William M. Windsor Testifies Again in Atlanta on July 1, 2011 – Charges of Corruption against 58 Federal Judges and Judicial Employees


William M. Windsor scheduled to testify again Friday, July 1, 2011 in Atlanta Georgia on Charges of Corruption against 58 federal judges and judicial employees!

Anyone in the Atlanta area who would like to attend should call me at currently confidential, and leave your name and number so I can call you back with the details on when and where to meet.

Do not block Caller ID.  I am having people call and leave messages so I can be sure I am calling back an interested friend of the anti-corruption battle rather than a spy for the corrupt judges and their partners in crime.

I will meet people in the hall outside the Clerk’s Office — Fulton County Superor Court, 136 Pryor Street, First Floor.  I’ll be the guy with gray hair, gray beard, and a bright blue bag.

At 9:00 am tomorrow, the Foreman of the Fulton County Grand Jury will be served with a Subpoena to give a deposition for me.  This will add a little excitement to the day.

This will be my second day of testimony in the last week.  I LOVE telling people about the criminals who masquerade as federal judges!

In related developments today, I received the “bail out” orders from the judge assigned to my landmark case.  He copped out by trasferring the case to a different judge.  He didn’t issue any orders as he was obligated to do.  I don’t blame Judge Craig L. Schwall.  At least he didn’t simply join the corruption bandwagon and screw me.  So, now I have Judge Constance C. Russell.  I’ll have a lot more to report about her tomorrow night.


Good News and Bad News

Your honor, I have bad news and good news.

The bad news is that if you preside over my civil action, you are unlikely to become a federal judge in Atlanta.

The good news is that if you preside over my civil action, you might end up as the Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court.

Your honor, you are likely friends with a number of the Defendants. As the Presiding Judge this week, I believe you are stuck with hearing my motions today, but I will respect and understand if you feel you need to recuse yourself after today. I don’t want to damage anyone’s life, and this case is a hot potato to say the least.

Thank You

I have been battling corruption in the federal courts in Fulton County for just under six years. In those six years, I have made dozens of requests for hearings and conferences with judges, and I before today, I have only been granted one hearing.  Thank you for this hearing today!


There’s a saying about assumptions…and at the risk of assuming incorrectly, I couldn’t help but notice the look of amazement on the court reporter’s face when the Court indicated the names of some of the people I am suing.

I would like to think that she was thinking “My goodness, how terrible that these local law enforcement, judges, and federal judicial employees could do such horrible things to nice Mr. Windsor!” I suspect she was thinking: “What a nutcase this guy is for suing all of these people!”

People think that surely the things that I say cannot possibly be true! Our country just doesn’t let things like this happen!

WRONG! I am here because people masquerading as federal government employees are operating a criminal enterprise right here in Fulton County Georgia.

I am quite intelligent, exceptionally creative, very organized, one of the most tenacious people who has ever walked the face of the earth, smarter and better prepared than the vast majority of attorneys; I have little or no fear. I am smart enough to know when judges and attorneys are committing crimes. I know how to set them up so I can get proof. And I am PRO SE. I am a corrupt federal judge’s worst nightmare.

One of the reasons I am seeking a TRO is that I have received a report from a federal prisoner that he was approached about being part of a plot that included assassinating me because I am seeking to expose federal judges for their criminal acts.

At the risk of sounding melodramatic, this Civil Action should be the most important lawsuit to be tried in the United States in many years. It should bring a landmark decision that could save our country from public corruption.

My Background

I am not a nut. I’m a proud grandfather.

62-years-old. 40th wedding anniversary last Sunday.

Army Reserves for six years during the Viet Nam War.

Never arrested or even charged with a crime.  Pay my bills and taxes. Show up for jury duty. I vote.

Never used drugs of any type. Don’t drink or smoke. Not even a traffic citation or parking ticket in the State of Georgia EVER.

Never a political activist of any type. Never wrote my Congressman or complained about anything.

My father was a certified off-the-chart genius. I’m not nearly as smart, but Mensa.

Accepted to law school but went into business. Serial entrepreneur. I am considered to be the father of the T-shirt industry.

President of a Goldman Sachs Company.

CEO of a Bain Capital company where I worked with Mitt Romney as the Chairman of the Board.

I provide this background so you will know going into this that I am someone who should not be dismissed as a nutcase.  Please hear me out.

Motions for Temporary Restraining Order

Please issue an oral TRO order from the Bench that the Defendants may not file notices of removal, pending further order of this Court.

I believe these are easy requests to grant because all I am asking for is for people to obey the law.

Immediate and irreparable injury and damage will result unless the Defendants are temporarily restrained and preliminarily enjoined, all as more fully shown by Windsor’s Verified Complaint filed on June 23, 2011 to commence this Civil Action. In my motions, I have detailed how my requests meet the criteria for granting my TRO requests.

I am asking for a TRO to maintain the status quo and to protect me while discovery is quickly conducted to supplement the overwhelming evidence that I already have.

