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Surprise Surprise – Corrupt Ellis County Texas District Attorney Patrick Wilson is Hunting for Bill Windsor

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Surprise!  Surprise!  Corrupt Ellis County Texas District Attorney Patrick Wilson has scheduled a hearing at 1:30 pm tomorrow in Waxahachie, Texas WITHOUT notice to me.

I heard about it from someone who happened to see it on the docket.

I won’t be there….

I am guessing that the corrupt District Attorney Patrick Wilson received a packet from the Montana Governor.

He will try to claim that it is the Governor’s Warrant.  It isn’t.  The Texas Governor must review it and sign a Texas Governor’s Warrant.  But corrupt Ellis County Texas District Attorney Patrick Wilson  doesn’t let the law get in the way.  This is a disease that afflicts many of the prosecutors in America.

I called Judge Cindy Ermatinger’s clerk, Melissa, and told her that I had received no notice of the hearing and that I was unable to attend in person.  I told her that I will attend by telephone, and I will be in another state.

Things could get exciting.  My Personal Recognizance Bond only requires that I return to Ellis County on January 21, 2015 or turn myself in up in Missoula, Montana prior to that hearing.


William M. Windsor


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