U.S. Attorney tries to Stop Windsor from filing any Lawsuit in any Court in America


U.S. Attorney tries to Stop me from filing any Lawsuit in any Court in America.

This is Sally Quillian Yates, U.S. Attorney and a corrupt federal official.  She is being assisted in this effort by corrupt Assistant U.S. Attorney, Christopher Huber.

A motion was filed in federal court by these extremely dishonest people.  It was filed in the court of another corrupt federal official, Thomas Woodrow Thrash.  Trash is a federal judge who violates the law to damage people like me.

Here’s the Motion filed by the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

I have a lawsuit pending against Sally Quillian Yates and Christopher Huber.  They have been representing the corrupt federal judges in Atlanta, and thye have ignored their legal obligations to pursue criminal charges against the crooked federal judges.  Yates and Huber are excellent examples of the perverted, corrupt, slime that cheat Americans while pretending to be law enforcement officers.

Can you imagine the audacity to try to stop me, or anyone, from filing any lawsuit in any court anywhere in America?  Sally Quillian Yates and Christopher Huber are crooks.  I hope and pray that they get what’s coming to them — indictment, conviction, and prison.  I imagine there will be a lot of people in prison who were sent there by these corrupt government employees.  I bet they’ll be delighted to see them.

In this Motion filed by the U.S. Attorney, everything that they say about my other legal experiences is false.  That’s the whole purpose of my lawsuit against these people; they run a criminal racketeering operation here in Atlanta.

They have filed this Motion as a way to try to stop me from leading then 8,000+ people who have registered with me and are following this cause to stop judicial corruption.

The bad news is that Trash or one of his corrupt federal judge friends will probably illegally issue an order banning me from filing any lawsuit anywhere.  I doubt that I will honor any order that is issued because the judge will not have jurisdiction to issue such an order.

William M. Windsor

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