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SOCK – Save Our Constitution Konvention – brings Many Pledges to Join Coalition to fight Government Corruption


SOCK – The Save Our Constitution Konvention – resulted in many pledges to join the coalition to fight government corruption.

The Konvention was watched by many hundreds of people from all across the country.

The event was not without its challenges, but progress was made….

As they say, the best made plans of mice and men….

I have LITERALLY worked 20-hours-a-day for the last three weeks preparing for SOCK.  All of the technology was tested, and everything was working great at a dress rehearsal on Thursday with volunteers participating so we could get a good test of everything.  When the broadcast began at 5 pm on January 15, 2012, I had no earthly idea whether the system was going to work.  I was really shook.

I decided to move the Intergalactic Headquarters of Laweless America (which is me) from my basement to my attic where I could put a green chromakey screen behind me so I could use a virtual set and be broadcasting from a high-tech TV news set.  It looked slick — definitely made a more impressive presentation.  But the bad news is that AT&T had to come out on Thursday to fix a jack in the attic so my business line (currently confidential) would work.  This line is the line that is connected to the calling equipment that enables me to have hundreds (even thousands) of people on a call at once and have that audio piped through my computer and out onto Livestream and TalkShoe.

My son-in-law came over on Saturday with granddaughter #2, and they helped me carry everything from the basement to the attic.  I got everything plugged back in the way it was supposed to be, and THE SYSTEM DIDN’T WORK.  This was about 6 pm Saturday.  An hour or so later, I discovered that AT&T had connected the wrong line in the attic.  Expletive deleted.  Then our Internet service timed out repeatedly all afternoon.

Without boring you with the details, David Schied, Bruce Olsen, Sue Bell, and a few others worked with me right up until 4 pm, and we never managed a work-around for the problems.  So when the broadcast began, I had no idea if much of anything would work…and I feared the Internet would go down again at any moment.  (Fortunately, it did only once during the broadcast.)

We did not have the technical problems that I had right up until showtime, but I had to modify the presentation significantly to be sure we would avoid the problem areas.  As a result, the video presentation was not at all as planned.  All I can say is it will all be fixed by next time.  But what a bummer — took the wind out of my sails for sure.

Many people emailed and called to say they couldn’t figure out how to participate.  I will produce a short video to show people exactly what to do as the written directions online seem to have been missed.


The Results from SOCK

The Mission of SOCK was to get leaders in the battle against government corruption to agree to combine efforts so we can educate people and build strenth in numbers to generate meaningful results. 

The coalition does not replace any existing effort of any type.  It is a non-partisan, neutral “organization” that functions to help everyone in their individual causes.  It doesn’t cost anything to join.  There are no dues.  All you have to do is commit to be a Founder of the coalition ad then do a few simple things to benefit the coalition and then reap much greater benefits for your individual cause(s).  For example, you are asked to put a link to and on the home page of your website.  In return, GRIP and LawlessAmerica will do the same.  The impact of that is that your website will move up in importance in search results because you are linked to two high-power websites that focus on the same content as your website.

It is simple little things like this that the coalition members can do to build strength for themselves and others,  That’s the purpose of a coalition. 

The good news is that many people committed to be part of the coalition to battle government corruption.  The bad news is that many key people who said they would participate were not on TalkShoe and did not particpate as planned.  I thought we would have far more participation.  We had over 1,300 logged in and participating nine months ago, but only 100 or so were logged in for SOCK.

The chat was CRAZY — lots of great stuff flying around and some junk from some strange birds.

Those participating seemed virtually unanimous in wanting to form a coalition to more effectively battle government corruption and judicial corruption. 


For now, it will be called GRIP — Government Reform & Integrity Platform.

A Steering Committee of seven people will be established.  That Steering Committee will finalize a decision on the name (whether GRIP or something else), the logo, and a “business plan” for the coalition.  A discussion paper will be circulated for comments.  Then the coalition will move forward with implementing the plan.

I have received a lot of ideas, and I will plow through my email and get these online for all to see.

There’s a lot to do, so let’s get started today.

Please email RIGHT NOW to, and commit to being a part of the coalition.  Send your name, email address, city, state, cell phone, home or business phone, fax number, website address, Facebook page link (if you have one), and LinkedIn page link (if you have one).  Your address would be appreciated, but is not mandatory.

Then add and links from your home page.  As soon as you put the links on your site, the home pages of GRIP and LawlessAmerica will add links to you from their home pages.

This one simple step will help your website and the battle against corruption immeasurably.

I want to thank everyone for partiicpating, with special thanks to David Schied, Ed Dort, Sally Borghese, and Dr. Richard Cordero.

You may listen to SOCK as recorded by TalkShoe.

William M. Windsor

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