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Federal Appellate Judges asked to Sign Honesty Contract with the Citizens of the United States


One aspect of our proposed plan for dealing with government and judicial corruption is to ask all elected and appointed government officials and all political candidates to sign an Honesty Contract with the Citizens of the United States of America. 

On March 10, 2011, I sent letters to every federal appellate court judge, except the ones at the Eleventh Circuit because I already know they are corrupt.

Please take a look at the letter and the Contract, and see what you can do….

My letters ask each of the appellate court judges to take action against the corrupt federal judges.  The letter also advises them that I will consider them in violation of criminal statute 18 U.S.C. 4 if they fail to report these felonies.   

There have to be a few reasonably honest federal judges, so maybe someone will step up.  I doubt it, but hope springs eternal.

Now, here’s what you can do.  Send this Contract to your Congressman and Senator and ask them to sign.  Email a copy of your letter to me at so we will have it as proof that they were asked.  You can also send it tio local, county, and state officials — any government employee or elected or appointed government official. Once again, copy me on all communications.

As to objections, the only thing an honest person could object to is the Grand Jury.  Note that the contract says “any Grand Jury.”  If a regular grand jury does not take the matter, we then have the option to take it to a Citizen Grand Jury.  Hey, there’s a risk for those who sign that the garnd jury willo find them guilty…same risk all of us have with a jury of our peers.  That’s an infintely better risk than we all have with a single judge who is free to screw, glue, and tattooo us.  If they complain, they simply aren’t willing to be honest and defend our fundamental rights.  If you aere told No by anyone, you must email me with the name, title, etc.  On, we will be listing everyone who signs and everyone who doesn’t.  Those who refuse to sign are put on the Unwilling to Pledge Honesty List.  Those who do sign will go on the Honest List.

Download a copy of the Contract here.

Contract with the Citizens of the United States of America

WHEREAS, I am a government employee or I am a candidate for an elected government office; and

WHEREAS, I recognize that the citizens of the United States of America expect me to be honest and honor the Constitution and the Bill of Rights;

NOW THEREFORE, for good and valuable consideration:

I hereby promise that I will be honest in everything that I say and do while in any position with any government authority in the United States.

I promise to always tell the truth while performing my duties.

I promise to honor and defend the Constitution at all times and in all situations.

I promise to honor and defend the Bill of Rights at all times and in all situations.

I will voluntarily remove myself from office if I ever violate this promise?

If a complaint is made against me and any Grand Jury finds that I have violated this Contract, I will immediately resign my position, and I will agree to never seek employment or any elected position with any government authority at the national, state, county, or local level.

EXECUTED this ______ day of _____________________, ________.



Here’s my Federal Appellate Court Judge Database for those who may need it.  It doesn’t include the Eleventh Circuit and some or all from the DC Circuit, so you may need to add those for your purposes.

Here’s my Senates Database and my House of Representatives Database.  If some kind soul wants to spend a few hours and capture the missing fax numbers, it would be greatly appreciated.

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