How to Fight Judicial Corruption and Government Corruption – Part 10 –Take Advantage of Every Opportunity to Generate Proof of Corruption


When I discovered that I was being victimized by judicial corruption, I decided to fight.

I am not an attorney, and I am not giving legal advice.

This is the tenth in a series of articles that detail the things that I have done in fighting judicial corruption.

Most of this applies to fighting any form of government corruption….

Take Advantage of Every Opportunity to Generate Proof of Corruption

Since the reality is that we will probably fail in all of our efforts to obtain justice, I set out to document all the wrongdoing that I could identify.  I set out to win the war though I knew injustice would win some of the battles along the way.  I believe that the more proof we all get of corruption, violation of the rules, ignoring of the law and facts, the better chance we have to expose all of the corruption and get action taken to fix this.

I was advised to appeal early and often, and I did. Virtually every appeal provided proof of wrongdoing and/or corruption by the appellate courts. I documented everything. I recorded telephone calls.

I filed motions regarding everything dishonest by the opposing party, their attorneys, and the judge. Each and every one of these was ignored or dismissed without any factual or legal basis. I documented it all. I repeatedly found the judges to be making false statements in their orders that they knew to be false.  I consider these to be felonies, and I carefully documented all such statements and the proof in the record that the statements were false and were known to be false by the judge.

When I realized that the clerks of the court were also corrupt, I began documenting everything there. I always obtained independent proof of delivery of documents to the clerks (as receipt by them constitutes filing).  I began printing the docket every few days so I could prove items that were filed but never docketed. This has also enabled me to prove that some docket entries were backdated and that some disappeared.

I attempted to obtain the Notices of Electronic Filing from the clerk of the court, but my requests were denied. These will prove backdating of docket entries as well as other important information.  Making this information available to attorneys and the court but denying pro se parties of this information is absolutely a denial of due process.

I always carefully researched the law on every issue so I was absolutely sure that my position was correct. I retained all of this research, and in essence, I prepared in advance to be able to prove that anything written by the opposing counsel or by the judge to the contrary was proven false by all of the legal research.

When I was allowed to take depositions, my focus was as much on getting proof of false sworn statements and generating more false sworn statements.  I always wanted to build as big a case of perjury and subornation of perjury as possible.

I always filed motions for reconsideration because the orders were almost always bogus, and because I wanted more proof of wrongdoing. I always filed petitions for rehearing with the appellate courts for the same reason.

There are way too many potential issues to address them all. I was simply always on guard, knowing that there was corruption and dishonesty taking place all the time.  When I identified it or merely sensed it, I tried to get the proof.

No matter what it is, ALWAYS take advantage of every opportunity to generate proof of corruption.  Get proof of everything.  Use “Delivery Receipts” and “Read Receipts” on emails (though many will block them).  [To add these, click on “Options” in the header of your email, and check the two boxes.]  Send by fax so you have a delivery confirmation.  Send documents by courier with proof of delivery, and have the courier delivery number tied to a cover letter that lists all documents being delivered.  Take notes.  Confirm oral conversations with written documentation.  File motions.  File appeals.  Do everything that I have listed in this series and anything else you can think of.

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William M. Windsor

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