Stay Away from Georgia! If you live in Georgia, MOVE


Stay away from Georgia.  Don’t even visit.  If you live here, MOVE!  

You risk your life and everything you own and hold dear if you spend any time in Georgia.

Georgia is Home of THE Most Corrupt Legal and Judicial Systems in America….



I am very, very sorry to say that I was born in Georgia, and I live here…for now.

If it were not for two granddaughters who are the light of our lives, my wife and I would be on the first bus out of town, and we’d never come back.

You have absolutely no legal rights in Georgia.  From my personal, first-hand experience, law enforcement personnel are corrupt, district attorneys are corrupt, state judges are corrupt, and federal judges and federal judicial personnel are corrupt on steroids.

You can read all about the corruption on

The only problem with moving is that I believe the legal and judicial corruption is everywhere in America.  Wyoming is a possibility.  Utah is a possibility, though you’re probably screwed if you aren’t a Mormon.  I’ve always had a special fondness for people from Minnesota, but I understand their system is extremely corrupt.  The only place I know where one could move to avoid legal and judicial corruption is the UK.  We lived there for two years, and they just don’t have lawsuits, and the police seem decent.  If anyone knows a decent country, please let me know so I can share it with others.

I would love to think that we could fix America, but millions of Americans will have to wake up first.  I’m just afraid that will never happen.

William M. Windsor

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