When a jury hears the charges and the evidence, these corrupt people and the federal courts will be taken to task. Then and only then will there be a hope that something will be done about the tens of thousands of people who have been victimized by these and other corrupt people intentionally committing crimes to damage others while trying to use their positions as a shield.

Format for the Hearing

Short presentation prepared.

I can speak extemporaneously on any aspect of what has happened over the last six years, so if you just want to ask me questions, I can handle it.

I will know the facts, should know the statutes and case law…though I won’t always have the statute number and case law citation committed to memory, but I can always provide them after the hearing.

I research every issue thoroughly. I never take a position that is not what the statutes and case law CLEARLY provide to be correct.

The Issues

The federal court system in Fulton County Georgia has individuals operating personally as a corrupt criminal enterprise. People with the titles of “judges” commit criminal acts routinely. The staff of judges and the offices of the clerks of the court are part of the racketeering. Employees of the U.S. Attorney’s Office and the local District Attorney participate in the racketeering and/or facilitate the racketeering through their actions and inactions.

Defendants commit a wide variety of crimes and wrongdoing that are not acts that they are authorized to do in their jobs. They commit acts that are specifically and undeniably prohibited in their roles. They do this personally.

Defendants purporting to be judges ignore the facts; invent their own facts; ignore the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (“FRCP”), the Local Rules (“L.R.”), and the Federal Rules of Evidence (“FRE”); ignore the law; ignore applicable case law; cite erroneous case law; commit perjury by making statements that they know to be false in their orders; violate parties’ rights in any way they can; commit obstruction of justice; deny access to the courts; and trample the Constitutional rights of litigants without a thought. They manipulate the judicial system to deprive parties such as me of their legal and Constitutional rights. They commit criminal acts without a thought.

The judicial system supports this dishonesty and illegality. The “system” denies any form of valid recourse for an aggrieved citizen. The Judicial Council and the Chief Judges of N.D.Ga. and the 11th Circuit ignore valid complaints and claims there is no proof when there is plenty.

Aggrieved citizens have no recourse. Since the Supreme Court isn’t really in the business of correcting errors by the lower courts, the N.D.Ga. and the 11th Circuit combine to have tyrannical power over citizens of Georgia.

The corrupt Defendants will do anything to protect their racketeering enterprise and further this illegal activity. The word out of a federal prison is that they are trying to have Windsor killed.   The Defendants have conspired to block Windsor from protection and recourse at every turn. Most recently, illegal NOTICES OF REMOVAL were allegedly filed by some of the Defendants to block three Fulton County Superior Court actions filed by Windsor. This action removed the cases to the N.D.Ga where Thomas Woodrow Thrash (“TWT”) masqueraded as a judge last week, ignored his valid duties and obligations, and screwed Windsor. The latest case, 2011CV202263, was removed yesterday and assigned to the lead Defendant, Thomas Woodrow Thrash; the new civil action in the N.D.Ga is 1:11-CV-2027-TWT. The rules and the Code of Judicial Conduct prohibit a judge from presiding over a case in which he or she is a defendant, but TWT and the federal judges in Fulton County Georgia don’t give a big flying you-know-what about the rules and the law. They are criminals who do whatever pleases them. This latest removal is especially egregious because Defendant Christopher Huber was warned in advance of the specifics of his illegal and improper notices of removal. I then filed another illegal notice of removal. Defendants will probably try to do this again, so one of the most important reasons for the presiding judge to issue an immediate TRO is to stop this from happening. The presiding judge must stop these corrupt racketeers from moving this case to their Kangaroo Courts where the law, the facts, the truth, and justice are words without meaning.

I have learned that many employees of the federal courts in Fulton County Georgia are hopelessly corrupt. I learned the hard way by being sued for things I did not do and discovering that the federal courts here are a sham.


On August 29, 2005, my wife and I were eating dinner at the kitchen table. The doorbell rang and a process server handed me a ¾-inch thick lawsuit against me from Maid of the Mist, the people who do the boat rides at Niagara Falls. Every statement of alleged fact in the 50-paragraph verified complaint is false as to me. I call this 2005 lawsuit “MIST-1.”

I figured the case would be resolved quickly and the judge would punish the President of Maid of the Mist for perjury.

When Maid sued, they sued Alcatraz and me personally.  The lawsuit falsely and maliciously claimed that I operated my own business and did all types of things including theft and bribery.  Maid and Maid attorneys knew this was false.  Ruddy testified that I should not have been included in many of the sworn paragraphs in Glynn’s affidavit and verification.  Maid never produced any evidence to prove that Maid had any valid legal claim against me for anything.

When I became involved in all of this, I was very naïve.  I felt that the judicial system was fair and honest, so I was confident that the courts would vindicate us and put Christopher Glynn in jail for perjury for a long, long time. (Six years later, I know that our federal court system in Fulton County is totally corrupt.  I am not an attorney, but I have spent over 8,000 hours studying the law.)

On behalf of Alcatraz and myself, I filed a sworn response to Maid’s lawsuit stating under oath under penalty of perjury that everything Glynn had said was false.

