Battling Corruption — Here’s what You must do to help us become Mainstream Media – Part 1

One of the most important things we must do in battling corruption is to get publicity.

Since the Mainstream Media is afraid to cover the fundamental corruption in our government, our solution is for us to become the Mainstream Media, so we can reach millions with our message.

Here’s how we will do it (Part 1)….

Let me begin by informing you that I know the Internet and search engines extremely well.  I began producing websites in 1994.  In 2000, I developed a network of job and resume websites that attracted 1,600,000 unique visitors a month, and we accomplished this without a big advertising budget.  I know how to get web traffic, and if you will do what I suggest, we will all be very successful as a result.  We are also being assisted in this effort by Crystal Cox who has been extremely successful in getting her blogs to the top of search engine rankings.

Please understand exactly the purpose of this project.¬† We are building a network of websites and personal contacts that will enable us to reach millions to educate them about dishonesty in government and government and judicial corruption.¬† If we do this right, whenever anyone searches on the Internet for government corruption, judicial corruption, and other such terms, or when they search for a specific judge or government official, they will find OUR reports and OUR news.¬† WE will dominate the search engines — not ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, the Washington Post, or anyone else.¬† The Internet makes it possible for little folks like us to make this happen.¬† A case in point is the recent blackout of the Internet by Wikipedia and others to battle federal legislation that would be devastating to the Internet.¬† An online effort resulted in so much communication to legislators that the bill has been tabled indefinitely.¬† The little guys won.

When we succeed with establishing our network, we will have people joining our battle every hour of every day.¬† We will expose evil-doers and help get them defeated when they run for re-election.¬† We will have the ability to reach millions with an email message.¬† To reach 1,000,000, we need 50,000 committed people with 200 friends each.¬† That’s a million.¬† 100,000 committed friends gives us two million.

Task #1

Join Facebook, if you aren’t already a member¬† ¬†The reason to join Facebook is that we will use Facebook to get what we want from it, which is the ability to reach our friends, relatives, and acquaintances.¬† Our goal in all of this is to build a network of millions of people.¬†

As soon as you join, click here and invite Lawless America, GRIP, and William M. Windsor to be your friends.¬† When you do this, any article that appears on or will automatically display on your wall.¬† Then it might be seen by people looking at your Facebook page, and they may choose to “Like” it, which would then put it on that person’s Facebook page, where others may see it, and so on, and so on.¬† So, once you have made me a Friend, with no further effort whatsoever, your Facebook page will be listing at least one article a day from me…forever.¬† Your Facebook page thus becomes part of the GRIP network that will ultimately reach millions.

Task #2

Join LinkedIn, if you aren’t already a member ¬† Once again, the reason to join LinkedIn is because we can use LinkedIn to reach our friends, relatives, and acquaintances.¬† We want each supporter of GRIP to build your network of contacts so that we collectively will have the largest network possible.¬† As soon as you join LinkedIn, click here and invite William M. Windsor.

Task #3

If you don’t have a website, register a web domain name so a website can be established for you.¬† The reason for doing this is that we want to have as many websites as possible exposing corruption, exposing corrupt people, or spreading the word about GRIP and those battling dishonesty and corruption in government.

If you want to express your complaints with a specific judge or government official, here’s your opportunity to do so.¬† If you are afraid that there might be repercussions if you do this, then you can set up a web domain about justice, the Constitution, corruption in general — anything related to this battle.

Take a look at what I have accomplished in less than six months:

Yahoo Search — Judge Thomas W. Thrash — 3 of the top 8 are LawlessAmerica pages and the website that I set up — www.Judge

Google Search — Thomas W. Thrash — 3 of the top 8 are LawlessAmerica pages and the website that I set up.

Yahoo Search — Judge Orinda D. Evans –6 of the top 9 search results, inclduing #1, are LawlessAmerica pages, or LawlessAmerica stories picked up and carried by other websites, or the website that I set up —

Google Search — Judge Orinda D. Evans –6 of the top 9 search results are mine.

Yahoo Search — Judge William S. Duffey –5 of the top 10 search results are mine, including #1.¬† I set up for this corrupt judge.

Google Search — Judge William S. Duffey –4 of the top 10 search results are mine.

