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American Mothers Political Party exposed as a Hate Group

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Bill Windsor and Lawless America have been attacked, libeled, slandered, and threatened by people associated with the American Mothers Political Party, and others.

The attacks started with a complete fraud by someone with a wide variety of names, including Shannon E. Miller.

I do make it a practice to expose these types of people

In my 64 years, I have NEVER seen anything like this group.  Hatred seems to just ooze out their pores.  Father haters.  Grandparent haters.  Bill Windsor haters.  Lawless America haters.  hate, hate, hate, and slander, slander, slander.


Sarah Tyrell reported to me:

“As a mother, it offends me that the American Mothers Political Party (AMPP) use the word “mother” on their hateful site full of propaganda. They do NOT represent us mothers.I was turned on by AMMP for opposing their views on a case which involved a “mother” named Corrine Baker.Who watched her son (Dominic) being tortured to death for 4 days. And did NOTHING to stop her boyfriend.She even came and went from the apt on several occasions and still got no help.AMPP held her up as a victim. They believed ALL the responsibility fell to the boyfriend..What kind of group suports a “mother” like that? Who is absolved of all responsibility for having a uterus.Dominics law has since been passed,Thank God. .They are also vocal supporters of one proven liar,so called “protective mom” Lori Handrahan,who willfully exploits & endangers her daughter on the web every day,AMPP chooses to ignore the plethora of evidence against her and continues to aid in the exploitation of this child and many others. Having a uterus does not a mother make They are a disgrace and embarassment to women.They certainly do NOT represent the majority of us who have the ability and intelligence to think logically and reasonably. Rant over!

“Kimberly Wigglesworth lives at 26 East Dover in Waterbury Connecticut with her second husband and small son. Kimberly was investigated for possible abuse against her 6 week old son a couple years back. Her then husband apparently abused the baby to the point that he had multiple broken bones and a skull fracture. While Wigglesworth did NOT injure him, she did delay treatment of said child.

“In June of 2012 she was informed by her local police that she would be placed under arrest should she attack/harass/stalk me or the ladies in my group any further. She accused WACA (War Against Child Abuse) of being a front for pedophiles and child trafficking rings. She falsely claimed that Corrine Morehead murdered her two twin girls who died after being born very prematurely. She is an avid support of whackadoodle Lori Handrahan and generally any cause in which she proclaim her hatred of men. She is obsessed with SLPC – I do not know this group personally, but we are continually accused by her of supporting them.  She will support ANY MOTHER who abuses their child as long as that child is being used as a weapon against a male. She is borderline illiterate and goes off the deep end when you correct her spelling.  I will be contacting the detective in CT again this week to let him know the harassment and stalking of us has begun again. Would you like me to add you to the list?

This is her current husband”

Another person wrote: “If you’re problems are out of Connecticut or Massachusetts so were mine. Try to ignore them. Those same women destroyed my business the last 6 months with the same kinds of lies and scared me to DEATH. They participated in witness tampering, intimidation, slander and I don’t have a PENNY to sue them.  So so so so so sorry.  They are worse than fascists.”

Gayle Summer wrote “AMPP is very good at slandering. We should know because they have done the same to the Protective Mothers Association Interntional for years. They called Lundy Bancroft (author) and Janice Levinson (protective mom) a fraud at a BMCC conference, and so much more. We have sympathy for what you are going thru since we have been there. We have been attacked by them for many years in a variety of ways. We refuse to work with them or anyone associated with them.”

Here are just a few of the American Mothers Political Party’s recent postings:

“Good help is hard to come by, that is why Bill gets convicted sex offenders to do his filming. If you are a felon out of work, why not give him a call? He has a tender spot for those put in jail who like little girls and boys.”


LIE: A convicted sex offender has done all of Lawless America’s filming. No one has done my filming except for college film students at a few stops. I would be proud to have a convicted sex offender doling filming for me if he or she was wrongfully convicted because a spouse lied.

LIE: Bill would not film a homosexual couple. I have absolutely no problem with homosexuals, and several were filmed. (See Michael Bodnar, Patrice Livingston, and Carlo Badner.) One male couple was invited, but failed to show; they were in the VA-DC area, so they are being invited to come to DC.

All lies, and I can always prove it.

They say they have 70 mothers who want a class action suit. Bring it onWe know of only a dozen mothers that are part of this group, and they have no valid basis for any type of legal actionTypical scumbag type claim.

It’s not worth going into the details, but this group has libeled and slandered me.  They are violating our copyrights.  They have blatantly ignored cease and desist and takedown notices.  Some associated with AMPP have breached contracts and, of course, lied about it.  And they have tortiously interfered with our contracts with people filmed.  They have harassed me by email, telephone, and Facebook messages and posts.  I have screenshots, emails, and phone messages to prove at least what I and others have seen.

In my opinion, the American Mothers Political Party is a hate group.  That’s how I choose to classify them.  The group seems set up to be anti-father; it’s only for mothers.  They also publish on their Facebook page that they are anti-grandparents’ rights.  So, they aren’t even pro all the mothers, because if you are a GRANDmother, they are against you.

I am pro children first and foremost, then I am pro honest mothers and pro honest fathersThis eliminates the American Mothers Political Party as I haven’t come across an honest person in the group.

All hate groups are unacceptable to me and should be unaceptable to you.  I will not allow anyone associated with any hate groups to be involved in the movie or our video presentationsYou should know that anyone associated with that group is NOT your friend because they are doing such things in an effort to stop your story from being told and to stop efforts to save America.

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William M. Windsor

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