Two-year-old Dead after Juvenile Court Judge Wade Naramore leaves him in hot car for four hours


Two-year-old dead after Juvenile Court Judge Wade Naramore leaves him in hot car for four hours.

On Friday July 24, 2015, the Hot Springs Arkansas Fire Department and ambulances responded to a call of a toddler being left in a hot car.

When they arrived he was unresponsive. 

They attempted to revive him but were unsuccessful. 

Tragically the child, Thomas Naramore, the son of Garland County circuit judge Wade Naramore, was pronounced dead at the scene.


Judge Wade Naramore claimed that he picked the child up from daycare that day and somehow left him in the vehicle for a whopping FOUR HOURS.

The (not so honorable) Judge Wade Naramore claims that he was “Under a lot of stress.”



So far no charges have been brought against JUDGE Wade Naramore, and the Hot Springs Police Department says they will conduct a thorough investigation and the body will be sent to the State Crime Lab to determine the cause of death.

While this is a mistake that anyone can make, anyone who is not in a position of authority, such as Judge Wade Naramore, would be in jail awaiting trial as I write this.

Friends of the Naramore family, and various people of the police apologist mindset, have taken to social media to ask that we all pray for him and his family, a sharp contrast from the usual lynch mob mentality that usually accompanies crimes of this nature.

Judge Wade Naramore admittedly left the child in the car for four hours, which amounts to a confession of negligent homicide, yet he remains a free man.

A Georgia just two weeks ago left his girlfriend’s child alone in a hot vehicle and was arrested as soon as he returned to the scene.   Just yesterday a woman in Bakersfield, California left her child in a hot vehicle for only 30 minutes and was arrested at the scene.  In Surprise, Arizona on July 4, 2015, a mother is facing charges after leaving her child in a hot vehicle while she shopped at WalMart.

Deaths from children being left in cars are fairly rare with an average of 37 per year in the United States.

Local residents of Garland County are calling for Judge Wade Naramore to be charged with Negligent Homicide. If you are as disgusted with this hypocrisy as we are, then we are asking that you contact the prosecuting attorney and tell them you want charges filed. The Garland County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office can be reached here. Eighteenth East Judicial District 501 Ouachita Avenue Hot Springs, AR 71901 Phone: 501-622-3720 Fax: (501) 622-3797 Email:



The Stanley Family Case In an ironic turn of events Judge Naramore also happens to be the judge who presided over the Stanley family case earlier this year, which made national headlines when their seven children were removed from the home over allegations which were never proven. Here is the original story. The children were removed over the family possessing a supplement known as MMS a legal water purification treatment. The supplement was not even removed during the search of the home.

Judge Wade Naramore issued a gag order on the Stanley family in an attempt to silence them. He claimed it was for the protection of the children but as we see in the above picture it was merely to protect the local sheriffs department’s lies from being exposed. He later lied to a local reporter stating that he did not issue the gag order, in an attempt to protect his reputation. After the story drew national attention, Judge Wade Narramore later returned custody of the four younger children, leaving the three older children in state custody where they were allowed to live at home with 20 hours a week DHS supervision in the home. So as the facts show, the Honorable Judge Wade Naramore is anything but honorable.

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HOT SPRINGS, Ark. (AP) — Police say an 18-month-old boy found dead in a hot vehicle in Arkansas last week was the son of a juvenile court judge.

The Hot Springs Police Department said Monday it was conducting a criminal investigation. It says the boy’s death was likely due to “excessive heat.”

The boy’s father is Circuit Judge Wade Naramore. A statement released on the family’s behalf by a family friend Sunday night called the death a “tragic accident.”

The Hot Springs Sentinel Record reported Monday that an official cause of death wouldn’t be released until toxicology reports are ready in a few weeks.

Police Cpl. McCrary Means said Naramore and others have spoken with police about the death.

The local prosecutor has asked to recuse himself. Naramore is a former Garland County deputy prosecutor.


Arkansas: 2-Year- Old Son Of Circuit Court Judge Dies After Being Left In Hot Car
Thomas Naramore, two-year-old son of Circuit Court Judge Wade Naramore, died Friday afternoon after being left in a hot car.  Officials say no arrests have been made.

Officials state that ambulances were called to Fair Oaks Place, which is just a few blocks from Judge Wade Naramore’s home. Paramedics attempted to resuscitate the 2-year-old, but the child did not make it, reports THV TV 11.

Jeff Saunders, shift commander of the fire department, told media that when crews arrived it was already too late

“You always seem to put yourself in that same spot if that were to happen to you, and that’s just something that you can’t imagine,” said Saunders.

Research shows that when body temperatures reach 107 degrees the individual’s organs begin to shut down. A child’s body heats up five times faster than adults.

Saunders said that it is vital that one calls 911 immediately if they see a child locked inside of a hot car.

“Force your way into the vehicle. I would definitely do that, you’re going to save a life if you do.”

So far no suspects have been named in the toddler’s death, reports KATV.

To avoid tragedies like this, Captain Jason Weaver of the Little Rock Fire Department advises, “Set up precautions, just be careful. Everybody’s patterns change because the children are out of school and some of the moms and dads aren’t used to having the children with them. They’re used taking them to school and dropping them off and now they’re carrying them around with them.”

Temperatures in Hot Springs reached 101 degrees on Friday.

“Temperatures inside the vehicles on a sunny day increases really rapid and it gets really hot inside those cars,” Weaver explains. “It can jump 20 to 30 degrees within the first ten minutes of being in the sun.”

Captain Weaver says that parents should leave something important like their, phone, purse or wallet beside their child’s car seat that way when exiting the car you won’t forget your child is in the back seat.

The toddler’s death is the first possible child heat stroke related death in the state of Arkansas so far this year and the 11th in the nation.

The toddler’s body was sent to the Arkansas State Crime Lab to determine the cause of death. An autopsy was performed on Sunday. It is unknown how long it will take to get the results back.

[Photos via KATV 7 screen shot and FYI Arkansas Facebook page]



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