In March 2006, Judge Orinda D. Evans was assigned to the case.  She read the two affidavits that were totally contradictory about the facts, and she granted the TRO to Maid.  Our attorney and I were shocked.

When a party to a lawsuit gets a TRO, they have to post a bond to cover the other party’s costs in the lawsuit if they lose.  We asked for $250,000.  Judge Evans only required $5,000.  It should have been over $1.5 million as it turns out.  Awarding such a ridiculously low bond was a signal of the bias of Judge Evans (something that judges are sworn not to have).

At first, I suspected that Judge Evans had an incompetent young law clerk who was making a mess of this.  I thought the judge just wasn’t paying attention.  It didn’t take long for me to discover that Judge Evans was simply a bad judge.  Then it didn’t take me long after that to begin organizing the proof that she was a dishonest, corrupt judge.

Every order that Judge Evans issued was against us.  Out of 40 contested motions, it was 40 for Maid of the Mist and zero for Alcatraz and me.  This was all due to the dishonesty of Judge Orinda D. Evans.

During the discovery period, we took depositions and obtained documents.  Our goal in all of this was to prove in THEIR WORDS that the verified complaint was totally false.  We succeeded.

46 of the 50 paragraphs were false or incorrect.  Proof to show that as many as 46 of the statements are false is set out on pages 364 to 553 of Dec #25 (MIST-1 Docket #462).

Glynn swore that his statements were his personal knowledge, but that was false.  Personal knowledge means the information is known from direct experience rather than hearing about it from someone else or making it up.  Glynn swore that everything in his affidavit was true and correct, but that was false.  In deposition testimony, Maid Marketing VP Timothy P. Ruddy testified that some of the statements in Glynn’s August 25, 2005 affidavit were not true.  In his deposition testimony, Controller Robert J. Schul testified that some of the statements in Glynn’s August 25, 2005 affidavit were not true.  Alcatraz, Bazzo, and I testified in depositions that statements in Glynn’s affidavit were not true at all, and we had a lot of proof in emails and letters.

In February 2007, Judge Orinda D. Evans gave us a short meeting in her chambers.  I informed her that we had documented proof of over 400 counts of perjury and that we had proven that the verified complaint was totally false.  She cut me off mid-sentence and refused to allow it to be discussed.

At this point, I felt for sure that she was corrupt.  But then she said a few things that caused our attorney and me to think we had won the case.  But as she had done many times before, she reversed herself or “forgot” those things later.  Any time we thought we prevailed on something, she ignored that and turned whatever it was against us.

Shortly after the February 7, 2007 meeting, Maid of the Mist filed two contracts under seal for an in camera inspection.  These were their contracts with the governments of Ontario and New York State.  We felt for sure that they would have vital information for our defense.  Judge Evans reviewed them and said they would not be provided to us.  That is supposed to mean they were not relevant to the case.

In early 2009, I obtained these documents through Freedom of Information Act requests from the two government parties. The documents proved to be essential to our case. The documents proved wrongdoing by Maid. The documents were undeniable documentary proof of fraud upon the court. The case should have been reopened, but Judge Evans and Maid have done everything imaginable to block access to those documents. Subpoenas were illegally quashed. Subpoenas were ignored. Requests for production were ignored, fought, and denied. Case law provides without any question that my motion to lift the seal should have been granted, but it was ignored for months and then denied on absolutely bogus grounds.

So, did Judge Evans obstruct justice by concealing these documents?

Did Maid file bogus documents?

Has the Clerk of the Court tampered with these documents?

I have evidence to indicate that all of the above are likely true.

All types of dishonesty by Maid of the Mist, their attorneys, and Judge Orinda D. Evans took place from 2005 to now.  It would just take way too long to recount it all.  But rest assured that I have it all documented.

Judge Evans issued a preliminary injunction without a hearing on “tortious interference.” A hearing is mandatory, but we were denied.

Tortious interference requires damages. There were none. Maid claimed $100 in damages from nine people who they claimed did not buy tickets for their boat ride. I obtained sworn affidavits from the nine people categorically denying what Maid claimed – they did buy tickets for the boat ride. Judge Evans ignored it and did nothing about it.

Denied discovery.

Denied the ability to even obtain the names and contact information for witnesses.

Denied the ability to conduct discovery with Canadians.

Denied access to the documents Maid withheld.

Denied depositions of witnesses we did identify.

Mediation was used to reduce discovery to essentially 30 days.

The next big development was motions for summary judgment.

If there is a “fact issue,” an important issue in the case that is disputed, there cannot be a summary judgment.

EVERYTHING was disputed in this case, so a summary judgment was impossible.

But you’ve already figured out what happened.  Judge Evans granted the summary judgment for Maid of the Mist and ordered Alcatraz and me to pay over $400,000 in Maid of the Mist’s legal fees.

To say that I was shocked was an understatement.  I read the order, and it was one false statement and lie after another.  The documents filed with the court proved her order was totally false.

