Scott Hintz charges Judicial Corruption in Atlanta, Too — Meet Scott, Bill Windsor, and Other Victims Tomorrow


Scott Hintz is another victim of judicial corruption by the federal courts in Atlanta, Georgia. 

Scott will have a hearing on August 22, 2011 at 1 pm in Fulton County Magistrate’s Court, Courtroom 1A

Here is a motion, an email, a motion for recusal, and a motion to discharge attorney that relate to the hearing.

Judge Clarence Cooper is presiding over the case.

Here’s the address for the hearing —

I will be there to observe and support Scott, and Mark Skeete (another victim) will be there.  Anyone else is invited to attend.

If any of you would like to come down to the Grand Jury Area on Tuesday, August 23, 2011, I plan to be there at 9 am.  It’s 136 Pryor Street, Third Floor, Atlanta, GA 30303 — Fulton County District Attorney’s Office.  When you get off the elevator, you are there.  You won’t be able to go inside, so just look for us in the lobby.  If you don’t see me, just ask those seated in the lobby if they are there for Bill Windsor. 

I will be asking the Grand Jury if I can bring in witnesses to observe and possibly speak.  Scott Hintz and Mark Skeete plan to be there, so you can at least spend time talking with fellow victims and activists.

Here’s the website for another victim of these judges: 

I hope to see a number of you tomorrow and Tuesday.

William M. Windsor

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