State of the Union according to William M. Windsor


The State of the Union is HORRIBLE.

I never dreamed that our country would become a police state controlled by big corporations and dishonest and corrupt politicians, but that is precisely what we have today.

So, I decided to sit down at the keyboard and do a brain dump of my thoughts….

Whether you know me or not, you may be asking yourself, who is this guy, and why should I care what he thinks.

I’m William M. Windsor, just a fairly normal 63-year-old grandfather of two, father of two, husband of 40 years.  I don’t belong to any political party now.  I’ve never been a politician.  I was never an activist about anything until I became the victim of judicial corruption and government corruption.  I have exceptional business experience, and I am pretty smart.

So, I figure those credentials make me a pretty good person to comment on the state of things.

I will add to this article over the next week as thoughts come to mind, so be sure to check back and read it again to see my latest thoughts.

Our country is being ruined, and hardly anyone knows or cares.

I am amazed at how naive I have been.  I’m a sophisticated business executive, and I was clueless.

My naivete may explain why saving our country may not be possible.  I want to believe it is possible, but the State of the Union is that most Americans are clueless, apathetic, lazy, uninformed, and/or unwilling to listen and learn.  If a retired corporate CEO could not imagine that our country could be destroyed from within by corrupt people, how can those with far less education and experience?

After considerable study, I am convinced that America is in SERIOUS trouble.  I believe the fundamental, core problem is dishonesty.  Our so-called leaders (all parties) are not honest.  I believe many are just plain corrupt.

Big corporations are dishonest or corrupt.  Watch the documentary “Inside Job,” as it explains the horrendous financial corruption.

We now live in “Lawless America.”  Our laws are meaningless because law enforcement and our courts ignore the law, twist the law, re-write the law as needed, and absolutely deny our rights pursuant to the Constitution and Bill of Rights.  I know this from personal experience and from communicating with thousands of others.

Our national debt is unbelievable.  No business could operate this way.  Our government is filled with waste.  Someone needs to go in and make radical reductions.  It makes absolutely no sense to me to have anything less than a balanced budget.

Lobbyists are a big part of the problem.  I would eliminate lobbyists.

The media is a big part of the problem.  The media hides the truth.  I don’t know what we can do about the media.  Perhaps the only thing that can be done is to educate people that there are some valid sources of news, but not the so-called “mainstream media.”

I believe our political parties are a joke.  Trying to win at all costs is one of the reasons we are in the shape we are in.

I wish we had a truly honest presidential candidate with the guts to educate the American people about what has happened and what needs to be done.  My gut tells me that our best hope is with a high-profile person shouting the truth and motivating our fellow Americans to act.  Oprah?

There are thousands of political issues.  But I believe the fundamental problem that we have is a void of truly honest people to do what the majority decides is best.  If I were running for President, my platform would be quite simple: Honesty, Constitution, Bill of Rights, Financial Management.

I believe there is a slim chance that we the people can do something about this, but it will require that those who recognize the problem and want to see change actually DO SOMETHING.  We will discuss that at the SOCK – Save Our Constitution Konvention on January 15, 2011 (5-7 pm) broadcast live nationwide at

So, those are my thoughts for December 28, 2011.

William M. Windsor

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