There are over 200 FALSE STATEMENTS in the Summary Judgment Order. I have documented them all with citations to the record.

Judge Evans issued a summary judgment when the central fact issue was undeniably disputed. She did not find that I committed any wrongdoing, but she ordered me to pay $400,000 in the other side’s legal fees.

Alcatraz and I swore under oath at all times that Maid made up all of the sworn claims in the Verified Complaint and motion for injunctive relief in MIST-1. Judge Evans refused to even consider A&W’s charges of perjury, false sworn pleadings, and Rule 11 violations by Maid and Maid’s attorneys.  I documented all the lies with citations to the record.

We appealed the summary judgment order to the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals.  Naive me thought we would finally get this overturned and headed in the right direction.  But three judges rubber-stamped Judge Evans‘ order.  They TOTALLY ignored every error of law and fact raised by our attorneys.

I was flabbergasted.  I was literally sick for several weeks from it.  I worked closely with the attorneys and researched all of the appeal issues, so I knew the Eleventh Circuit had to overturn Judge Evans.

When I was able to think straight, I figured they supported their friend, Judge Evans, to protect her from indictment, conviction, and impeachment. I now know it is all a part of their corrupt racketeering enterprise.

So, on to The Supreme Court, I thought.  Our attorneys then educated me that The Supreme Court is no longer a court of appeals.  They don’t review actions of the appellate courts.  They decide if a case is interesting enough to them.  The odds of that in 2009 were 1 out of 100.  We were told it could cost us another $250,000 in legal fees if we went on, and we might be held responsible for Maid of the Mist’s legal fees since that had happened to us before.  That would mean $500,000 or more.

So, through clenched teeth, we reached an out-of-court settlement with Maid in December 2008 to stop the outrageous legal expense in MIST-1. Alcatraz and I refused to provide and did not provide general releases to Maid or Maid’s Attorneys.  We refused to provide releases because I was determined to go after them again.

I tried and tried to find an attorney to represent me, but no attorney was willing to sue a judge.  They felt the federal judges would ruin them if they did.

So, in April 2009, I began efforts (representing myself) to reopen the case pursuant to FRCP Rule 60(b) primarily due to fraud upon the courts. A major factor was the discovery of new evidence — the two contracts.

My task was simple; get the court to produce those documents, and we would get the case reopened and win.  The bad guys would go to prison, and the Windsors would live happily ever after.

Surprise, surprise, Judge Evans refused.  She began issuing perjury-filled orders.  I knew now that she was as corrupt as a judge could possibly be.

(One of the attorneys who refused to represent me out of fear of the judges gave me some advice.  He told me to appeal early and often, so I did.  As a result, I now have dozens of orders from Judge Evans, Judge Duffey, and the Eleventh Circuit.  This gives me dozens and dozens and dozens of documents that establish the dishonesty and corruption.)

Not to be blocked without a fight after Judge Evans tried to block my efforts, I subpoenaed Judge Evans!  This probably doesn’t happen very often.  Then some truly bizarre things happened.  Judge Evans filed a motion in her own court in my case. 

Judges can’t do that, but she did.  She hired the United States Attorney’s Office (the same people who are supposed to go after corrupt judges).  On June 3, 2009, the U.S. Attorney representing Judge Evans filed a motion to quash a subpoena for the deposition in MIST-1. [Pet.App.171 – Mandamus Affidavit #1 — “M-Aff #1”, ¶39.] [3] [Deposition Action Doc. 1.] [4]  The motion was referred to Judge William S. Duffey (“Judge Duffey”), and this created Civil Action 1:09-CV-01543-WSD (the “Deposition Action”).[5]

Judge Duffey had never had any dealings with me prior to the referral of the motion to quash.  I had never heard the name “Judge William S. Duffey” either.  There was no conference held, and there was no hearing held, despite my motions requesting both.[6]  On June 8, 2009, Judge Duffey stayed the properly subpoenaed deposition.[7]  Judge Duffey made a number of false statements in the stay order dated June 8, 2009.[8] The order was totally pro-Judge Evans, and it indicated that Judge Duffey may be biased.[9] I quickly realized his bias was terminal.

On June 30, 2009, an Order to Quash the Deposition of Judge Evans was issued by Judge Duffey.[16] [17] The order described me as “scurrilous and irresponsible.”  The legal definition of scurrilous is “evil.”  The legal definition of irresponsible is “mentally or financially incapable.”  I am neither scurrilous nor irresponsible!

This was written by a man who did not know me, had never even seen me, and who made such a statement and decision based solely on my three uncontroverted sworn affidavits.  In 2009, there were zero (0) affidavits filed by Maid in MIST-1, the Deposition Action, or MIST-2.  So, my testimony and evidence stood alone as the record before the court.[18]

The only explanation for this slander is that Judge Duffey was predisposed to bias against me because I had the audacity to try to depose Judge Evans to obtain information that was available only from Judge Evans that I desperately needed to reopen the case in MIST-1.[19] 

There is nothing scurrilous and irresponsible in the three affidavits that Judge Duffey had before him when he entered the June 30, 2009 order – Dec #29, Dec #35, and Dec #34.

