American Mothers Political Party announces that there will be no Lawless America Movie


The American Mothers Political Party has today announced that there will be no movie.  Lawless America…The Movie is apparently out of business, according to Kimberly Wigglesworth.

The American Mothers Political Party fosters anti-father sentiment and has a stated policy of  being anti-grandparent.  I you haven’t seen the video where I announce many of the various charges against me personally, check out the “I am a Pedophile Video.”

The American Mothers Political Party has launched this boycott as yet another in a long string of attacks on people and groups.

Here is an email that I just received:

From: Kimberly Wigglesworth []
Sent: Thursday, January 03, 2013 6:53 PM
Subject: This Is Kimberly Wigglesworth

Julia Fletcher is telling LAWLESS AMERICA, you are going to throw me under the Bus. You Know I have gotten death threat and rape threat because of Waxman people. Sarah and Corinne Morehead are helping Lawless America. They gave Bill Windsor the same bad info they were doing on the slideshow about me. AMPP and I have screenshot of them trying to tell them you are a con artist and a bad mother.  They told them my brother is my husband. OMG they put the STREAM website up again to support them.

This all started on petunia pig the women that out it Teri Stoddard and what SAVE is. She was trying to out small groups that victim harvesting people and I told her about Corrupt CT. who gave my info to hate group because, I was trying to end a man rights that try to kill my son. Julia Fletcher was trying to defend them. Trying to say they make mistake, how can that be call a mistake.  I got 100’s of hateful email saying I was a bad mother for ending the RIGHTS to a man that tries to kill my son. If you look they are at the bottom of his (LAWLESS AMERICA)page that he supports them. I cannot believe you are going to throw me under the bus for Lawless America.  I would never forgive you if you do that.  Corrupt Ct was so unbelievable sick to me, when I was at my worst. Come on, how would feel if people gave out your info and told people to send you hateful e-mail in support of Igor rights. Plus look for yourself,  They PUT the STREAM page up again to support Lawless America.  Please I beg, you tell Julia she is out of her mind, Just Look the STREAM PAGE IS UP AGAIN because they join up with him.

Plus read the rules for SUNDANCE, there is not going to be a MOVIE, read rule #16 there are a lot of people that are going to sue him for what he did!

Kimberly Wigglesworth…..

Look WAXMAN is helping him! Tell Julia to STOP

Kimberly Wigglesworth





Be sure to read some of the latest news about the American Mothers Political Party and its quality of members.

American Mothers Political Party
P.O. Box 4974
Topeka KS 66604

Call Shannon E. Miller aka Shannon E. Miller Hernandez aka Elizabeth Hope Hernandez: 228-271-0410 for more information, but be forewarned that she uses a lot of four-letter words and makes a LOT of threats.

The leaders and some of the followers of this “fine” organization are believed to include the following:

Claudine Dombrowski
Lorraine Tipton
Kimberly Wigglesworth
Shannon E. Miller Hernandez aka Elizabeth Hope Hernandez

Mary Morgan
Nancy Carroll  
Connie Bedwell
Loryn Ryder
Jennifer Dotson  
Jennifer Herbert
Petunia Pigg
Billie Bonney
Buttercup Wonder
Clara A. Colon
Donna M. Turkos
Elizabeth Cook
Elizabeth Renee
Erika Reeves
Heather L. Peterson
Karen Kestrel
Katie Stanton
Laura Pfister  
Lisa Soper
Maureen Walden-Lasher
Mia Tyler Kailin
Michelle Saved Now
Miranda Lollis  
Presley Crowe
Rachel Jones
Sally Angel Sparrow
Sally Leber
Tina Popolizio
Victoria Martin  



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