Police ‘Involvement’ in Conservatorship Issues?


Judge Aviva K. Bobb

Police arrests in fragile environments, usually involving seniors, violate everything from moral sense to the UN Human Rights Declaration…

I stood at the Probate clerk’s window at Redlands court, craning my neck to read the top sheet of a thick stack of papers which faced away from me.

The page was stamped in large, bold letters “CONFIDENTIAL.” That alone was enough to get my attention.

And the clerk was in the back, digging through boxes to find a file I had requested, and had left me alone with the documents, albeit somewhat out of my reach.

As I read upside down, I realized that this was a police notification concerning escaped “human property,” a conservatee. A conservatee is someone with no legal rights, and one had just escaped the confines of his genteel prison and was on the loose.

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