On July 27, 2009, I filed Civil Action No. 1:09-CV-02027-WSD (“MIST-2”), an independent action in equity for fraud upon the court and RICO.[20] 

On July 28, 2009, when I was told by the District Court Clerk’s Office that Judge Duffey (the judge who called me “scurrilous and irresponsible”) would be presiding in MIST-2, I immediately went home and prepared a Motion to Recuse Judge Duffey and a Motion for Change of Venue. 

I returned later in the day and filed.[21]

On July 30, 2009, a TRO Hearing was held. Judge Duffey denied the motion.[22] Judge Duffey distributed an order on my motions regarding service of process on Canadian defendants, representation, motion to change venue, and motion to recuse. All were denied.[23]  

Judge Duffey was antagonistic and biased in the hearing.  Details of this are provided in the Transcript of the Temporary Restraining Order Hearing.[24]  False statements in the July 30, 2009 order are listed in the Affidavit of Prejudice.[25]

On August 4, 2009, I filed an Emergency Motion to Recuse Judge Duffey.  I advised Judge Duffey that I would seek a Writ of Mandamus if there was not a prompt response.  This motion appears on the MIST-2 Docket as a “Motion for Leave” because Judge Duffey ordered that I must first submit proposed motions to him with a request for approval to file.[26]  This motion was pursuant to 28 U.S.C.§144.  The filing included an Affidavit of Prejudice[27] and a 28 U.S.C.§144 Certificate of Good Faith.[28]

On August 10, 2009, I filed a Petition for a Writ of Mandamus with the Eleventh Circuit seeking to have Judge Duffey disqualified.[29]  The Affidavit of Prejudice[30] and a 28 U.S.C.§144 Certificate of Good Faith[31] were included as exhibits.  On September 17, 2009, the Eleventh Circuit denied the Petition for a Writ of Mandamus.[33]

At some point during all this, I took my first petition for writ of certiorari (appeal) to The Supreme Court.  The Supreme Court decided it was “not worthy” of their consideration.  I spelled out the fraud and corruption for them, but they ignored it.

Like the Energizer Bunny, I just kept going.  Every order issued by Judge Evans and Judge Duffey was not valid based upon the facts or the law.  They were totally corrupt.  The judges didn’t make mistakes.  They were intentionally committing crimes to try to stop me.

I reported all of this to the United States Attorney (same one who represents Judge Evans), the FBI, the Justice Department, every member of the House and Senate Judiciary Committees, and many others.  No one would do anything!  They completely ignored me.

So, I sued them.  I prepared everything and flew to Washington, DC to file there as I thought I would find honest judges in the shadow of The Capitol and The Supreme Court.  I ran right smack dab into Judge Richard J. Leon.  He proved to be just as corrupt. 

He dismissed my case on bogus grounds and did a lot of nasty stuff to me.  At this point, I started to realize that the corruption in our federal courts may be everywhere.  I don’t know that yet, but from the reports I have gotten from people all over the country, I suspect it is true.  We have a Constitutional Crisis on our hands.  The federal judges have hijacked the Constitution, and they are holding us all hostage.

I continued my efforts in Judge Evans‘ court and Judge Duffey‘s court, and they lied and cheated me every step of the way.  I appealed just about everything to the Eleventh Circuit, and they lied and cheated me every step of the way.  In fact, in 62 pages of orders (perhaps 25 orders) from the Eleventh Circuit, they never ever, even once, addressed ANY of my points or error or law.  They ignored the facts and what the law actually provides and ruled against me in one sentence orders much of the time.

The abuse has escalated.  Judge Evans found me in contempt of court.  She warned me that “You are playing with fire.”  She threatened to put me in jail.  She fined me.  She hit me with more legal fees.  Lying every step of the way.  Violating the law again and again and again.  Same for Dishonest Duffey.  He’s just as bad — maybe worse — a real snake.  Most of his lies are proven with documents that he pretends do not exist.

I was found in contempt in April 2010 for filing the DC lawsuit pursuant to FRCP Rule 60(d) – an independent action in equity to set aside judgments and orders in MIST-1 and MIST-2. Judge Evans’ outrageous contempt order was that res judicata prohibited me from filing the DC Action.

Res judicata applies to any causes of action that existed at the time the original complaint was filed in August 2005, so it did not apply. Res judicata requires that the parties are the same, which they were not. Res judicata requires more…none of which was applicable. I provided many thousands of cases, but Judge Evans simply made stuff up and issued a ridiculous order.

She awarded criminal sanctions, but I was never granted any criminal due process as required by Fed. Rules of Criminal Procedure.

I was ordered to dismiss my lawsuit against her and against Maid and their attorneys. I have probably now lost the ability to pursue them due to the statute of limitations, and many other rights will be lost come October unless I get some relief somewhere.

