhibit 16.)

The Orders of Judge Thrash contain perjury, were issued to obstruct justice, violate the rules, and ignore the statutes. I can document anything that you would care to see.

Judge Thrash has demonstrated pervasive bias, and Judge Thrash’s failure to recuse himself is additional grounds for disqualification.  A study of pro se cases that Judge Thrash has handled reveals that he has a proven overwhelming bias against pro se plaintiffs.  Judge Thrash has an “extra-judicial” bias against pro se parties.  According to my review of every case Judge Thrash has handled in his career using, no pro se plaintiff has ever won in Judge Thrash’s court; 90% of pro se cases are dismissed, and 10% are defeated at summary judgment; no pro se plaintiff has ever received a jury trial

I filed appeals of the injunctions on filing restrictions, but Judge Thrash ignored the appeals.  He held a hearing and issued the permanent injunction is a case that was on appeal for his illegal preliminary injunction order. (See Exhibit 1, Exhibit 2, Exhibit 3, Exhibit 4.)

On July 14, 2011, I presented a verified complaint to the Clerk for filing.  Judge Thrash kept the complaint from being filed and then issued an order the next day blocking me from filing any lawsuits. (See Exhibit 26 and Exhibit 15.)

On July 22, 2011, Judge Thrash backdated an order and denied filing of documents presented for filing prior to the order.  In 1:11-CV-02326-TWT, many motions were presented for filing prior to an order requiring approval to file, and none were filed. (Exhibit 27.)

Judge Thrash has violated just about every right to due process that there is.  Fairness is not even a word in Judge Thrash’s vocabulary with me.

I am posting this on, and I am sending it to the House and Senate Judiciary Committees.


Please file judicial misconduct complaints against your dishonest and/or corrupt judges.  Please email copies to me so I can post them online for the world to see.

William M. Windsor

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