Government and judges use claims of mentally ill to interfere with folks battling corruption


As I travel around the country, I am shocked and appalled by the number of people I meet who have been sent for psych evaluations or committed to mental institutions because they are fighting injustice and corruption.

If it hasn”t happened to you, beware.  It is obviously one of the techniques that corrupt officials use to damage those battling corruption. 

Bridgette Davidson in Texas carries documents with her at all times that certify her sanity.  She fears that the government is going to try to stick her in a mental institution to damage her and quiet her:

In 2007, I visited the Killeen Police Department to report harassment.  They claimed I was crazy and placed me in Austin State Mental Hospital, only to cover-up on-going’s with a family member in Killeen, Texas.

In March of 2007, I was found competent by the Staff (ASMH) and the Judge, and I was released.

Shortly, thereafter, I was arrested due to the monitor‚Äôs false assumption that I was leaving the area, all the while, my daughter and I was traveling to Waco for a scheduled visit with the Supervise Release Officer.  After arriving there, a warrant was issued, and I circulated in maximum security for three years (Mental Health Ward 2 1/2 years).

On February 4, 2010, I was release from prison and placed on Supervised Release.  According to the Sentencing Order, there was no supervised release ordered. WA:10-cr-00149(1)-WSS-. 6mths and No Supervise Release noted in the order ( Appeals: Rule 35, erroneous sentence, 28-2255 ineffective counsel, plain error, Coran Nobis- Plain Error, Appeal SR). No prior record.

Further, the Statue of limitation on the said to be crime had expired.

On December 1, 2010, I was arrested again for a said to be supervised release violation, again a false charge, submitted by the SRO.  Placing me in jail to benefit someone else.  Again, competency was questioned.

In February of 2011, found competent by the Department of Veteran Affairs, with no further issues.  During this time, I lost several contracts and had to close both businesses.

Current status Socio-Economic Deprived, Unemployed.{jcomments on}



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