In April 2010, I was ordered to pay approximately $300,000 in legal fees to maid for motions that I filed in 2009 during 217 days in which Judge Evans ignored EVERYTHING. I filed 30-some-odd requests for conferences or hearings saying I needed to be heard and needed to know what the judge wanted to do about various things. I stressed repeatedly that I did not want to violate anything or do anything that the judge didn’t like.

I have NEVER been granted a hearing.

After 217 days, she denied all of my motions and all of Maid’s except one, and she denied attorneys’ fees.

For months later, after no appeal, she awarded attorneys’ fees.

I was not given the ability to call witnesses, cross-examine witnesses, or submit evidence.

Judge Duffey and Judge Evans have taken the unbelievable corrupt acts to a new level.  They have the Clerk of the Court doing all types of things.  My filings magically disappear.  I presented a new lawsuit to be filed, and they refuse to file it.  There is no legal right whatsoever for them to do this, but there is nowhere to turn.

I filed three Petitions for Writ of mandamus with the US Supreme Court.  One each to disqualify Judge Orinda D. Evans, Judge William S. Duffey, and one for the seven corrupt judges who I had identified at the Eleventh Circuit.

I asked The Supreme Court whether they will stop federal judges from voiding the Constitution.  I have asked them whether they will expose the corruption in the federal courts.  I have asked them whether federal judges may continue to ignore the facts, ignore the law, and violate the Constitutional rights of the people who appear as parties in their courts.

I prayed that they would have the guts to blow the corruption wide open, but they are all products of the same corrupt system, so I was shocked but not surprised that the Supreme Court issued three rulings on January 18, 2011 that allow federal judges to continue to violate the Constitution, treat it as if it doesn’t exist, and ignore the law and the facts.

Judges are supposed to tell the truth at all times, but these judges have made false statements routinely.  These were material false statements made under the judges’ oath of office in a federal proceeding.  These judges knew statements that they made were false.

Judges are supposed to provide due process to the parties in their courts, but I have had just about every form of due process denied.  I have not been allowed to present evidence, call witnesses, cross examine witnesses, have an impartial judge, and much more.

These judges routinely ignored the facts and the law and even invented their own facts.[43]  These judges have made rulings that are absolutely contrary to the law.

I managed to reach the Fulton County Grand Jurors despite every effort by the DA’s Office to stop me. I believe the Fulton County District Attorney wrongfully interfered with my efforts.

I decided my only hope was to file an action in Fulton County Superior Court because these crimes have all been committed right here. I went by the book and notified all of the Defendants that I was seeking a TRO.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office then filed Notices of Removal. Totally illegal, but it deprived you and other judges of jurisdiction. They move the case to their corrupt courts. Thomas Woodrow Thrash immediately issued orders denying me the ability to file motions, declaring that my case was frivolous (based solely on my sworn affidavits), etc.

So here we are today.

Over the last six years, I have gained 50 pounds. I have lost most of my hair. I have lost the ability to read and after four eye surgeries can now read only sporadically unless using experimental glasses or a giant computer screen at least 30-inches from my face. I suffer from anxiety that requires medication. My wife has terminal diarrhea and has been on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Our nice, quiet life has turned into an ongoing nightmare.

Upon information and belief, the only explanation for why Judge Evans ruled as she did is that she accepted bribes and/or did favors for the attorneys for the MIST-1 Plaintiffs for some other reason. The motivation of the other racketeers may be money, or it may simply be to protect all of their ability to operate criminally.

I have massive proof of the wrongdoing.

I believe a key to blowing this racketeering wide open is with testimony from former employees of the Defendants who are honest people who will be less likely to lie under oath.

My case is just one of thousands.  I have dozens of people prepared to testify about what the Defendants have done to them, and once we contact many of the pro se parties who have appeared before these Defendant Judges, we may have thousands to testify.

I believe the problem is nationwide, and I pray that the citizens of Fulton County Georgia will be the ones responsible for cleaning up America and returning justice to our courts.


