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Bill Windsor has been attacked by Shannon E. Miller, the American Mothers Political Party, Facebook, and More

blood splat-hate-200w 

Lawless America has been suspended by Facebook. Bill Windsor and Lawless America have been attacked, libeled, slandered, and threatened by people associated with the American Mothers Political Party, and others.

The attacks started with a complete fraud by someone with a wide variety of names, including Shannon E. Miller.

I do make it a practice to expose these types of people

I guess it isn’t hard to comprehend why good, decent people don’t go into “politics.”  They get attacked coming and going, often with blatantly false information. I don’t lie, and I just cannot comprehend how people go around making disparaging statements that they know to be false or that they don’t have a clue about.


Facebook has suspended me for responding to a comment about a Facebook page set up by a woman’s stalker using her name.  That person, allegedly Sean Boushie, then attacked me, pretending to be Crystal Cox, the name that the web page was using.  It wasn’t the real Crystal Cox; she posted that she is pursuing criminal charges against Sean Boushie.  (Several months ago, I filed charges against Sean Boushie for threats and cyberstalking with the police, FBI, and security at the University of Montana where Sean Boushie works.)  I was told about this impersonation of Crystal Cox on TalkShoe.  So when I saw the post, I simply related to her what I was told and read on the chat in TalkShoe.  If that violates Facebook’s terms, then just about every comment on Facebook violates their terms.  I have appealed to Facebook, but those nameless faceless people likely will not respond or do a thing about their absolutely wrongful suspension.

American Mothers Political Party

It’s not worth going into the details, but this group has libeled and slandered me.  They are violating our copyrights.  They have blatantly ignored cease and desist and takedown notices.  Some associated with AMPP have breached contracts and, of course, lied about it.  And they have tortiously interfered with our contracts with people filmed.  They have harassed me by email, telephone, and Facebook messages and posts.  I have screenshots, emails, and phone messages to prove at least what I and others have seen.

In my opinion, the American Mothers Political Party is a hate group.  That’s how I choose to classify them.  The group seems set up to be anti-father; it’s only for mothers.  They also publish on their Facebook page that they are anti-grandparents’ rights.  So, they aren’t even pro all the mothers, because if you are a GRANDmother, they are against you.

I am pro children first and foremost, then I am pro honest mothers and pro honest fathers.

All hate groups are unacceptable to me and should be unaceptable to you.  I will not allow anyone associated with any hate groups to be involved in the movie or our video presentations.

Shannon E. Miller, Elizabeth Hope Hernandez, et al.

I started receiving emails from her on December 27, and she posted various things online.  I’m not sure f she is associated with the American Mothers Political Party, but I believe that’s where I first heard her rants.  She has been going around claiming Lawless America listed her as a coordinator in Mississippi and that she knew nothing about it.  Well, that’s just one huge lie as we can easily prove with her emails and Facebook messages.  What’s hard to comprehend is why in the world someone would do something like this.

Here’s some of what I received from this “Shannon E. Miller:”

  • Elizabeth Hope Hernandez — 12/27/2012

    Bill…My Legal name is Shannon E Miller & you have me as your Ms. contact. I recieved a private Email from you and my name was added to it..Can you explain to me how and Why. and is Nan aka… Nancy Rolfe in your group… we have not met and anytime I have written Ive been rudely talked to by some nit wit. Nor had anyone even remotely looked or reviewed my case… nor do I know enough of your cause yet to give my time..I see alot of men who have abused woman who I support running behind you as in vicious fathers rights groups…And Nancy Rolfe and her stand with you where is she in this because I stand with Southern Poverty Law center…Please respond…My email also is

  • 11:26pm – 12/27/2012 —Elizabeth Hope Hernandez

    who I see supportng u…

    or you can respond here…but please remove my name…not one time have I given permission…Id like to know about the cause first.

    Who added my name ? for starters…..

    whos running this

    and do you know some of these followers of your are guilty as charged ???

    startn off with ole Nan = Govt abuse is blzh blah

    thanks Shannon E Miller aka…Elizabeth H. Hernandez

    X is a DV abuser

  • Friday 12/28/2012 –9:59pm —Elizabeth Hope Hernandez

you have made threats to the wrong Lady….And since when do u and your cause just use namez… Mr.W..I have no Idea wthell Dottie is..or you of that matter..I know Im fuckn tired of gettn email from u…Im takng this to a higher Level..because your nuts man…and many Judges agree..your are a Nut cse…tired of threats

