70-year-old Jerry Littenberg robbed of his home by Corrupt New Jersey Officials


Jerry Littenberg, a 70-year-old, has been robbed of his house by corrupt New Jersey officials through a fraudulent tax sale scheme with the help of corrupt procuring judges.

In four years, the authorities have refused to act upon the official records evidence and undisputed sworn testimony of witnesses of violations to state tax law and our federal rights.

Arrearages were FORGED on our RE tax account to create a bogus tax lien which the tax collector then saved for its exclusive sale to the uncle of the town council chair.

The courts illegally refused to discuss or even acknowledge the evidence and claimed preclusion.

The authorities keep refusing to answer to messages, see evidence, interview those involved, or to at least interrogate those accused of federal crimes.

Jerry Littenberg is homeless now, is suffering, sick and suicidal.

Yet nobody seems to be interested in what happens to him!

See our evidence in NJ case A-2652-06T1.

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William M. Windsor

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