Yahoo Search — Judge Jerry W. Baxter –2 of the top 3 are mine, and this site has only been up for about a month.¬† I set up for this corrupt judge.

Google Search — Judge Jerry W. Baxter –3 of the top 6 are mine.

Before I set up these websites and these pages, there was nothing to expose these judges in the search results.  But now, anyone researching these judges will see that these judges are corrupt.

Now, we need to get this done for every corrupt judge and corrupt government official.  I hope you will do yours, and I hope you will encourage anyone and everyone you know to do theirs.  Our goal is to blanket the search results for the corrupt people so the news of the corruption spreads.  We also want to pool our efforts so we get the #1 search result position as I have done with Judge Orinda D. Evans and Judge William S. Duffey, the two that I have had up for the longest.  That #1 position is far more valuable than any other.

The first thing that you need to do in setting up a website is to register a domain name.¬† Find out how the judge signs orders.¬† That is the combination of letters that you want as that is the name most likely searched for a judge.¬† Then see if it is available as a .com, because you want a .com if at all possible.¬† Then register it.¬† If you don’t know how, you can go to to set up an account and register, or I will do it for you, and you can send me cash or a money order for $11.50 to pay for the first year.

Next, you need to set up a website.  If you know how, you can do your thing.  However, GRIP (Government Reform & Integrity Platform) will also give you free webhosting and even provide the same programming used by the LawlessAmerica websites.  Choose from the designs used on,,, or  Just tell me which template you want to use, and we will set up your website, add the template, and then it is yours to edit as needed.

You will need an email for your site.  Use one that you have, or if we set up your site for you, we can set up (anyname)@(yourwebsitename).com or you may use a (yourname) email.  Either way, you need to send me the email address to have these alias emails forwarded to (an email that you use).

The next thing to do is to write a basic story about the person you are exposing.  We want to make this a story on because my site gets a LOT of traffic and gets indexed by the search engines every day.  Then you can copy this article to be your top article on your website.

As you write your story, use these tricks: always use the name a lot, and spell it out in full.¬† For example, Judge William S. Duffey did this…and Judge William S. Duffey did that.¬† Use keywords in your story that you would hope will include this site in search results.¬† For example, I always use corruption, judicial corruption, judges, judge, dishonest, corrupt, (city), (state), (state-abbreviation), (court), and other keywords.¬† Make your first sentence a really good summary of the whole story.¬† Use a good title that also tells the basic story, such as Judge Gail S. Tusan is a Corrupt Judge in the Fulton County Superior Court in Atlanta, Georgia.¬† If you have made statements in court filings about the corruption, quote those exactly as I believe there is complete immunity for anything that is filed in a legal action.¬† If you can prove something is a fact, I believe you can say it.¬† If you can’t absolutely prove something and haven’t said it in a court filing, always write “I believe….”

I wrote an article about Judge Lucy H. Koh on November 14, 2011.¬† I just did a Yahoo Search for “Judge Lucy H. Koh,” and my story comes up #8 in the search results.¬† This shows you how powerful is in search results for judicial corruption and government corruption.

When you set up your website and your various articles, the meta tags for title and keywords are very important.  Always ensure that you have entered these in the meta tag place on your site.  This is easy using the Joomla system that uses because there is a little window where you simply copy and paste these.  Copy and paste the name of the article in the Description meta tag window.  Type the keywords that people might use in searching for your story in the keywords window.

If you already have a website, consider whether it is of the same quality as the LawlessAmerica websites.¬† If it isn’t, I encourage you to put your site on our server at and use our templates.¬† I believe it is extremely important for us to have very professional sites.¬† Once again, you can be hosted for free under GRIP’s unlimited domain account at¬† All it takes is an email to me —

Task #4

Now, we want to get as many links as possible from high traffic websites to your website and vice-versa.  These days, the number of quality links that a website has is a key factor in how high it ranks in search engine results.  So, we all need links.

