Sometimes We Can’t See the Trees for the Forest – Infamous Words of Bill Windsor


Sometimes We Can’t See the Trees for the Forest – Infamous Words of Bill Windsor

You’ve undoubtedly heard the expression “can’t see the forest for the trees.”

I’ve used that from time to time. But I have more often used my own expression – “can’t see the trees for the forest.”

I find that many of us get so boggled by the big picture that we miss the important things that are there — but we just don’t see them or focus on them. Think about it. When you gaze out on a beautiful forest, are you looking at all of the trees or one particular tree and one little piece of bark on that tree?

I was reminded of this yesterday when helping a sweet Mom with an online predator who I believe is trying to take all that she has. There are a lot of documents and court filings. Big mass of stuff.

And the most effective way to lie in court is to lie so much that it takes forever to deal with all the lies. And then, how do you get a judge to ever do anything about it?

Dealing with one lie and perjured statement after another, I discovered two tiny little pieces of information that should win the day for this nice Mom.

So, look very closely at the documents in your case. Look at them multiple times. Walk outside, turn around, take a deep breath, and go back inside with a clearer head, and look again.

This Mom filed for divorce within two hours of when her husband filed on June 4, 2014. She was served, and he avoided service.



Well, I looked at the Petition for Dissolution of Marriage for data that I wanted to know. I looked at that forest several times. Then I realized that this Petition was initially filed on May 4, 2014, the day that this man sold his home in Oklahoma and moved all of his possessions to New England to live with his bride. The same day! He filed in Oklahoma, though she had never lived there.

Perhaps in a rush to hit the highway, his attorney didn’t sign it, and the Romeo did not sign a required sworn affidavit.

He drove a giant UHaul to New England, moved all of his stuff into the home they bought together (and secretly left her name off the deed), and lived with her and her sons and “slept” in their marital bed.

Then the sweet Mom discovered that he was engaged to another woman he met online while he was engaged to her and that he was trying to hookup with another woman the day before their wedding.

She confronted him with this, and ordered him to leave their Marital Residence. She filed for divorce on June 4, 2014 and handed him a copy of the Petition there in their New England home.

He managed to sign a sworn affidavit for the Petition for Dissolution of Marriage allegedly on the very same day, June 4, 2014, and an attorney filed it for him in Oklahoma. The May 4, 2014 petition was file stamped again on June 4, 2014.

Interesting timing, I thought. Within two hours of each other.

Well, I looked more closely. The notary was done by his attorney in Oklahoma. And she swore that he swore to these facts (that were false) in front of her on that day, June 4, 2014. But those of you who are way ahead of me know that he wasn’t in Oklahoma on June 4. He was 1,500 miles away in New England. In case you don’t know, a document can only be notarized if the person is physically in the presence of the notary.

That’s not seeing the trees for the forest. For over a year, nobody discovered this, but it was right there all along. Now we have evidence in the court records to establish that he committed perjury and the attorney suborned perjury and falsified a sworn notary.

Now all Mom needs is a semi-honest judge.

Please don’t miss the trees when looking at a forest.

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