It’s Time to Start Drinking the Kool-Aid


Okay folks, it’s time to start drinking the Kool-Aid.

Tens of thousands of you have emailed me personally.

Tens of thousands of you have registered online and signed up for the Facebook Cause “Support the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Honesty in Government.”

Thousands of you have watched the Lawless America Online TV Show.

I have connected with millions of you through Facebook and LinkedIn connections.

Talk will get us just so far.  It’s time for ACTION….

It’s time to start actually drinking the Kool-Aid.

The development of a force to battle dishonesty and corruption in government begins with some basic steps to establish our support and begin the work of developing our own “mainstream” media.

1.  Go to the GRIP website (Government Reform & Integrity Platform), and register to support GRIP.  Please enter your name, email address, website, state, and phone number at the very least.  We need this information to be able to contact you, and we really need to know where people are located.  This information will remain confidential.

2.  Go to www.GetaGripAmerica.us, and copy the list of GRIP coalition members at the bottom of the Home Page.  The list will change daily, but here is the list right now:

Get a GRIP America Affiliates: GRIP | Lawless America | Center for Judicial Accountability | Supreme Abuse | Toxic Justice | Outlaw Judges | Judge William S. Duffey | Judge Orinda D. Evans | Power Corrupts Again | Judge Kennedy Resign | Wake Up America | Conservative Patriot | Minnesota 10th Judicial District Free Press | NASGA – National Association to Stop Guardian Abuse | Breached Justice | Carl Hugo Anderson | Judge Jerry W. Baxter | Judge Thomas W. Thrash | Montgomery County on the Mary-land Republic | Evil Esquire Bar Association | U.S. Judicial Corruption | The Luzerne County Railroad | Larry Hohol | License to Squeal | Parent Advocates | Rod Class | In Pro Per in LA | Human Rights Alert | Tulane Link | Citizens Justice | Eliot Bernstein | Free Edgar Steele | Honest Government Officials | James N. Hatten | Judge Amy Totenberg | Judge Gail Tusan | Judge Evans Complaint | Judge Kelly Lee | Judge Richard J. Leon | Judge Weldon S. Copeland | Judicial Accountability Institute | TV Channel 1 | U.S. Government Corruption | Government Corruption Channel | Lawless America Channel | Lawless America TV | Lawless America Talkshoe |

3.  Go to your website, and add these links on your Home Page (has to be the Home Page to get the proper search engine benefit).

4.  Email Bill@GetaGripAmerica.us, and I will add your website to the bottom of www.GetaGripAmerica.us and www.LawlessAmerica.com.  Your website will then be included when subsequent people commit to be members of the GRIP coalition.  The impact of this is that all of these websites will become more important to the search engines, and our content will come up much higher in the search results.

So, start drinking the Kool-Aid.  It will take you less than five minutes to do this.  DO IT!!!

William M. Windsor

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