  1. Unless Defendants are enjoined from committing certain acts, Windsor will suffer immediate and irreparable harm. The harm suffered by Windsor far exceeds any inconvenience that would be caused to Defendants. The equities clearly balance in Windsor’s favor; he has no adequate remedy at law. 
  2. Georgia law provides that this and all courts must consider requests for temporary relief either, with or without notice to the other parties, when justified by the facts. Windsor has previously given notice, and he has suffered harm in so doing because the notice allows the Defendants to commit the acts that Windsor seeks to restrain. Windsor needs protection now.otion for interlocutory injunction or a TRO is an extraordinary motion, which is time sensitive, unlike other motions, because it seeks to preserve the status quo until a full hearing can be held to avoid irreparable harm.” Focus Entertainment International, Inc., v. Partridge Greene, Inc. (253 Ga. App. 121) (558 SE2d 440) (2001). This Court must grant Windsor an immediate hearing on this request for a TRO. This Court must not deny this request without a hearing.
  3. This Court must issue a TRO to block the racketeers from removing this action to a federal court as they illegally did with 2011CV200857 and 2011CV200971. Windsor will be irreparably harmed if they are allowed to remove this action and then operate their enterprise to deny Windsor any and all rights and damage him.
  4. The NOTICES OF REMOVAL in 2011CV200857, 2011CV200971, and 2011CV202263 were improper and defective. Windsor’s Motion to Vacate Removal filed in 2011CV200857 is attached as Exhibit 1 and is incorporated herein. Windsor’s Motion to Deny Removal in 2011CV200971 is attached as Exhibit 2 and is incorporated herein. The Defendants must be blocked from doing this again.
  5. Windsor has been advised that there is an alleged plot to have him killed. Windsor and his wife have experienced strange events involving the police, U.S. Marshals, and unknown others. This Court must issue a TRO that will theoretically block the Defendants from harming Windsor.
  6. Windsor’s experience with many of the Defendants is that they are terminally dishonest. This Court must issue a TRO that will theoretically block the Defendants from destroying evidence and committing other illegal and dishonest acts to damage Windsor.
  7. A Temporary Restraining Order and Interlocutory Injunction will prevent additional harm to Windsor and cause no harm to the Defendant
  8. Defendants must be temporarily RESTRAINED and preliminarily and permanently enjoined from issuing Writs of Execution in Georgia without proper issuance and notice of judgments. The Defendants are obligated to comply with Georgia law regarding Writs of Execution. This TRO request is merely to require that the Defendants abide by the law in the future.
  9. Defendants must be temporarily RESTRAINED and preliminarily and permanently enjoined from further actions that violate the law and Windsor’s rights, pending further order of the Court.
  10. The Defendants must be temporarily RESTRAINED and preliminarily and permanently enjoined from prohibiting any access to the courts by William M. Windsor or anyone working with him or on his behalf and are RESTRAINED from enforcing any injunctions or filing restrictions issued in the N.D.Ga or 11th Cir., pending further order of the Court.
  11. Defendants must be temporarily RESTRAINED and preliminarily and permanently enjoined from destroying any evidence or erasing or modifying any information on any computers relevant in any way to Windsor, Alcatraz Media, LLC, Alcatraz Media, Inc., or any of the Defendants related to any civil action in which Windsor is or has been involved. Windsor has sworn that documents have disappeared. Windsor believes documents have been altered and filing dates have been improperly manipulated.
  12. Windsor should be granted law enforcement protection whenever he must visit the Fulton County Courthouse or the federal courthouses and federal buildings in Fulton County, Georgia.


  1. Defendants’ practices of concealing and possibly destroying evidence will do irreparable harm to Windsor.   Deprivation of constitutional rights is clearly irreparable harm. (Johnson v. Mortham, 926 F. Supp. 1540, 1543 (S.D. Fla 1996) (“Deprivation of a fundamental right…constitutes irreparable harm.”) Covino v. Patrissis, 967 F.2d 73, 77 (2d Cir. 1992).)
  2. Moreover, the continued actions of Defendants will be devastating to Windsor.
  3. Windsor has no adequate remedy at law, and has, and is continuing to suffer, irreparable harm.
  4. Such imminent harm is impossible to quantify and, thus, would cause irreparable injury and establishes that there is no adequate remedy at law.

A TRO WILL BE No Burden to the Defendants

  1. Being prohibited from illegal activities will be no burden at all to the Defendants.
  2. Being prohibited from destroying any evidence will be no burden at all to the Defendants.
  3. The balance of equities is an important factor in a court’s decision as to whether it should grant a temporary injunction. When, through the issuance of an injunction, the moving party will avoid greater harm than the non-moving party will suffer, the balance of equities will be found to rest with the moving party. (Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority v. Wallace, 243 Ga. 491, 493, 254 S.E. 2d 822, 823 (1979). It is a device “to keep the parties in order, and prevent one from hurting the other whilst their respective rights are under adjudication.” Lee v. Environmental Pest & Termite Control, Inc., 271 Ga. 371, 373, 516 S.E. 2d 76 (1999) (quoting Price v. Empire Land Co., 218 Ga. 80, 85,126 S.E.2d 626 (1962)).)
  4. This Court has the power to restrain by injunction acts that are “illegal or contrary to equity and good conscience and or which no adequate remedy is provided at law.” See Lively v. Grinstead, 210 Ga. 361, 364, 80 S.E. 2d 316, 318 (1954) (“equity by writ of injunction will restrain any act which is . . . contrary to equity in good conscience and for which no adequate remedy at law is provided”).

WINDSOR is Highly Likely to Succeed on the Merits

  1. Windsor has proven the facts necessary to be meritorious in this Civil Action. Detailed evidence has been filed in the Verified Complaint. A jury is going to throw the book at the Defendants. Windsor is being injured; that injury will be irreparable if the injunction does not issue; and Windsor has no adequate remedy at law.

