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Special Day of Filming in South Dakota for Lawless America…The Movie

lawless america marty sd 11th august 2012 master-200w

Saturday, August 11, 2012 will be a very special day of filming for Lawless America…The Movie.

Filming will take place on the reservation of the Yankton Sioux Four Yankton Sioux men will be featured in filming for Lawless America…The Movie.

This will be a truly special day as lawless America works with victims and the tribe to try to get four wrongly-convicted men out of prison after 18 years.

The Rouse, Feather and Hubbeling families of the Yankton Reservation will share their collective story of legal injustice.  Four members of the Yankton Sioux Tribe were convicted 18 years ago of child sexual abuse, with the alleged victims being members of their immediate families.

The four convicted men are Jesse Rouse, Desmond Rouse, Garfield Feather and Russell Hubbeling.

The children involved were removed from their families, despite their eligibility under the Indian Child Welfare Act for intervention by the tribe.  Several of the children have grown up separated from family, severing crucial cultural ties.

Lucretia Rouse, one of the alleged victims, has come forth in the past couple of years, speaking out about how her testimony was no less than coerced and outright fabricated.  Rouse maintains that the allegations against her relatives are false and that their convictions are wrong.

Many members of the tribe will be interviewed on camera.

Esteban Garcia, a man who has worked to get 122 innocent people out of prison, has agreed to take the case.  In 1983, Esteban became the first Texas inmate ever allowed by the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals to represent another inmate in a murder case and won.  Thirty-six years later, he is the founder and CEO of the Texas/Missouri Writ Writer’s Association, two non-profit legal aid organizations, and director of the 2012 FREEDOM TOUR MINISTRY which travels to prisons and jails all over the U.S.

The Yankton Sioux are making this a major event.  For a VERY SPECIAL DAY, I encourage you to join us in Pickstown, South Dakota — Marty Community Building and Fort Randall Casino, 10 miles W. of Wagner, SD or three miles E. of Pickstown, SD on Hwy. 46, Pickstown, SD 57367, 605-487-7871.  I anticipate that this will be a day that none of us will ever forget.

Anna James and others are heavily promoting this event.

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