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Bill Windsor is allegedly NOT going to be prosecuted on federal charges for Tweeting and Emailing

united states marshals service tools-200w

Bill Windsor is allegedly NOT going to be prosecuted on federal charges for Tweeting and Emailing.

William M. Windsor has just received an email from Jennifer Clark.

There was a MAJOR development in the Bill Windsor criminal case on August 17, 2015 when Missoula County Attorney Jennifer Clark gave me, William M. Windsor, the impression that federal charges may be filed against him for allegedly sending a Tweet, sending an email to an attorney, and publishing the name of Sean Boushie, the man who attempted to kill him.

When I wrote an article about this, I received an email from Missoula County Attorney Jennifer Clark saying I had misrepresented the facts.  She threatened me with sanctions.

Here is the latest email from Jennifer Clark:

“I said I spoke to the US attorney’s office.  Please correct or withdraw your false filing and postings.

“Additionally, the case will not be going federally.”

I responded to Jennifer S. Clark with this email:
“Who did you speak with at the U.S. Attorney’s Office?  What did they say?
“I will speak with them and am waiting to hear from Chris Daly before I do anything with the court.  I didn’t make a false filing, and I didn’t make any false postings.
“If you want to seek sanctions against me, go for it.  I shall do the same.  I am also preparing my Bar Complaint against you.  It covers this issue, the false pleadings filed in District Court, the false claims that you have evidence that I intentionally violated any law, the claim that I violated a statute that has no relevance to this case whatsoever, the bogus charges, charging me for felonies when Montana law does not allow that, having me arrested in Texas where BY STATUTE the TOP was INVALID, playing attorney John Smith to run up my legal bills, concealing the Texas information from me, the absence of jurisdiction, the aiding and abetting perjury by Sean Boushie, the failure to provide Freedom of Information request, the failure to pursue felonies by Sean Boushie that were presented to you, fraud upon the court, lack of candor to the tribunal and me in claiming I could not leave the state.  I’m sure there will be more by the time I am finished.
“In the meantime, I am posting a new article with your email announcing that it appears I am not going to be charged with federal crimes.”

So, if I can believe what she has written, I am not going to federal prison.  U.S. Marshals are not going to come and arrest me.  There is no federal investigation of me.  I will not be standing trial in a federal court.  It is highly unlikely that Jennifer Clark and I will ever be friends.

As soon as I hear from the public defender who was there with me when this happened on August 17, I will file a Motion for Sanctions against Jennifer Clark.  I continue to work on my Bar Complaint against Missoula County Attorney Jennifer Clark.

So, did the U.S. Attorney tell Jennifer Clark that she was nuts to think I committed a federal crime or that the federal government should prosecute me for exercising freedom of speech?  Or did Jennifer Clark make this up to harass and intimidate me?  Or did Jennifer Clark’s boss, Kirsten Pabst, go nuts when she learned that Jennifer Clark told me this and I had made it public?

UPDATE AT 5:00 Pm:

Here’s an email received from the public defender who attended the meeting with me:

Jen and William:  Here is my recollection of what took place at the witness interview of Mr. Boushie on Monday, August 17th concerning possible Federal involvement in the case.  When  I arrived at the County Attorney‚Äôs office a few minutes before the interview, William Windsor was speaking with Det. Chris Shermer.  I participated in that conversation as well.  At one point, Detective Shermer said to William Windsor something to the effect that (none of my recollections are exact quotes) you know that what you did is also a Federal crime.  William Windsor responded that he has done nothing wrong so it couldn‚Äô t possibly be a Federal crime.  At the conclusion of the interview, Jennifer Clark informed William Windsor that she had contacted the Federal authorities about his case.  William Windsor said when will I know if they are going to do anything  and I interjected saying you will know when the Marshalls scoop you up.  William  Windsor and I did leave the interview with the impression that there was a possibility that the case could be turned over to the Federal authorities although we were not specifically told that.  Chris Daly

So, Chris Daly supports what I said happened.

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For a quick update on Bill Windsor’s saga and upcoming trial, see this summary on LawlessAmerica.com.

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