To be entitled to permanent injunctive relief from a constitutional violation, a plaintiff must first establish the fact of the violation. (Rizzo v. Goode, 423 U.S. 362, 377, 96 S.Ct. 598, 607, 46 L.Ed.2d 561 (1976).) He must then demonstrate the presence of two elements: continuing irreparable injury if the injunction does not issue, and the lack of an adequate remedy at law. (Beacon Theatres, Inc. v. Westover, 359 U.S. 500, 506, 79 S.Ct. 948, 954, 3 L.Ed.2d 988 (1959).)



  1. The public must be vitally interested that people involved in the judicial process in Georgia must abide by the laws of the state. The public needs to be protected from people like the Defendants. The Public will be well served by restrictions on the acts that the Defendants used to damage Windsor and others. There is nothing in the relief requested that would harm the public interest in any way. It will accomplish just the opposite.


  1. If necessary, pursuant to O.C.G.A. § 9-11-65, Windsor will certify to the court, in writing, by the verification of this motion, the efforts that have been made to give notice to the Defendants. Windsor is, however, asking that this Motion for TRO be considered on an ex parte basis.


When attorney’s file actions seeking temporary restraining orders, they are given the opportunity to present their arguments to the judge. Windsor is pro se, and he demands this right of due process. Windsor has already been treated as a different class of litigant by Mr. Thrash, and he has been denied equal protection. Windsor has a Constitutional guarantee that he will not be denied protections under the law that are enjoyed by attorneys, but Mr. Thrash has violated Windsor’s Constitutional rights. Mr. Thrash has also denied due process.

Windsor must be granted a TRO Hearing and Preliminary Injunction Hearing. Exhibit 4 is a Proposed Order. Exhibit 5 is an Affidavit of Windsor.


Windsor has shown that he will suffer irreparable harm if his Motion is not granted. Windsor has shown that a grant of his Motion will not burden the Defendants, that Windsor is likely to succeed on the merits, and that the public interest is served in a grant of the Motion. For the foregoing reasons, the Windsor’s Motion must be granted. Windsor’s Petition is Verified.

WHEREFORE, Windsor respectfully requests that this Court enter an order restraining or enjoining the Defendants as follows:

  1. that a hearing will be immediately scheduled on the Motion for Temporary Restraining Order;
  2. that the Motion for Temporary Restraining Order be GRANTED;
  3. that Defendants are compelled to produce to the Plaintiff, within 5 days, all Notices of Electronic Filing (“NEFs”) in Civil Action No. 1:06-CV-0714-ODE, Civil Action No. 1:09-CV-01543-WSD, Civil Action No. 1:09-CV-02027-WSD, Civil Action No. 1:11-CV-1922-TWT, Civil Action No. 1:11-CV-1923-TWT, and Civil Action No. 1:11-CV-02027-TWT in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Georgia or related appeals in the United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit;
  4. that Defendants are compelled to produce to the Plaintiff, within 3 business days, the documents filed as Docket #168 in Civil Action No. 1:06-CV-0714-ODE;
  5. that Defendants be temporarily RESTRAINED and preliminarily and permanently enjoined from taking any action in an attempt to remove this Civil Action to federal court;
  6. that Defendants be temporarily RESTRAINED and preliminarily and permanently enjoined from issuing Writs of Execution in Georgia without proper issuance and notice of judgments;
  7. that Defendants be temporarily RESTRAINED and preliminarily and permanently enjoined from further actions in the N.D.Ga or 11th Cir. involving Windsor that violate the law and Windsor’s rights, pending further order of the Court;
  8. that the Defendants be temporarily RESTRAINED and preliminarily and permanently enjoined from prohibiting any access to the courts by William M. Windsor or anyone working with him or on his behalf and are RESTRAINED from enforcing any injunctions or filing restrictions issued in the N.D.Ga or 11th Cir., pending further order of the Court; 
  9. that all Defendants be hereby temporarily RESTRAINED and preliminarily and permanently enjoined from destroying any evidence or erasing or modifying any information on any computers relevant in any way to Windsor, Alcatraz Media, LLC, Alcatraz Media, Inc., or any of the Defendants related to Civil Action No. 1:06-CV-0714-ODE, Civil Action No. 1:09-CV-01543-WSD, Civil Action No. 1:09-CV-02027-WSD, Civil Action No. 1:11-CV-01922-TWT, Civil Action No. 1:11-CV-01923-TWT, and Civil Action No. 1:11-CV-2027-TWT, in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Georgia, pending further order of the Court;
  10. that the Defendants shall be prohibited from engaging in any enterprise in violation of O.C.G.A. § 16-14-4;
  11. that a preliminary injunction hearing will be scheduled within 30 days of the issuance of the order on this Motion;
  12. that Windsor may immediately conduct depositions and discovery prior to the preliminary injunction hearing;
  13. that the Defendants shall be prohibited from engaging in any plans to have Windsor killed and that a Protective Order will be issued to provide protection to Windsor from bodily hard by any of the Defendants or people acting in their behalf; and
  14. that Windsor will be given law enforcement protection whenever he must visit the Fulton County Courthouse or the federal courthouses and federal buildings in Fulton County, Georgia.


(Secret for now)

This TRO must be granted.

William M. Windsor

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