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Windsor Begins Effort to Appear Before Federal Grand Jury


After being blocked from presenting his evidence to the Fulton County Grand Jury by the illegal acts of the Office of the Fulton County District Attorney and others, William M. Windsor is moving his efforts to the Federal Grand Jury in Atlanta, Georgia.

Letters have been sent.

Windsor takes up residence outside the Federal Grand Jury Room Tuesday morning….

I have contacted the U.S. Attorney, Sally Quillian Yates, to request to speak to the Federal Grand Jury, and I have warned her and her staff to keep out. 

I have had a letter hand-delivered to the Grand Jury Clerk warning her to present my letters to the Grand Jurors with no comment.

Personal & Confidential selaed envelopes were delivered to each Grand Juror c/o Brenda Nelson, Grand Jury Clerk.

My plan with the Federal Grand Jury is essentially the same as my efforts with the Fulton County Grand Jury.  The federal laws about interference with a grand jury, and the case law about citizen rights to present to grand jurors are much stronger.

So, I’ll go every day they meet until I am given an audience.  Anyone who wants to join me on Tuesdays is very welcome.  The Federal Grand Jury meets in the Richard B. Russell Federal Building, 75 Spring Street, Atlanta, GA 30303.  (It’s the building with my 8×10 color photo at every entrance.)  I believe the Grand Jury Room is on the sixth floor.  I should have armed guards with me while I am there; they always assign two U.S. Marshals to me.  Cool

I’ll keep you posted on my progress.  Should be another very exciting experience!

Please note that one of the important things about this effort is to be able to establish that the U.S. Attorney has ignored his/her duties and committed criminal acts in the process.  You want to exclude the U.S. Attorney or her staff from participation!

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If you have criminal complaints, you may want to consider making a complaint to your U.S. Attorney.  When your complaint is ignored, demand to present evidence to the Federal Grand Jury.

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