  • 10:00pm – 12/28/2012 —Elizabeth Hope Hernandez

    I’m going to print your damn Emails all over…Believe that….do what u need to..but you sir..had not one time were given permission to use my name

    and to talk to me as u do…wow…nut

  • 12/28/2012 — 10:25pm —Elizabeth Hope Hernandez

    write away…screen shot wrkn well..nut case

    why dont u tell them how u got my name listed prick…you are cares…all the nuts believe

    your the biggest nut of all

  • 12/28/2012 – 10:47pm —Elizabeth Hope Hernandez

    Post away pussy

    Im postng too..ahh yea…believe

    So professional..and u used my all your emails and more

    names..address next

  • 12/28/2012 – 10:58pm —Elizabeth Hope Hernandez

    you made my weeknd you

    thank you…Its fun to piss a wanna be off…How long ubeen at changn the wrld..the system…pussy

  • 12/28/2012 – 11:52pm —Elizabeth Hope Hernandez

    waaawaaaawAa baby


    ahhh u block me Bill….too late

    you wrote deffimation

    u messed wit one crzy bitch dude

    wrong crazy bitch

    u gonna wish I were on sumthn dude

  • 12/31/2012 –12:08pmElizabeth Hope Hernandez
  • Hum..too quiet..guess I need to wrk harder….lol

Fortunately, we save all emails, so here’s the proof that this woman is a pathological liar.  These are emails received by Dottie Lafortune, the coordinator of the Lawless America State Coordinators.  These show that this woman emailed us at least three times in August asking to be the Mississippi State Coordinator:

Subject: ELIZABETH HERNANDEZ 8-5-12 8:29pm

•  Elizabeth Hope Hernandez
Hey Dottie..Im writng u here because I have not a number is 228-271-0410 my name is Shannon Elizabeth Miller…Hernandez
I have been having a hard time on the LawLess web sight with manourving my phone..partly because it a new
But Im here and willing to help
Dottie Lafortune
Thanks. Please send your name, address, phone number and e-mail to . In the subject line put COORDINATOR (NAME OF YOUR STATE).

  • We received an e-mail from Shannon after posting coordinators needed on FB.

    —– Original Message —–
    From: Shannon Miller
    Sent: Sunday, August 05, 2012 7:39 PM
    Subject: Shannon Elizabeth Miller Mississippi

    Shannon E. MILLER 248 stennis Dr.apt 125 Biloxi Ms.39501 228-271-0410 Harrison County Mississippi

    —– Original Message —–
    From: pcastora12
    To: Shannon Miller
    Sent: Sunday, August 05, 2012 7:54 PM


    Thanks so much for your help. Will get back to you with details.

    Dottie Lafortune: Note. I did not get back to her with details. I sent you the updated coordinators list for your approval.

    —– Original Message —–
    From: pcastora12
    Sent: Sunday, August 05, 2012 7:58 PM
    Subject: COORDINATORS LIST (will update as additions are added)
    MISSISSIPPI Shannon E. Miller
    248 stennis Dr.apt 125
    Biloxi Ms.39501

    —– Original Message —–
    From: shannone67
    To: pcastora12
    Sent: Sunday, August 05, 2012 9:17 PM

    Welcome. GLAD my info got to you Im learning how to work this new cell phone.
    Sent via ZTE Warp on Boost Mobile

    pcastora12 wrote:


    Thanks so much for your help. Will >get back to you with details.

    Sent: Sunday, August 05, 2012 8:39 > PM
    Subject: Shannon Elizabeth Miller > Mississippi
    Shannon E. MILLER 248 stennis Dr.apt 125 Biloxi Ms.39501 228-271-0410 Harrison County Mississippi
    My last updated coordinator’s list has Shannon E. Miller listed as MS coordinator.
    If you got other questions, let me know. Another e-mail coming.

Lies and Damn Lies

It seems there are a lot of people who don’t want the Lawless America projects to be successful.  Oddly, they are victims of judicial corruption and government corruption.  In most cases, it seems to be jealousy and power; they want their tiny little group to control things.  Virtually all of the problems have been with mothers in family court situations.

Lie: Lawless America has been financed by father’s rights hate groups.  This is absolutely false.  We have not received a nickel from any such organization.

Lie: I am a fraud.

Lie: I have lost my mind. [Connie Bedwell]

Lie: I am a liar. [Connie Bedwell and others]

Lie: I am working with and good friends of a guy in Connecticut who beats up his girlfriend. [Kimberly Hickman Wigglesworth]

Lie: I am greedy and in this for money. [WTP and L. Wilson]

Lie: I have allowed mother haters to be in the movie.

