Judge David P. Kreider reported to be a Corrupt Judge


In Alachua County Florida. Judge David P. Kreider is currently under fire for what is reported to be proven corrupt activities on the bench.  

He and his cronies have been reported to numerous agencies.

Judge David P. Kreider was formerly a prosecuting attorney. 

All who believe they have been victims of Judge David P. Kreider are urged to act now to report his misconduct and/or criminal acts.

Some of the agencies that are now aware of the criminal acts include the Alachua County Family and Civil Justice Center (which is seated in the Eighth Judicial Circuit Court of Florida and under the administration of Chief Judge Martha Lott) and the State Attorney’s Office of the Eighth Judicial Circuit of Florida (via Chief Investigator Spencer Mann).  Various entities, including the aforementioned parties, have been provided with more than 100 pages of documentation—documentation that includes an organized /detailed report and comprehensive supporting evidence of criminal activity perpetrated by Judge David P. Kreider, etc. during the “Gibson case”.

Please be sure to spread the word that if anyone has been a victim of Judge David P. Kreider (in any capacity…he was previously a prosecutor) that the time to act is now.  If victims have previously reported abuses by Judge David P. Kreider they should aggressively follow-up and share their stories now while the “pressure is on.”  It is time for Judge David P. Kreider and criminals that have acted with him to be held accountable. 

The Judge Orinda D. Evans, Judge William S. Duffey, Judge Thomas W. Thrash, Judge Jerry W. Baxter, Judge Amanda Williams, Judge Mark Ciavarella, and Judge Gerald Garson cases, just to name a few, make it clear that corruption by judges is too prevalent; especially considering the turmoil that rogue judges introduce into people’s lives.  More focus must be brought on the immense power that judges wield, and the accompanying autonomy that they have.  The punishment for these types of wrongdoings must be severe so that these types of crimes by supposed administrants of justice will become much riskier for them. 

It is obvious that too many judges act without regard for the same law that they hold others accountable to on a daily basis.  Most likely because those same judges feel, at least on a subconscious level, that they are “above the law”.  Considering a judge’s annual case load, just one of these criminal judges can cause an enormous amount of harm and fallout…some of which some victims probably never recover from.  To exploit a long-used saying I’ll close by stating “what’s good for the goose is good for the gander”…relative “slaps on the wrist” for these types of crimes will never bring them to the screeching halt that they should come to.

Please share this message with everyone and help bring Judge David P. Kreider to justice for his criminal acts, and help ensure that corruption doesn’t remain a secret.  In doing that we can also hold Judge David P. Kreider’s fellow conspirators accountable and send yet another powerful message to the judiciary.  That message being that the judiciary’s duty is to “serve the people” not “exploit the people” and that exploitation will not be accepted and will not go unpunished.

This article was written by Will K.

Judge David P. Kreider is invited to comment on this report.

Story about Judge Amanda Williams mentiions need to investigate Judge David P. Kreider.


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