Government Corruption Movement is MOVING


The Second Government Corruption Crisis Conference was held Sunday March 6, 2011 from 5 to 7 pm EST.

The Conference is now a weekly event every Sunday — same time same place — Shovio.

The audience doubled from 650 participants last week to 1,300 this week ….

The purpose of the comference is to discuss ideas on how we can attack the crisis of judicial and government corruption. 

The participants will be voting this week on the name for the group.  One of the ideas is GRIP — Government Reform Integrity Project or Grass Roots Integrity Platform (or something similar thereto).  Other name ideas are in the Forum.

It was unanimous among the participants that we have a movement.  There was great enthusiasm for how this is growing.  The Chat was fillled with ideas.  Here is a transcript of the Chat Forum that displays live during then show.

Our big need at this point is for volunteers.  Please go to the Forum, and get a GRIP on how you can help.  🙂


William M. Windsor

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