Judges and Judicial Personnel in Georgia Cover-Up Judicial Corruption


Judges and Judicial Personnel in Georgia Cover-Up Judicial Corruption.

In this video, William M. Windsor details the ways in which judges and law enforcement personnel in Atlanta Georgia cover up their criminal acts and the criminal acts of their peers.


To stop William M. Windsor’s testimony before the Fulton County Grand Jury, the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office had Windsor removed from the public courthouse and warned that he would be arrested if he ever returned. This interfered with evidence that the Grand jury requested, and it is a serious felony.

So, Windsor filed criminal charges and a civil action against the wrongdoers, Judge Stephanie Davis dismissed the criminal action with absolutely no basis whatsoever for so doing. Then Judge Jerry W. Baxter did the same thing with Windsor’s civil action. There was absolutely no basis for these judges to do this. They did it simply to block Windsor from bringing their corrupt friends to justice.

When William M. Windsor received the transcript of the hearing before Judge Jerry W. Baxter, he immediately realized that it had been falsified. Court reporter Evelyn D. Parker was undoubtedly told that she must change several pages of the transcript to put statements in the record that Judge Jerry W. Baxter never said.

Windsor filed a complaint with the Judicial Council of Georgia. He swore under oath that the transcript was falsified, and he provided the names of 13 witnesses who were in the courtroom as well as 22 exhibits. The Judicial Council of Georgia did nothing for 102 days until Windsor called to see what in the world was happening. A letter was dated that day dismissing the complaint.

There was no basis to dismiss the complaint. It was Windsor’s sworn testimony, witnesses, and evidence before the Judicial Council and nothing else. The Judicial Council of Georgia did not speak to Windsor, his witnesses, the court reporter, or Judge Jerry W. Baxter. They simply typed the words “the Board has decided to dismiss this grievance.” They committed the crimes of obstruction of justice, aiding and abetting various felonies, misprision of felonies, and RICO criminal racketeering violations. They dismissed the complaint to protect Evelyn D. Parker and Judge Jerry W. Baxter from going to prison.

This is not a unique situation. This is the way all of the courts do business in Fulton County, Georgia. The courts are absolutely corrupt, and honest people have their lives destroyed by these criminals hiding behind their robes.

Our fellow Americans must wake up and recognize that we have had our Constitutional rights stolen. We must act to restore our rights and eliminate these crooks.



William M. Windsor

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