GRIP has a complete plan for this.  We want every GRIP coalition member to link to and, and those websites will do the same for you.  This will immediately make your site more important.  Taking this a step further, I encourage every GRIP coalition member to link from their home page to the home page of all of the GRIP coalition members.  This list is at the bottom of the home page:

Get a GRIP America Coalition Members: GRIP | Lawless America | Center for Judicial Accountability | Supreme Abuse | Toxic Justice | Outlaw Judges | Judge William S. Duffey | Judge Orinda D. Evans | Power Corrupts Again | Judge Kennedy Resign | Wake Up America | Conservative Patriot | Minnesota 10th Judicial District Free Press | NASGA – National Association to Stop Guardian Abuse | Breached Justice | Carl Hugo Anderson | Judge Jerry W. Baxter | Judge Thomas W. Thrash | Montgomery County on the Mary-land Republic | Evil Esquire Bar Association | U.S. Judicial Corruption | The Luzerne County Railroad | Larry Hohol | License to Squeal | Parent Advocates | Rod Class | In Pro Per in LA | Human Rights Alert | Tulane Link | Citizens Justice | Eliot Bernstein | Free Edgar Steele | Honest Government Officials | James N. Hatten | Judge Amy Totenberg | Judge Gail Tusan | Judge Evans Complaint | Judge Kelly Lee | Judge Richard J. Leon | Judge Weldon S. Copeland | Judicial Accountability Institute | TV Channel 1 | U.S. Government Corruption | Government Corruption Channel | Lawless America Channel | Lawless America TV | Lawless America Talkshoe | Bankruptcy Corruption | Suppress the Truth | Denied Patent | Ethics Complaint | Expose Court Corruption | Industry Whistleblower | Investigative Blogger | Judicial Hell Hole | Liquidating Trustee | Montana Judicial | Obsidian Finance | Proof of Corruption | Proskauer Sucks | Summit 103 Bankruptcy Justice | Attorney Corruption | Prosecutor Corruption | Stop Foreclosure | A Just Cause | Ragec |


Just copy and paste this list to the bottom of your home page, and we will encourage each of these websites to do the same.  I will continue to update this list as we add coalition members who have provided the links on their home page.

The HOME PAGE is vital, as the strength of the link from one home page to another is by far the strongest.  Anything else is appreciated, but it has nowhere near the power of the home page.

We need hundreds, if not thousands of coalition members.  When we get many more sites linking, all of our sites will become much more important, and we should control the #1 position in the search engine results.  And when that happens, we are well on our way to creating our own Mainstream Media.

My wife and I no longer get a newspaper, and we no longer use telephone books.  We do everything online.  I believe newspapers and telephone books will become obsolete, and the Internet will become even more Mainstream Media than it is today.  The beauty of the Internet holding that place in the media world is that WE have some real control with the Internet.  Ingenuity and a plan can be worth more than money online.

Task #5

Register on if you don’t already have a YouTube account.¬† It’s free.¬† Go to the YouTube Create an Account Page.¬† Once you have created an account, go to (while you are logged in), and enter “usgovcorruption” in the YouTube search window.¬† Click on the U.S. Government Corruption channel.¬† When it displays, click on <SUBSCRIBE>.¬† Then enter “lawlessamerica” in the YouTube search window.¬† Click on the Lawless America channel.¬† When it displays, click on <SUBSCRIBE>.¬† Then enter “GRIPcoalition” in the YouTube search window.¬† When it displays, click on <SUBSCRIBE>.

Task #6

Join the Cause — “Support the Constitution, Bill of Rights, & Honesty in Government.”¬† Go to the Cause Home Page and join.¬† If you are a Facebook member, it takes 15 seconds.¬† If you aren’t, please register; you don’t have to give up any data that you don’t wish to share.¬† Make stuff up if you like.¬† We hope you will use your real name, but if you need to use an alias, go for it.


Ladies and gentlemen, this will take only a few minutes of your time.¬† The problem is that most of you will read this article and will do nothing.¬† Please ask yourself if you would be happy if your children and grandchildren had all of their money stolen from them by the government and they were sent to prison for the rest of their lives for doing absolutely nothing wrong.¬† If we don’t act now to educate our fellow Americans about the dishonesty and corruption in government, this could be the fate of your children and grandchildren.¬† We currently have no viable means to check the tyrannical power of our misguided government officials.¬† So, PLEASE, take just a few minutes, and do this.

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William M. Windsor


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