Lie: I am pro pedophiles. [Connie Bedwell]

Lie: I support people who think men that abuse are the victims. [Kimberly Hickman Wigglesworth]

Lie: I was seen by Kimberly Hickman Wigglesworth (who I have never met or dealt with in any manner) telling people that Loryn Ryder would not be in the movie.

Lie: I sent out emails to people planning to be filmed in California and told them they had to pay to be in the movie.

Lie: Bill Windsor pulls the videos of certain people he didn’t like…mostly women with abused children. [Loryn Ryder]

Lie: People have invested in the movie, and I have stolen their money.

Lie: I give information about ex-wives to their ex husbands.

Lie: I am working for the government to gather information to be used against people.

Lie: Loryn Ryder went to jail becase she was filmed.

Lie: Anyone has the right to use what I have filmed.

I could go on and on listng just the lies and slander that I am aware of.  Lord only knows how much more is out there.

Those who are liars who I believe have been acting to try to damage Lawless America and me are: Shannon E. Wilson, Eizabeth Hope Hernandez, and other aliases; Claudine Dombrowski (and her Facebook site — American Mothers Political Party), Lorraine Tipton, Jennifer Herbert aka Jennifer Dotson, Kimberly Hickman Wigglesworth, Donna Turkos, Karen Kestrel, Connie Bedwell, Loryn Ryder, Presley Crowe, and others.  Most of these were filmed and have been removed from the movie and videos.  Others may be removed as I am waiting to get respnses to an email sent to others listed as being members of the American Mothers Political Party. 

I will remove anyone who is associated with this or other hate groups.  This gender war is RIDICULOUS.  All it serves to do is help the corrupt judges and corrupt government officials and attorneys who are the true bad guys.  The movie needs people with credibility, and folks who go around posting lies about me and others online have less than zero credibility.

I have previously removed fathers.  I removed two today, including one who was posting on Facebook that the only good feminst is a raped femninist, or words to that effect.

I will be adding a segment to the movie about the efforts of people to damage the movie.

I don’t want to give up on trying to save America and help the millions of victims, but crap like this will make a seemingly impossible task twice as seemingly impossible.



UPDATE 1-1-2013 — 10:30 AM:

Let me respond to several questions.

TRUE: I have filmed alleged sex offenders (male and female), their spouses, their parents, and their freinds.  If you read back over the last year, you will find that I always stated that anyone who comes to be filmed will be filmed, and they were.  I also stated many, many times over the past year that (a) anyone featured in the movie will be fully vetted, (2) anyone named as a bad guy by those filmed will be given the opportunity to be filmed and take a polygraph test, and (3) all filmed are expected to provide evidence (to include sworn affidavits, polygraphs, etc.).  Anyone who knows anything about me knows that I am sickened by child abuse, especially sexual abuse.  Anyone who claims anything to the contrary is a liar and a hater.  I can’t make instant calls on who I feel is telling the truth and who isn’t because there is usually a lot to consider that can’t be considered in an intensely-bust one-hour interview.  I have made some personal evaluations, and I can say without doubt that “concited” sex offender Mike DeVoe is innocent, in my opinion. (See MaryAnn Lubas video, his Mom.)  I can say without a doubt that Beth Berryhill should not be on a child abuse registry.  I beleve Wayland Matthew Fox and Mike Conti, and they agreed to take polygraphs.  Too many to mention….

TRUE:  I have offered to film ex-husbands and ex-wives.  It is and always has been standard operating practice.  I have been contacted by both women and men asking to tell their side of the story, and they will be given that opportunity.  I have been contacted by ex-husbands of some of the members of the American Mothers Political Party, and I have offered to film them.  I have also been contacted by literally thousands of ex-wives, and I have interviewed at least 500 so far.

TRUE:  If I felt that someone’s story was simply unbelievable, or if someone filmed lost credibility, I removed them from the movie.  Approximately 25 fell into that category.  There are now approximately 50 who have been removed from the movie, and most of the newly-removed seem to support either a mother or father group that seems to me to be opemly malicious against the opposite sex.  Those removed represent approximately 3 percent.

FALSE:  I do not obtain the rights to anyone’s story if they are filmed by Lawless America.  The release is very clear: I simply get exclusive rights to the film that I shott, which is the way all professional filming is done.

TRUE:  I will respond to all requests to remove the YouTube video upon request by anyone who fears that it could cause them problems or risk.  I have honored these requests, but I am not waiving any right to use anything filmed in the movie.

california-orange-county-bill-windsor-lawless-america-movie-2012-10-02 019-cropped-200w

William M. Windsor

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