How to Fight Judicial Corruption and Government Corruption – Part 11 — File Motions for Conferences and Hearings


When I discovered that I was being victimized by judicial corruption, I decided to fight.

I am not an attorney, and I am not giving legal advice.

This is the eleventh in a series of articles that detail the things that I have done in fighting judicial corruption.

Most of this applies to fighting any form of government corruption….

File Motions for Conferences and Hearings.

Judges don’t seem to like to conduct conferences or hearings.  instead, they run up the legal fees on everyone by keeping the parties and their attorneys in the dark and requiring a massive amount of paperwork — called “motion practice.”

Litigation could be much simpler if judges would meet with the people involved.  pro se parties need all the help we can get, so I regularly requested conferences abd hearings.

I regularly filed motions for conferences.  I made it clear in my motions that I am pro se and that I needed a conference to be sure I was not doing anything objectionable.

I was NEVER granted a conference, but I have tons of proof that the judges refused conferences that I requested stating the reason for the request was to be sure I was doing nothing wrong. Once they issued orders making up claims that I was doing things wrong, at least I had proof that the judge ignored my requests for hearings.

Once again, this only adds proof of the corruption, but I want all the proof I can get.  I filed a motion for conference every few weeks, and I filed a motion for a hearing as a separate filing every time I filed anything.  In six years, I was never granted a hearing that I requested.  I do, however, have proof of denial of this important right again and again and again.

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William M. Windsor

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