Today’s Corruption Headlines — April 22, 2011


Judicial corruption and government corruption are in the news daily across America.  Unfortunately, most corruption isn’t being reported.  Many judges and government officials are dishonest and hide their corrupt practices.  Here are some of the Corruption headlines for TODAY…


 April 22, 2011:

Ohio Supreme Court Justice charged with DUI

Orange County California loses $4.9 Million Lawsuit Challenge over Lying Social Workers

115 U.S. Congress Members involved in Scandals and Corruption

Judge Claims Wife ‘Fell From Deck’ but Wife says she was Assaulted 

San Fernando California Police Officer arrested in connection with Massacre of 145 People

Bryan Texas Police Officer arrested for Indecent Exposure

April 21, 2011:

U.S. Senator John Ensign from Nevada announces Resignation amid Ethics InvestigationU.S. Senator John Ensign from Nevada announces Resignation amid Ethics Investigation

Former Texas Correctional Officer Sentenced on Conviction Arising from Inmate Beating and Subsequent Cover-Up

Portland Oregon Jury awards $82,000 after Woman is arrested when asking Police for a Business Card

Former El Paso County Texas District Clerk Gilbert Sanchez and Lawyer, former County Judge, County Attorney and State Representative Luther Jones Guilty of Conspiracy and Public Corruption

 Woman who was taken to Jail from bed while wearing only a T-shirt sues Portland Oregon Police

Former Chairman of Taylor, Bean & Whitaker, Lee Bentley Farkas,  Convicted for $2.9 Billion Fraud Scheme That Contributed to the Failure of Alabama’s Colonial Bank

9,000 Government Officials in the U.S. are found Guilty of Corruption EACH YEAR!

WE are the only ones who can do anything about the corruption.


William M. Windsor

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