Jury Tampering runs rampant at Fulton County Georgia Grand Jury


I spent another “delightful” day at the Office of the Fulton County District Attorney.  The parade of corruption was a sight to behold.

My two cases of evidence were parked on a dolly right next to the door.  I changed my sign to read: “EVIDENCE OF GRAND JURY TAMPERING — Act or be an Accessory.”

Once again, I was not allowed in to see the Grand Jury.

BUT, one of the friendly Grand Jurors did take my envelope of evidence as he was leaving….

That was the highlight of the day.  If this juror has the guts to do it, he could try to get me before the Grand Jury at their last session on Tuesday.  He was the Grand Juror who said that if I could provide proof to him of one specific issue, he would vote to indict.  In the envelope were four sheets of paper that provided the proof, so this is about as simple as an issue gets.  I don’t know his name, but he was the person I wanted to see.


At 9:45 am, receptionist Naomi Fudge refused to accept my evidence and deliver it to the Grand Jury.  Deputy Sheriff L. Bailey was my witness to that. 

At about 10:20, Senior Chief Assistant District Attorney Gabe Banks walked into the lobby with a half dozen high-powered people from the police and FBI.  They had just been in a meeting with the District Attorney.  I hopped up and said: “I need to report jury tampering with this Grand Jury.  Will one of you help me?  No one moved or said a word.  The silence was deafening.  Finally, Gabe Banks said, “I will get someone to speak with you.”  He went inside, and when he came back out, he said, someone will be with you in just a few minutes.  Two hours and ten minutes later, no one ever came.

The lobby had every television station in Atlanta there because the Grand Jury was dealing with indictments in a scandal with the Atlanta Public Schools where teachers have been cheating for years to get their students higher test scores on state achievement tests.  I spoke to them all, but no one seemed to want to cover the biggest story of government corruption in history.  Mark Winne did wish me sincere good luck, but he said he didn’t hold much hope that I would be able to get in.

At 10:50, Deputy Sheriff Betts came by, refused to take my evidence to the Grand Jury, and made various threats to me.

At 11:05, the usually-friendly Deputy Sheriff Roye walked by.  She refused to deliver my evidence to the Grand Jury.  Officer Bailey of the Atlanta Police Department was my witness to that.  Roye said I needed to talk to Waverly Settles, and I told her that’s impossible because I am bringing charges against him.  She just walked away.

At 11:14, Deputy Sheriff Betts came by again and sneered that “no one is coming out to see you.”

At 11:18 am, I told Ms. Fudge that I needed to see District Attorney Paul Howard, Jr.  She told me he wasn’t in.

At 11:45 am, a Grand Juror who knows one of the people who was there to testify with me last Friday passed by and said hi.  I asked if she would take my envelope of evidence, and she said she didn’t know if she could.  I never saw her again.

At 11:52 am, a group of people came to the elevator.  They told me they had just finished a meeting with District Attorney Howard.  I said “that’s not possible; the receptionist told me he wasn’t in.”  I went over to Ms. Fudge and again demanded a meeting with District Attorney Howard, and she rudely told me to sit down.

At 12:15, Assistant District Attorney Rebecca Keel walked to the elevator to go to lunch.  She ignored my evidence.  I told her I was going to file criminal charges against her, and she said “do what you gotta do.”

At 12:20 pm, Grand Jury Foreman Steve Broadbent and his running buddy left.

At 12:30 pm, the Grand Juror who was supportive at last Friday’s session came to the elevator.  I asked if he would accept my envelope of evidence for the Grand Jury.  I told him the envelope contained the evidence that he specifically requested last week.  He was opening the envelope as he got on the elevator.

I was very pleased to reach that particular Grand Juror.  He now has proof of the crime that he requested, and he has my charges of jury tampering by Broadbent, Settles, or whoever lied to the Grand Jury and then blocked my scheduled Tuesday meeting.

I packed up my stuff and headed for the Fulton County Criminal Warrants Desk to make application for arrest warrants for six people.  In Fulton County, anyone can go there, fill out a brief complaint form, pay $10, and the person you are complaining about has to appear in Fulton County Magistrate Court where the Magistrate decides if an arrest warrant should be issued.  I was in line behind people getting them for an abusive husband, a rowdy neighbor, a restraining order on an ex-husband, and the like.  All submitted their form, paid their $10, and got their court date.

It took me about an hour to fill out my six complaints.  I proudly took them to the window with my $60 in hand, and the minute the clerk saw who I was charging, she left to speak to a supervisor.  She returned to tell me that she was unable to process them because her supervisor said to hold them until they could get clearance from some unknown power.

I asked to speak to her supervisor, and Ms. Asby came out and spoke with me in a jam-packed reception area.  I told her that if a woman can file a request for a warrant over a noisy neighbor, then I can certainly file them against people committing serious felonies to protect a criminal racketeering enterprise.  She didn’t budge.  She said I could see the State Court Administrator, Cicely Barber.  So, I rolled my dolly of evidence to Ms. Barber’s office.

I spoke to Ms. Barber for about 10 minutes.  She said “these people were acting in their official duty when they did this.”  I said, “yes, they were, but that is irrelevant.  They committed crimes, and there is no immunity — never has been — for any government official who commits crimes.”  She said she would discuss it with her boss, but she said she didn’t believe they would let me file them.  I told her that I don’t believe they have any option.

Absolutely flabbergasted.  How in the world these people get away with all of this is beyond me.

I will pursue each and every one of these crooks for the rest of my life.  I can’t wait for election times.  I will be a champion for anyone running against these crooks.

I shall return on Tuesday.

William M. Windsor

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