Windsor sends Certified Return Receipt Letters to Every Grand Juror


Among my many moves following the grand jury tampering last Friday and again Tuesday, I have just mailed certified mail return receipt letters to each member of the Grand Jury.

They were personally addressed Grand Juror #1 to #23 and Alternate 1, 2, and 3.

The certified mail will be delivered tomorrow by the United States Postal Service…

Interfering with the U.S. Mail is a federal crime.  So, if the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office interferes with the mail, I’ve got them on additional criminal charges — 36 counts.

I have to reach the Grand Jurors directly.  This is one way to do it.

I hope they read this letter and allow me in on Friday.  I will be back at the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office at 9 am Friday.  I will have my sign.  This time, it will say: “I have evidence of Grand Jury Tampering.  Act or be an Accessory.”

Here’s the letter:

August 25, 2011

Grand Jury Members
Office of the Fulton County District Attorney
136 Pryor Street – Third Floor
Atlanta, GA 30303-3477

Dear Grand Jury:

We have a serious problem with jury tampering with your Grand Jury. This is a felony (O.C.G.A. § 16-10-93) with a penalty of not less than two years nor more than 10 years in prison and a fine of not less than $10,000 nor more than $20,000, or both.  Each incident is a separate offense.  In addition to jury tampering and obstruction of justice, I believe some people will be guilty of being accessories after the fact.

Unfortunately, someone has put you in this position. You are all witnesses to a felony, and I am the victim.

I demand a meeting with the entire Grand Jury on Friday morning.  I need to know who it was who told you that I “filed frivolous lawsuits” as one Grand Juror claimed.  According to my understanding of the statute, anyone who told you that is guilty of violating O.C.G.A. 16-10-93.

I know that Mr. Broadbent gave you false information, claiming I sent him a letter claiming to have been President of Goldman Sachs and CEO of Bain Capital.  I have never done any such thing.  I believe this served to defame me in front of all of you.  I asked Mr. Broadbent to produce proof of this, and he can’t.

Someone in the lobby heard that the Grand Jury had gone down to the second floor before you met with me.  I suspect that was when jury tampering took place.  I simply need to know so I may file criminal charges.

This is a most serious issue.  In my opinion, powers are at work to do anything possible to keep you from hearing the truth.  As I said to you last Friday, you are our county’s only hope as many of those pledged to protect us are only interested in protecting themselves.

I appreciated the audience with you on August 19, 2011.  My understanding of our discussion was that I was to go and prepare no more than a 20-page document listing my charges with just the focused, necessary facts, and I was to return with that and my evidence.  As I left the Grand Jury Room, I told Mr. Settles that I would be back on Tuesday.  I then sent five faxes to three people (Mrs. Keel, Mr. Settles, and Mr. Broadbent) on Friday, Saturday, and Monday confirming my appointment with the Grand Jury for Tuesday.

I arrived at the District Attorney’s Office at 9:10 am on Friday, and Ms. Naomi Fudge rudely told me to sit down, so I did.  I saw many of you leaving at about noon.  I was seated with seven other victims of judicial corruption who were there hoping to speak to you as well or at least be in the Grand Jury Room as witnesses.


No one spoke with me until 12:45 pm when Mr. Settles waved me in.  He did not allow me to bring my evidence in.  Attached is a photograph of the 164 documents that were next to the entrance to the DA’s Office.  The District Attorney’s Office refused to accept this evidence.

Mr. Settles and Mr. Broadbent said they had no idea where I got the impression that I was to return.  I told them that we all discussed it, and I confirmed the date and time four or five times by fax and phone from Friday to Monday.  I discussed Tuesday with Mr. Settles as I left the Grand Jury Room.  I have other SHOCKING information to share with you that took place during that meeting.  I will present it to you in person.

Ladies and gentlemen, you are now witnesses to some of the corruption.  Georgia law REQUIRES that you investigate this and take action.  It is not an option, and I have the absolute right to insist that I meet with you on Friday.  This isn’t a voting situation.  I demand that you honor your oath of office and the Georgia statutes.

I also enclose the 20-page document that I was asked to bring.

Ladies and gentlemen, I am one of the most honest people you will ever meet, and I could parade people before you for hours to speak to my integrity.  I have the proof that many of the most powerful people in Fulton County are criminals.  I believe they will stop at nothing to interfere with me….and you.

If you know people who have lost in federal court and were shocked, I respectfully submit that it is very likely that these people are victims as well.  If you know people who say they have been wrongly arrested and prosecuted, some of them are probably victims.  If you know people who have represented themselves in court and lost, some of them are victims.  One-third of the people in our courts are representing themselves because they cannot afford attorneys.  I have reason to believe that many of these people are victims.  Problems do not get any more serious than this.

One of the Grand Jurors said that if I provided evidence to show that I was not found to have committed a violation of Georgia civil statutes, but Judge Orinda D. Evans stuck me with $450,000 in legal fees of the other party, he would vote to take action.  Well, I enclose this:

Judge Evans ruled in favor of Maid of the Mist and ordered me to pay $446,671.26 in their legal fees and costs because I fought the lawsuit.  I was not found to have committed the single cause of action that was charged – tortious interference.  I WAS SUED; I had no choice but to fight the lawsuit.  I did not countersue because I had no basis; there is no Georgia or federal statute to allow a counterclaim for a bogus lawsuit.  There is no Georgia statute that allows a party to sue for legal fees.  On August 28, 2007, Maid of the Mist filed a motion for attorneys’ fees against all three defendants. [1-06-CV-0714-ODE Docket #253.]  On December 3, 2007, Judge Evans awarded Maid of the Mist $421,773.84 in attorneys’ fees and made me personally liable for it.  Court costs were subsequently added bringing the total to $446,671.26.

This is just one of many things that have been done to me intentionally.

Please do not allow Mr. Settles, Mr. Broadbent, or anyone else to speak with you about the issues raised herein.  It is my opinion that to do so would be jury tampering.

I’ll see you all on Friday.


William M. Windsor

Office: currently confidential — Fax: 770-578-1057


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